Little White Lies (16+)

(WARNING: This fan fiction WILL contain graphic sex scenes. If you do not like this type of content I would advise you to not read.)

Maisie is a smart, nice and beautiful girl. She had everything going for her.. College right around the corner, good job, great friends and an amazing boyfriend until she meets a hot, funny and flirtatious boy. Louis Tomlinson seems to haunt her every day.. From the moment they laid eyes on each other it was instant attraction.. With Maisie's self control and responsibility fading she begins to slip trying to keep her golden girl rep going. Keeping her attraction for Louis a secret..

She ends up giving in to Louis, The attraction and tension was too much. She juggled lives. Louis makes her feel free and alive.. Her boyfriend Ashton (Not Irwin) makes her feel safe and secure. Keeping her and Louis and her's "affair" a secret from everyone.. Louis wants Maisie to himself.. He would do anything to make that happen. He'd do anything for her.



Maisie's POV

To suspend making Louis and I's... "Affair"? coming out we decided it would be best to keep secret, if everyone knew Ashton would look like the victim. 

I sat in my bed bored.. Louis wasn't letting me leave. He had left to get some food for me. I laid back and stared at the ceiling. By the time Louis got back I was hungry and my mouth was dry he came in with more take-out food.. I thought it was cute how Louis couldn't cook. I opened the bag and pulled out the breakfast sandwich and hash brown. Louis handed me a Starbucks cup. I smelt it..Mmmm Pumpkin Spice. 

"How'd you know I like Pumpkin Spice?" I asked as he sipped his.. most likely a tea. 

"You sometimes talk in your sleep." He said

"What do I say?" I asked truly curious.

"You say the food you're craving.. and sometimes just ramble on.." He said I felt embarrassed 

"Like for example last night you mumble Pumpkin Spice and rolled over and said my name clear as day and rapped your arms around me and they were tight like I couldn't even move." He said I smiled

"You've said my name before in your sleep" I said he raised his brows

"When?" He asked

"That night we showered I think.. You hugged me and had your head on my chest you said my name so clearly I thought you were actually talking to me." I said he blushed and smiled looking down. 

"You're cute when your sleeping." I said he smiled and leaned over my breakfast and kissed me. He stopped and licked his lips 

"Yum." He said and leaned back in.  Our lips tangled and he moved away licking them once more

"Want a sip?" I asked moving the cup towards him, He shook his head and took a bite of my sandwich. 

"Did your mom make breakfast today?" I asked 

"Yeah.. It's like I woke up and everything went back to normal." He said 

"That's weird.. I'll have to see what my parents are like when they come back" I said

"If everything goes south just come live with me." He said I shook my head 

"Remember what I said.. Even if we are both single now we can't make it obvious that we have been seeing each other.. That means the party in 2 days.. We are not going together. I've arranged a fake date you should too." I said he nodded

"Who's your date?" Louis asked 

"This guy from my Art, He's trying to make his ex-girlfriend jealous and I told him I was getting back at my ex." I said 

"You haven't been to school how would you ask him?" Louis asked 

"Facebook." I said he chuckled

"Of course" 

"So who are you going to pick?" I asked 

"No doubt in my mind Clarice will say yes." He said I nodded 

"I guess we're set." I said he nodded sipping his tea. 

---Next day---

I stood at my locker Louis looked back at me.. He looked hot today.. Wearing all black with white vans.. He smirked at me turning back.. Talking to Niall and Harry again. 

"Hey" I looked beside me to see Ashton. 

"What do you want?" I asked

"Well.. To walk together of course." He said I gave him the most confused look I could give..

"Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked

"Because I've had to sit on a frozen bag of peas for the last couple days. You hurt me Ashton." I said 

"It was an accident" He said

"What? You thought I was Eleanor so you thought it would be alright to be so rough with me you left bruises?" I said he sighed shutting his eyes impatiently

"Can't you get it through your head I'm trying to apologize.. Don't act like you haven't been fucking Louis" He said

"Who are you?" I asked.. he sure as hell wasn't Ashton. 

