Little White Lies (16+)

(WARNING: This fan fiction WILL contain graphic sex scenes. If you do not like this type of content I would advise you to not read.)

Maisie is a smart, nice and beautiful girl. She had everything going for her.. College right around the corner, good job, great friends and an amazing boyfriend until she meets a hot, funny and flirtatious boy. Louis Tomlinson seems to haunt her every day.. From the moment they laid eyes on each other it was instant attraction.. With Maisie's self control and responsibility fading she begins to slip trying to keep her golden girl rep going. Keeping her attraction for Louis a secret..

She ends up giving in to Louis, The attraction and tension was too much. She juggled lives. Louis makes her feel free and alive.. Her boyfriend Ashton (Not Irwin) makes her feel safe and secure. Keeping her and Louis and her's "affair" a secret from everyone.. Louis wants Maisie to himself.. He would do anything to make that happen. He'd do anything for her.


2. TWO

Maisie's POV

Louis pulled into his driveway and I got out of the car, After science Louis and I had an hour to get over our conversation and move on with our lives. Neither of us have brought it up since.

Louis' house was a red brick house shaped like a victorian with black shutters and matching black doors. He walked up to the front door and unlocked it with a key on his key-ring. He pushed the door open and followed me in.

"Sorry if the place is a mess.. My sisters tend to make a mess of the place.." He said

"Sisters?" I asked

"Yeah, I've got 4 of them.. Younger" He said

(I made up Lottie, Fizzy, Daisy and Phoebe's ages in this story so they'd cordinate well.)

He tells me about his sisters..

Daisy and Phoebe the 4 year old twins, Fizzy the 12 year old and Lottie the 13 year old. I wished I had a younger sister, Or a brother for that matter.

I told him about why I don't really hang out with Alex that much and Louis listens to every word. He told me about how his life at home wasn't so good as well. I enjoyed talking to someone who didn't have a golden life back home, someone who could relate to me instead of give me sympathy the whole time I was talking.

Louis and I started with our English getting it done quickly and then moved on to our science. We kind of started fooling around and getting off topic so we didn't get much done. We sat in Louis' room I sat on his couch as he sat on his wheelie chair passing a soft soccer ball back and forth.

"So how long have you played Football?" I asked (Football as in Soccer :D)

"Since I was about 5 My dad got me in to it.." He said he looked quite sad so I avoided that subject.

"So you're an English Major?" He asked I nodded

"I love the subject. I hope to be an author when grow up." I said he smiled

"That's cool." He said tossing the ball up and catching it once more. He thought a moment

"Oh c'mere I wanna show you something." He said throwing the ball into a basket in the corner and spinning towards his computer starting to type.

I walked over and stood behind him leaning on my forearms on the back of his chair he typed in something in Google and an article popped up it was an article in our town's newspaper about our school's soccer team and Louis was in the picture mid kick.

"Cool right?" He asked I nodded

"But.. If you look closer you're in it too." He said  I looked at him he looked back at me my stomach did a back flip for the short distance bewteen our faces he stole a glance at my lips then back at my eyes quickly

"You came to my game." He said gently. I remembered the day because it was the only time I went and it was because my friend Georgia told me to go and watch her on the cheer squad but I liked Louis' version better.

"I sure did." I said

"But don't mean to burst your bubble Lou but I was there for my friend Georgia on the cheer squad.." I said he looked back at me again.

"What did you call me?" He asked

"Lou.." I said his face transformed as he smiled

"I like that.." He said turning back around

"So I guess you heard me calling you Mais through the day.." He trailed off I smiled but he didn't see as he was looking at the picture he pointed me out and I laughed at myself. I was in my lazy state. Hair in a bun sweater and cozy pants. I looked at Louis in the picture again.

"Did you get a goal after that kick?" I asked

"Actually, Yes. That was one of the goals that bumped me up to Captain." He said

"Sweet." I said

"Yep." He says he turned around again looking up at me

"Do you have any hobbies? Like sports or drawing?" He asked

"I like to draw and paint." I said

"Could you draw me one day?" He smirked

"Sorry but I'm not Jack from Titanic." I said Louis chuckled

"Draw me like one of your french girls" He mimicked Rose. I giggled

"Plus I'm not that good anyways." I added

"Rubbish! I bet you're amazing." He said I felt the heat come to my cheeks I tried to hide it putting my head down but it didn't work Louis chuckled.

"So what chemical are we going to do?" he asked

I shrugged

"Ok. Wanna get something to eat?" He asked I nodded he got up as I leaned away he led the way down the stairs and went into the large kitchen, This house was old but the inside was redone.

