Little White Lies (16+)

(WARNING: This fan fiction WILL contain graphic sex scenes. If you do not like this type of content I would advise you to not read.)

Maisie is a smart, nice and beautiful girl. She had everything going for her.. College right around the corner, good job, great friends and an amazing boyfriend until she meets a hot, funny and flirtatious boy. Louis Tomlinson seems to haunt her every day.. From the moment they laid eyes on each other it was instant attraction.. With Maisie's self control and responsibility fading she begins to slip trying to keep her golden girl rep going. Keeping her attraction for Louis a secret..

She ends up giving in to Louis, The attraction and tension was too much. She juggled lives. Louis makes her feel free and alive.. Her boyfriend Ashton (Not Irwin) makes her feel safe and secure. Keeping her and Louis and her's "affair" a secret from everyone.. Louis wants Maisie to himself.. He would do anything to make that happen. He'd do anything for her.



Louis' POV

--Next Night--

"I can't believe you guys are actually doing this to me." Zie says as Kate put a "Birthday Girl!" tiara on her head. We had done Zie up for her birthday.. I stuck to just black jeans, Black and white vans and a black tshirt, I had my hair done up into a quiff. Just for tonight. 

"C'mon it's your birthday! Get a little happy!" Niall says wrapping a feather scarf around her neck. 

"I don't do happy." She said he smiled 

"By the end of tonight you will be" He said she stuck her tongue out at him. 

"Alright so when does the car get here?" Liam asked 

"11" Harry answered 

"It's taking us to the club  down town right?" Zayn asked Harry nodded. 

"Who are we waiting on again?" I asked 

"Iris." Zoey said rolling her eyes smiling. 

"So is Maisie coming tonight?" Harry asked I shook my head no. 

"Sorry guys beauty can't be rushed!" Iris said coming down the stairs.. Iris jumps the last step I raised my brows at her full comic themed outfit. A skin tight two piece black tress with  yellow with red boarded comic bubbles consisting of the words "Pow!" "Bang!" "Zap!". She accessorized with red low rise converse and superhero logo bracelets on her wrists consisting of the superheros: Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Batman, and Superman. Her hair was tied into a long ponytail, her straight across bangs out. 

"The cars here" Harry said returning to the room.


When we arrived at the club we all walked into the door getting stamps on our hands with a winking smiley face. We danced our way to the back of the club claiming a lounge area. 

"We're going to get drinks!" Iris says tugging Zoey away. 

"Nothing too strong Iris!" I called after her

"Fuck that I wanna get drunk." Kate says from my right I left 

"Be responsible." I said she rolled her eyes I smiled. 

Iris and Zoey returned about 10 minutes later. Zoey held a tray of shots and Iris held a tray of liquor glasses with lemons. 

"How'd you get all of this?" I asked them 

"Easy.. Just play hello titty with the bar tender." Iris says winking Gimme More by Britney Spears starts to play. Iris cheers and rocks her hips back and forth with Zoey. 

"Their song?" I asked Kate 

"They play it all the time at home." She said with a "help me" expression Iris and Zie practically live at Kate and Zoey's house. I laughed, I picked up a shot and downed it. 

"Hey! You had to wait for the cheers!" Iris yells at me I shrug and lean back into the couch and put my feet on the edge of the table. 

Iris and Zoey sang along with the course. 

"This feels weird I'm practically watching my cousin dance like a stripper." I said talking to Harry who was on the other side of Kate. 

"Oh relax! Just loosen up and have a shot." Harry said. 

Kate downs her shot and stands up she takes Harry's hand and pulls him up. 

"Holy shit." He said I laughed as Kate pulled him onto the crowded dance floor. 

"C'mon birthday girl, I'm gunna make this a fun night for you." Niall said he gives her, her shot and takes his only the clink the small glasses together and pour them in their mouths. They get up and disappear onto the dance floor. 

Soon It was just me, Zayn, Zoey and Iris and she drank her shot, walking over to me and sat on my lap giggling. 

"We'll leave you two.. Alone." Zayn and Zoey say laughing as they left, Iris looks down at me. 

"Wanna dance?" She asked 

"Nope, Not drunk enough." He said 

"Well, Get drunk!" She said handing me a shot. 

"Iris.." I said 

"Louis. Don't be boring." She whined I shook my head 

"You're so bad!" I said 

"Cheers" She said clinking a shot glass with me.