I felt a hand on the small of my back and saw Harry cut between Me and Ashton leaning against my locker 

"What's up Ash?" Niall asked 

"As you can see you're out numbered and I am not afraid to drop your ass right here." Harry said 

Ashton glared at me then them.. Turning away.

"Yeah walk away." Harry said 

I looked over at Louis who looked back at us and walked over.

"Thanks guys" I thanked them they nodded 

"Did he say something to you?" Louis asked reaching us I shook my head 

"Just tried to apologize." I said 

"What an idiot." Louis said 

Niall rubbed my back soothingly I looked up at Harry who smiled popping his dimples.

The bell rang and everyone moved to their classes. 

"See you at lunch." Harry said patting Louis' back before walking off with Niall. 

"Did you send them over?" I asked once they turned around a corner Louis nodded

"Thank you." I said he smiled 

"I knew if I came over here it would only cause more issues." He said I nodded 

"Wanna skip? I mean Ashton is going to be in there" Louis said

"No, We have to go. Arriving at separate times. I'll go in first and you come in 5 minutes after me." I said he nodded. We headed up the stairs and stood outside the English room. 

I walked in. Taking my seat and opening my binder. 4 minutes later Louis rushed in 

"Sorry I'm late" He apologizes fumbling 

"That's alright" Ms.Weston says Louis slowly sits in his seat

"Want me to get a late slip?" Louis asked 

"No, That's only your first late." She said Louis nodded, He should have took drama. He was a good actor. 

It was hard not to look over at Louis but having his presence the length of a ruler away from me was enough. 

I went the whole class with out looking over at Louis. When the bell rang I decided to skip Art. Alone. I walked across the street and into the arena. Sitting in my usual spot. I laid down one knee arched up. 

Being alone felt good. I closed my eyes relaxing. 


When it was lunch time I crossed back into the school parking lot. 

"Mais?" my eyes went wide. I turned around Louis, Niall and Harry were at Louis' car I hadn't even noticed. 

"Busted" Harry said Niall and him laughed 

"Why'd you skip Art?" Louis asked I shrugged 

"I didn't feel like getting oil pastel all over me." I said he nodded

"Have lunch with us" He said I hesitated but gave in. I joined Harry in the back of the car, His tall figure which was all leg. He had pretty good style.. Black jeans, Black t-shirt and a red, black and grey flannel shirt undone with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. 

"Things I can't?" I asked He looked over at me 

Stretching out his arm I examined all his tattoos. 

"The rose is pretty" I said 

"Wait till you see the ship." Louis said. Harry shook his head suppressing a smile.

"Is it pretty?" I asked 

"No" Niall said 

"Hey shut up Niall" Harry said hitting the back of his seat they laughed 

"Niall is too much of a baby to get a tattoo." Harry says 

"Am not I just haven't found something worth putting on my body forever." He said Harry snorted 

"Harry I'm about 14 seconds from turning around and punching you out." Niall said

"14? Why 14?" Harry teased Niall turned around and Harry slid towards me shouting "No!"

"Harry don't jump around." Louis said Harry nodded and got up from on my lap.. He slid onto his side.

"But if Niall hits me I'm gunna come up there." Harry said 

"Niall keep your hands to yourself. Harry sit back and put your seat belt on." Louis instructed I smiled at how orderly he had become. Harry did as told and reached for his seatbelt.. It kept getting stuck and he was getting more and more frustrated. I couldn't hold in my laughter anymore. I snorted and erupted into a fit of giggles. 

"It's not working!" Harry complained smirking Louis started to chuckle Niall laughed. Louis pulled into a plaza. 

"What are we eating?" I asked 

"Pizza" Niall says I nodded 


After lunch we got back into the car. Louis pulled out. 