He opened the fridge and just turned to me

"Do you like Pizza?" He asked

"Do you even have to ask?" I said he chuckled

"Well I've started cause Eleanor doesn't like Pizza, Something about her diet.. Neither does her friends. They all want to eat salads when they're here so I order me and the team Pizza ignoring Eleanor's disgust and order her and her squad salads from the pizza shop." He says

"How can she not like Pizza because of a diet? Hasn't she heard of a cheat day?" I asked Louis chuckled picking up the cordless phone.

"I guess not." He said walking over to the bulletin board where paper was pinned up. I heard the door open and my heart started to thump

"Louis? You home?" I heard a woman ask more than likely his mother.

"Yeah, In the kitchen." He said

"Just dropping off your sisters and going out with Bill. Make some dinner ok?"

"K" Louis calls back the door opens and closes again and I heard shrieking and yelling when 4 girls come into the room 2 little girls, the twins from the looks of them run up and hug Louis' legs the 2 others Lottie and Fizzy sit at the counter on barstools.

"Who's this?" one asked

"Is this Eleanor's friend?" the other asks

"Lottie, Fizzy this is Maisie.. She's my friend from English and Science." He said

"Maisie that's Lottie and Fizzy, my pain in the ass sisters." He said pointing to them

"What are you making for dinner?" Lottie asks

"I'm ordering Pizza." He said managing to get Phoebe and Daisy off of him

"Can you get Cesar sauce this time?" Fizzy asks

"No, Cause you don't like it we've been through this." He said

"I got it last time" She said crossing her arms with attitude.

"I know and I also remember that you only dipped it once and threw it away once you thought I wasn't looking." Louis said she sighed

"Whatever." She sassed pulling out her phone matching Lottie's form.

"Pepperoni and extra cheese pizzas right girls?" He asks the little girls they nodded smiling Louis dials the number and orders I stood there awkwardly.

"You're prettier than Eleanor." Fizzy says randomly Lottie looks over and nods

"Um, Thanks" I said

"Do you like my Brother?" Lottie asked

"Does he like you?" Fizzy asks I shrugged

"Why aren't you captain of the Cheer leading squad? Isn't the prettiest girl supposed to be the captain?" Fizzy asks I looked over at Louis who had his back turned to us ordering

"That's not how it works.. I'm not really on the squad.. I prefer drawing and painting." I said

"That's cool" Lottie says I smiled

"What do you guys like to do?" I asked Phoebe and Daisy hugged at my legs.

"I like to do my hair.." Fizzy says

"I like to do make-up." Lottie says

"I was never really could at those things.." I said smiling at them they giggled. Louis hung up the phone and walked over to us.

"You girls getting along?" Louis asked picking Phoebe and Daisy off of my legs and lifting them up to sit on the counter.

"I like her better then Eleanor." Fizzy says

"She's Nicer." Lottie agrees

"And prettier." Fizzy adds

Louis looks over at me and chuckles

"Yeah, She's great." Louis says I felt myself blushing but looked away from his eyes.

"Louis, I wanna watch cartoons" Daisy says

"Me to!" Phoebe agrees they both have lisps due to their front teeth missing.

"Ok, I'll bring you guys to the living room but I'm trusting you'll behave cause I'm not going to babysit you." Louis says I smiled at him being cute with his sisters.

"Can you take one?" He asked gesturing to his sisters I nodded Phoebe was closest so I picked her up and followed Louis out. He walked into a fairly large living room designed in the shades Black, grey and white like the rest of the house. Each room had 1 color added to the mix here it was red in the kitchen it was blue. He put Daisy on the couch I set Phoebe down too. Louis turned on the Tv. He quickly found a kid's channel and looked at the twins.

"Behave." He said they nodded giggling he looked at me and nudged his head for me to follow we walked back into the kitchen and saw Lottie and Fizzy out in the backyard feet in the pool. He looked at them an extra second and propped himself onto a barstool. I sat on the one beside him.

"Did your mom leave money for you to buy the pizzas?" I asked

"No, this will be coming out of my pocket." He said sighing

"Why doesn't she leave money?" I asked

"She expects me to cook something but she seems to forget all the time that I can't cook." He said

"Who was she going out with?" I asked

"Bill, My soon to be stepfather." He said with a bit of anger in his voice

"I'm sensing you don't like him?" I asked he shook his head no

"I'm sorry.. My Mother has my Father wrapped around her finger." I said

"At least your Father didn't pack up and leave you." he said I put my hand on his that was placed on his knee he looked up at me.