Maisie's POV 

I sat in my room. I was so lonely.. I texted Louis like 50 times he still hasn't replied. I even called him and he didn't answer. I threw my phone down. I wanted to go over to the house but frankly I was scared of what I'd see. A completely different Louis? I laid down and pulled my blankets over my head. 

My phone vibrated and I shot up reaching for it. 

"Can we talk? I can't let you live like this. -E"

Who's E? I thought of it for a moment


"You got it. Meet me at the Arena." She said 

"Why should I trust you? I don't want to go then get jumped by a bunch of your cheer leaders." 

"I'm not captain anymore sweet heart. I don't call the shots. In fact I might lose my spot thanks to Louis. Just come meet me." 

"Fine. I'll be there soon." 

I got up and slipped on some leggings and I was already wearing Louis' Marvel shirt. I put on a black zip up over it. I slipped on some black toms and put my hair up in a pony tail grabbing my keys. 


We Can't Stop was playing Iris was still trying to get me drunk. hence.. trying to get me to dance. I wasn't having it. I looked over at the dancefloor noticing Harry, Kate, Zayn and Zoey having fun. 

"See! You wanna go!" Iris said 

"That doesn't mean anything. I was just looking over there." I said 

"Poo head." She said sitting back. 

"If you wanna dance so bad go ahead." I said 

"Good you're getting drunk." She said 

"How do you know?" I asked 

"Your sass gets worse and you get kinda mean." She said 

"I'm not drunk Iris" I said 

"Yet." She said she looked down at the tray 

"Oh shit! I need more drinks. Don't go anywhere." She said as she ran her finger along my bottom lip.   

"Wasn't planning on it." I said  she bit her lip and walked off. I waited a few moments when I saw a coaster with an "M" on it. I pulled out my phone and dialed her number.


Maisie's POV

Eleanor told me stuff.. I would never have thought about Louis.. The stuff he's done.. 

"Why are you telling me this?" I asked 

"Just don't let him fool you." She said I thought it over.. Had it all been a lie? I sighed 

My phone started to ring the caller ID came up at Louis. I pressed ignore and put my head in my hands. 

"You guys might be more than friends.. It's not my concern anymore.. But the thing is you need to be careful.. Iris.. She's the female version of Louis.. How she acts is how Louis really  is." She said I nodded 

"I'm sorry but it's the truth Maisie.. I mean just check his Facebook.. You'll see all the pictures from a while ago." She said I watched her walked away. It's like my world had come crashing down.. Another call came in from him. I ignored it. 


Louis' POV

I sighed angrily. What the hell was her problem ignoring me? I tucked my phone into my pocket angrily

"Oh Louis!" Iris said dragging out my name.. Carrying over another tray of drinks.

She came over and handed me shot. 

"Drink up." She said I took the drink and drank it down. 

"Damn." She said 

I shook my head and leaned in locking my lips with hers, Pulling away when my name was called. Zoey and Zayn came over. 

"I've been taking pictures all night! I haven't got any of you and Iris" She said 

"We've been busy Zoe" Iris said 

"Oooh you mean you guy have been kissing?"  Zoey asked giggling and then hiccuped. Zayn stumbled and fell to the ground Zoey laughed along with him. He pulled himself onto the chair.. 

"How drunk are you guys right now?" I asked

"Please.. Honey... We're not even drunk." Zoey giggles. I could feel the effects of the large drink I just chugged down.. My head started to spin.

"Take a picture of this Zoe!" Iris said and turned my head towards her and locked her lips with mine. 

"Woooo!" Zoey cheered laughing, the flash of camera on her phone went off. 

---1 hour later---

Drunk as hell I was in and out.. Everyone was back and we were playing a drunken game of truth or dare. 

"Louis! Truth or Dare?" Zie asks 

"Dare!" I slurred everyone Oooo'd this has been going on for about like 20 minutes.  I thought we'd be out of Dares by now. Until Zie shot up.

"Do a body shot off of Iris!" 


After getting everything prepared I got on my knees at the side of the table where iris was laying, She had the top part of her dress folded up exposing her full stomach until her bra started. She held the lime in her mouth. Harry poured the liquor in her belly button and put a line of salt around it. 

I laughed and looked up at Iris. Zie pulled out her phone and started to record. 

"Go go!" Every cheered I laughed and quickly removed the salt from around her belly button and emptied the liquor from her belly button, Quickly going up to her mouth and taking the lime. Everyone cheered I threw the lime and laughed Zie ended the video I took another shot. Then everything went completely black. 


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