"Can we just not go to the last two periods?" Harry asked 

"Why?" Louis asked 

"Because theres this really annoying guy in those classes and he keeps bothering me." Harry said 

"What's his name? What's he look like?" Louis asked 

"Well he's regular height.. Blond and his name is Niall.." Harry said Louis immediately started to laugh, Niall shook his head smiling 

"No but actually theres this girl in both of those classes she sits beside me in both and not even lying to you she's always touching me.. It's really uncomfortable.. Yesterday she "accidentally" touched my penis." Harry said I held back laughter

"What can we say Harry? You're a chick magnet." Niall said

"My boyish charms aren't working on Maisie" He said smirking at me, I shrugged and giggled. 

"So are we going or not?" Harry asked 

"Well.. I guess not." Louis said

"Do you wanna skip with us or go?" Louis asked 

"Obviously she can't go.. I mean we won't be there if Ashton bothers her." Niall said 

"If she wants to go I'll stay with her and you and Harry can take my car" Louis said 

"No, I'll skip." I said 

"You sure?" Louis asked I nodded 

"Let's go to my house" Harry said

"Yeah, Good idea my Mom would kill me" Louis said 

"Yeah my dad would be pretty pissed too" Niall said Louis went the complete opposite way of his house and drove up to the richer parts of London. 

When we pulled up to gates Harry reached over Louis and pushed in a code the gates opened and revealed a grey stone house. It was gorgeous. His front lawn was bigger than my house.

He got out and cursed 

"Gemma's home." He sighed 

"Yeah Lotts is home too." Louis said 

"So's Riley (Did I name Niall's little sister?) I guess it's a PA day." Niall said 

We walked into the house and a beautiful woman with long black hair and bright eyes came up to us. 

"Hi Honey" She said kissing Harry's cheek 

"Babies" She gushed seeing Niall and Louis 

"Hey Mom" Niall greeted she giggled and hugged him kissing his cheeks 

"Hey Anne" Louis said giving her a one armed hug and they kissed each other's cheeks.

"Mum, We're missing the afternoon is that alright?" Harry said 

"I guess so.. I suppose you had no tests or quiz's?" She said we all shook our heads.

"Oh who's this young lady..?" She asked looking at me

"Mum that's Maisie.. She used to go to Elementary with us." Harry said 

"Oh how nice. I'm Anne, pleasure to meet you Maisie" She said

"You too" I said Harry flicked his head and we followed him up one of the staircases. We walked down a well decorated hallway. Harry opened a door and we all followed him in. Louis and Niall were probably used to his way of life but I was still overwhelmed that his house had a gate! He had an area in his room that looked like a living room and then his sleeping area and oh my god don't even get me started on the huge bathroom and walk in closet bigger than my room. 

"Fifa!" Louis and Niall yelled racing for the TV area.. I looked up at Harry

"What do your parents do?" I asked he shrugged 

"My Dad is never around.. Constantly working.. My Mom works a bit from home but my Dad makes loads of money so I don't know why she works.." He said 

"For something to do maybe" I said He nodded 


"So how old is your sister?" I asked

"13 going on 14. Same with Louis and Niall's sisters." (Again I forget if I added any other boys sisters.. I looked through all the chapters but I couldn't find it! Sorry!) 

"Oh, Is her room down here too?" I asked 

"Beside mine." He said 

"That's nice." I said 

"It's really not.." He said I giggled Louis and Niall started to yell at each other 

"Woo! Gunna kick your butt again Nialler!" Louis yelled 

The screaming continued until Harry's door opened my heart dropped remembering her. I stepped behind Harry more. 

"Can you guys keep your volume down. I'm trying to listen to my Queen." Gemma says 

"Well turn it up Louder." Harry said 

"Did I ask you moron?" She snapped at him Louis curled his lips together holding back a laugh Niall bit onto his thumb. 

"Gemma get out." Harry said 

"Keep your friends voices down." She said crossing her arms 

"Stay out of my room and turn your music up" Harry said Gemma rolled her eyes

"I'm not going until they promise to be quieter." She said Harry stood there for a moment then scooped Gemma up and walked out of the room. 