"You know I've never really talked about this kind of stuff. Eleanor's not one to listen to my problems though I always listen to hers." He said

"Yeah I can't really talk about my issues with Ashton without feeling like an alien because his family is perfect." I said it was Louis' turn to show soothing attention. He took my hand in his.

"I guess we're both messed up." He said I nodded

"I guess so." I said I looked down at our hands and back up at Louis.

The doorbell rang and Louis got up

"I'll get the pizza.. Get the girls ready ok?" He asked I nodded

"Wait." I said and dug into my pocket and took out a ten dollar bill my lunch money that I didn't use because I wasn't hungry. I put it in Louis' hand

"What's this for?" He asked

"The pizza, I'm helping you pay." I said he looked at the money then me

"I got-"

"Just take it." I cut him off he nodded and walked towards the front door I opened the back door.

"Lottie, Fizzy Pizza's here" I said

"Ok" They said I walked into the living room seeing Louis at the door.

I took Daisy and Phoebe's hands and led them into the kitchen I got them all sat down and with direction from Lottie got glasses out and a bottle of coke. I set them on the table as Louis came in with the Pizza boxes. He got out plates and put two of each slice on the plates and passed them to his sisters he looked at me

"Cheese or pepperoni? Or both?" He asked asked

"Both" I said he nodded getting them out and handing me the plate he served himself and sat down. As we ate Lottie was telling Louis about how she wants him to kick some boys ass at her school for taking her eraser.

"Lottie you can't just threaten people every time they bother you by saying "I have a brother in grade 12 and he'll kick your ass" People are going to realize I'm not actually coming." Louis says I giggled along with the twins and Fizzy. Lottie stuck her tongue out at him. Louis looked over at me smiling with his mouth closed chewing.

"Are you coming to get us tomorrow?" Fizzy asks

"Isn't Mom?" Louis asked confused

"No, Her and Bill are going to be out" She said

"Ugh Mom better stop relying on me to raise you guys." Louis said

"So are you?" She asked

"Well of course Fizzy, I'm not going to just make you guys walk the distance." He said she nodded.


After dinner I helped Louis clean up and he came up to me and placed something into my back pocket. I took it out and saw the 10 dollars I had given him.

"Why didn't you use it?" I asked

"A true gentle man never let's a girl pay." Louis says I nodded

"Thanks" I said putting it back into the pocket.

"Does Ashton ever pay for you?" Louis asked raising a brow

I didn't answer I just picked up Fizzy and Lottie's plates

"He doesn't?" Louis asked

"We split the bill." I said +

"That's paying for yourself as he pays for himself you're just on the same bill." Louis said

"I don't mind really.." I said

"It's not how you feel about it, It's what a boyfriend is supposed to do and after your relationship that has been longer than one year he should have figured that out." Louis said

"I bet Eleanor doesn't even reach for her wallet after you two go out for dinner." I said

"So?" He said

"She should at least offer." I said Louis shook his head

"A girl should never pay or offer to pay." Louis said

"It's called independence." I said Louis raised his brows and chuckled not saying anything else.

"It's not like your relationship is any better than mine." I said

"Your sex life?" He asked I was glad the girls went upstairs now

"Why bring that into it?" I asked

"Does he treat you right?" He asked

"If your asking if I'm a virgin I'm not." I said

"No.. I'm asking if he pleasures you." Louis asked

"How many times have you guys had sex?" Louis asked I bit my lip I didn't want to lie to make Ashton sound better but I also did.

"I bet no more than once." He said I decided against lying and sighed telling the truth

"Twice." I said

"In over 1 year? If I was dating you we'd be well over 2." He said but sounded like he wished he could take the words back as soon as they came out

"But we aren't dating." I said the words came out more bold than I thought they would.

"Obviously." He stated

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked

"Cause if I was dating you, you would be happy." He said

"I am happy." I said but when I said the words I didn't feel 100% truthful.

"No.. You're not." I was surprised by Louis arguing with me.

"Why do you care anyways? I mean we basically just started talking after knowing each other since we were like eight years old." I said

"I guess I just wasn't ready for you yet." he said I just looked down avoiding his eyes.

"So are you coming over tomorrow?" He asked changing the subject.

"Um yeah.. But we have to get some work done." I said

"Don't worry I promise." He said

"Ok" I said

"So um.. There is a game coming up.. Are you going to come?" He asked looking up at me from his feet.