"I love when they fight." Louis said 

"It's entertaining." Niall agreed

"Maybe you guys should be a bit quieter.. Just to prevent fighting" I suggested 

"Mais, Even if we did stay quieter Gemma would look for an excuse to come in here just to piss Harry off that's the way those two are." Louis said I nodded

"What are you guys playing?" I asked 

"Fifa" Louis said 

"Who's winning?" I asked

"Me." Louis said I smiled and sat on a comfy chair and looked at the TV watching them. Harry came in and sighed shutting his door. 

"God I hate having a little sister." Harry said 

"Same" Niall and Louis said

"It's like she wants to piss me off.. All the time." Harry adds 


"I know" 

Louis and Niall were responding but their eyes didn't leave the TV. 


Time went by and Anne made dinner. Harry, Niall and Gemma sat on one side of the table and Me and Louis sat on the other side Anne sitting at the head of the table. She made amazing Shake and Bake chicken. Anne made us bow our heads and say a blessing. As she was saying it Louis reached down and gripped my knee. This lit a spark in me, Louis hadn't physically touched me since before first period which was hours ago. He gently squeezed my knee I looked over at him he smiled at me. Anne finished her blessing and Louis' hand left my knee. We started to eat. 

I ate everything on my plate. Gemma looked at me and then Louis

"Wait I remember you!" She said my heart sunk 

"What'd you say Gem?" Harry asked 

"Maisie.. I remember her" She said 

"How?" Harry asked 

"She was over at Louis' once when we went over there." Gemma says 

"Was she?" Harry raised his brows 

"Cool down Styles, We were only working on our science project." Louis said Harry smirked

"I remember you because we were talking about how you're prettier than Eleanor and a better match for-" 

"Gem.. I don't think you should talk about people's loved one's like that" Anne said 

"Oh.. It's alright Anne, Eleanor and I broke up." Louis said 

"No way! You two should totally date!" Gemma said 

"Gem shut up.. Please." Harry said 

"I'm just saying you guys would make the cutest couple." She said 

"Gemma if you don't shut it I'm going to tell Niall what you said about him." Harry said 

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Gemma said she turned back me and Louis

"When you guys get married can I be the ring bearer?" She asked 

"Gemma I'm going to say it." Harry said Niall looked a bit uncomfortable in the middle of Harry and Gemma. 

"Or I can even be like the girl who drops rose petals." 

"Niall Gemma thinks you're hot and asked me if I've ever seen you naked." Harry said Gemma turned red as Niall turned towards her.

Louis snorted 

"You asked him that?" Niall asked her smirking 

"No!" She said 

"Oh and she also asked if you'd date her." Harry said Gemma turned as red as a tomato.

Louis laughed as I smiled 

"Well Gem.. I'm flattered by I am simply too old for you." Niall said Gemma covered her face. 

"If only he was you know.. 5 years younger.." Harry said snapping his fingers like saying "Dang it!". 

"Mom! Stop him!" Gemma complained

"Harry stopping bothering Gemma" Anne said 

"Oh c'mon she's telling my friends to get married" Harry complained Louis and I were covering our mouthes to stop ourselves from laughing. Niall was smiling too. Gemma just kept eating with her head down. 


Louis was driving to Niall's house to drop him off it was dark.. We had stayed at Harry's house for a while.. Pulling up to Niall's house he thanked Louis for the ride and I hugged him good-bye. 

I slid up into the front seat. 

"What a crazy night." Louis said pulling away. 

"I know.. Harry and Gemma are hilarious." I said he nodded 

"I used to basically live there.. Bill was spending nights at my house so I packed my bags and left. I wouldn't have that." He said

"Oh, Harry's mom is really nice too" I said 

"She lives off her kids.. She loves Harry and Gemma more than anything in the world." Louis said  

"That's sweet." I said he nodded he pulled up to the curb across the street from my house. 

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" I said he nodded we both kinda sat there for a moment. Until Louis leaned over the dash and kissed at my neck up to my cheek I turned to him and kissed him back. I leaned away and smiled. 

"See you tomorrow at the party" I said he nodded I got out of the car and quickly walked across the street and up to the door unlocking it, I turned and waved to Louis giving him a pouty face he waved back and pulled away. I walked in and shut the door behind me. I head up into my room changing and headed to bed. 












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