"Are you sure you want me to go?" I asked

"More than anything.." He said

"Ok Louis, You are confusing me." I said

"How?" He asked

"Sending me mixed signals like this.. My head is spinning..." I said

"Mixed signals? What kind of signals?" He asked

"I don't know one signal it sounds like your flirting with me then you start to talk about how great your sex life is with your girlfriend then you start to flirt with me again..." I trailed off

"Is that what you think I'm doing?" Louis asked I suddenly felt like the stupidest person on earth.

"Um.." I trailed off not knowing how to explain myself. It felt like the walls of the house were closing in on me.

"Mais?" He says I looked back up at him but quickly dropped my eyes once more. He walked over to me I kept my head down he stood in front of me. My phone started to ring I looked at the caller ID.

"Who is it?" Louis asked

"Ashton" I said I looked at him once more and placed a hand on his chest and lightly pushed him back out of my bubble.

"Hello?" I answered

"Oh, Maisie! You finally answer" He said

"Um, Ash you haven't called or texted me.." I said

"I have, I've tried 14 times at reaching you." He said

"Well I didn't get them" I said

"Easy babe, What are you up to?" He asked

"Nothing, Just in my room watching a movie" I lied

"How was the library with that guy from English?" He asked

"Louis" I said

"Yeah, How was it?" He pushed for an answer.

"Good. Got our homework done." I said

"That's good.. Wanna come over tomorrow I was thinking maybe dinner?" He said

"Why so you can pay half?" Louis whispers

"Dinner tomorrow?" I asked I tapped my finger on my bottom lip unsure.

I looked over at Louis he shook his head

"You're coming over tomorrow remember?" He whispered I nodded

"I can't tomorrow sorry Ash" I said

"Ok.. I see. How about the next day then?" He asks. Louis shakes his head no

"Football game" He said

"I can't that day either.. I'm going to the school's football game" I said

"Oh.. Ok I'll just wait till you're free..." He said

"Sorry Ashton" I said

"It's ok Babe.. I'll see you tomorrow ok?" He said

"Ok" I said

"I love you" He said

"Yeah.. sure." Louis whispered

"You too." I said and hung up

"Butt in much?" I said Louis chuckled

"You seemed to take my advice.." He said

"That's only because you have some stupid control over me" I admitted kind of annoyed with myself.

"You didn't have to tell him you are going to the football game now he might show up." Louis said

"Well Eleanor is going to be I think it would be fairest if I had someone to snuggle up to." I said

"Who said I was going to snuggle up to Eleanor?" He asked I shrugged

"Bring him if you want.. Eleanor is going to be there but I'll be playing for you." He said I didn't know what to say.

"Can I make this game more interesting? So I have a reason to play my best?" He asked

"What do you propose?" I asked

"If we win.. You kiss me.. If we lose.. I'll do 3 laps around the field after the game" He said I smiled

"Deal" I said our team was good but we won 5/10 matches so there was a 50/50 chance of Louis winning or Louis losing this bet.

"I kinda like this.." He trailed off

"Like what?" I asked

"Sneaking around" He said

"Sneaking? That would imply we are doing something we want to hide." I stated Louis chuckled

"I meant this flirting this attraction for two people who are in a relationship.. We seem to block them out when were around... I need you to know I am willing to take care of you if you need me to." He said

"Take care of me?" I asked

"Ashton can't sympathize or relate to you when you need to talk about your family.. I can." He said

I gave him a look. He looked down at the floor. I couldn't stop myself I flung my arms around his neck burying my face in his neck he wrapped his arms around my waist holding me close.

"Thank you" I whispered against his neck

"Anytime" He whispered back rubbing my back soothingly.

I closed my eyes as I felt myself melting into Louis.. It felt like we were two puzzle pieces that were the last to be linked and everything was perfect.

I didn't want to let go of Louis when my phone started to vibrate in my back pocket telling me it was a text.

"Do you mind reading that out to me?" I asked Louis reached down getting my phone out of my back pocket.

"It's your Mum, she wants you to come home now." Louis said

"Tell her I'll be there soon." I said I heard Louis typing by the clicking sounding on my iphone. He sent the message and tucked my phone back into my pocket his arms returning their grip around my waist.

"Does that mean you wanna go home now?" Louis whispered over my shoulder

"If I could have it the way I wanted I would never go home." I whispered

"Just come here whenever you can.." He said

"I was planning on it." I said we laughed quietly

"I'll take care of you Mais" He whispered I just turned my head tucking it under his chin my cheek pressed to his chest.

"I know."


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