Little White Lies (16+)

(WARNING: This fan fiction WILL contain graphic sex scenes. If you do not like this type of content I would advise you to not read.)

Maisie is a smart, nice and beautiful girl. She had everything going for her.. College right around the corner, good job, great friends and an amazing boyfriend until she meets a hot, funny and flirtatious boy. Louis Tomlinson seems to haunt her every day.. From the moment they laid eyes on each other it was instant attraction.. With Maisie's self control and responsibility fading she begins to slip trying to keep her golden girl rep going. Keeping her attraction for Louis a secret..

She ends up giving in to Louis, The attraction and tension was too much. She juggled lives. Louis makes her feel free and alive.. Her boyfriend Ashton (Not Irwin) makes her feel safe and secure. Keeping her and Louis and her's "affair" a secret from everyone.. Louis wants Maisie to himself.. He would do anything to make that happen. He'd do anything for her.



Maisie's POV

The week break was over. I dreaded getting ready for the day to come. I slipped on black tights and a baggy maroon wool sweater, I slipped on back combat boots and left my hair down. I grabbed my bag and walked out getting in my car.

"Hey can you have Lunch today? :) -N" I received a text from Niall

"Is Louis going? -M"

"No, He's having lunch with Harry and Zayn it'll be me, you and Liam"

"Ok. Meet you at my locker :)" I locked my phone and started my car pulling out of my driveway.


When I arrived at the school I went straight to my locker. I opened it and sighed. I grabbed my English and Art binders.

"Boo!" I jumped Harry and Niall stood before me.

"Hey guys, What are you doing here?" I asked

"We just wanted to check on you..." Niall said

"I'm okay.. I've had a few days to y'know settle down.." I said they nodded

"So you aren't going to skip English?" Harry asked gesturing to my binder.

"Yeah.. I've missed a lot so I need to catch up.. is Louis skipping?" I asked

"No, He said pretty much the same thing you said." Niall said I nodded

"Where is he?" I asked

"He's over there waiting for us.. We kinda knew you wouldn't want him here..." Niall said I looked between them and saw Louis standing against the wall. He wore black trackpants that tightened around his ankles his classic black and white vans and a grey Spider-Man shirt with a dark blue hoodie on.. The hood up his hair flopped. He really did out no effort in this morning. I restrained myself from asking how he was doing because I needed to learn how to get over him. After the bomb he dropped a few days ago I had a different essence around him. It was harder to get over him now.

"He's doing alright Mais." Harry said he must have read my expression. I shrugged

"Do you guys wanna do something tonight? Like go to the arcade or the mall?"

"What about the carnival?" Niall suggested

"No. Absolutely not." I said

"Why not? You got a thing against kids Maisie?" Harry teased

"No.. I just.. Don't like carnivals." I said I thought of the time Louis and I went to the carnival.. Kissing at the top and the Ferris wheel.. The taste of Blueberry came into my mouth I shook my head I snatched Niall's coffee cup out of his hand and drank some it burned my mouth but it got the taste out.

"French Vanilla?" I asked him he nodded going a bit pink.

"That's good." I said Harry's phone went off and he looked at the screen and turned around to look at Louis.

"Time for you guys to go?" I asked Harry looked back at me and nodded

"Yeah sorry, See you soon" He said he pulled me into a one armed hug and kissed my cheek Niall pulled me into a full on hug. I hugged him back burying my head into the crook of his neck. I didn't realize how much I needed a hug until it was given to me.

"Are you sure you're okay Mais?" Niall said

"I'm sure.. I just needed a hug." I said

"Niall!" Harry called from beside Louis. Niall kissed my cheek

"I'll see you here at lunch." Niall said I nodded He walked over to Louis and Harry. While the walked Louis slapped him upside the head as Harry laughed.

--15 minutes later--

Maisie's POV

The bell rang telling all the students to get to class. I rushed into the English room, I walked to Ms.Weston's desk and got a booklet of the work I had missed and sat down. Louis beat the late bell by 2 seconds and got his booklet. He sat down and his scent filled my nose. I kept my head down, I parted my hair over my left shoulder, The brown waves acting like a curtain from Louis. I felt a piece of paper hit my shoulder. I leaned down picking it up. I unfolded it.

"Heard you've been hoeing around. -Ash"

I looked back at him he smirked at me I quickly scribbled down an answer.

"Actually I haven't.. Thank you very much." I said I threw it back and continued to work when it hit my shoulder and bounced onto the floor I picked it up and put it in my pocket. Refusing to look at the stupidity he had sprawled across the little piece of paper. I heard crumpling and Ashton kept throwing little pieces of paper at me I tucked my hair behind my ears. I bit my lip trying to contain my tears. I saw Louis in the corner on my eye.. He looked at me then back at Ashton. He turned around trying to not get involved but a few more little pieces of paper and her turned around in his chair. (While you read what Louis is about to say.. Read it in his voice because ACCENT ahh why I cry.)

"Mate, Can you stop that? It's really annoying." Louis said I kept my head down

"How is it bothering you mate?" Ashton says

"It's bothering me because you're being a childish little shit." Louis snapped the class Ooo'd.

"Why are you sticking up for her?" Ashton asked

"Mate, I'm not. I simply just said its annoying so how about you stop wasting paper you dumb piece of-"

"Alright boys that's enough" Ms.Weston cuts Louis off. Louis looked back at Ashton, I glanced back too. Ashton was giving Louis a tooth filled grin

"Hey buddy if you don't want to eat those teeth I suggest you wipe that grin off your face before I kick it off." Louis threatened

"Alright! Louis, Ashton and Maisie. Hallway now. I'll be out to speak to you in a moment." Ms.Weston says

"But I didn't do anything" I said

"Maisie.. Just go." Ms.Weston said I sighed and got up. I walked out of the class Louis and Ashton following after me. I walked out the door and stood against the wall arms crossed. Louis walked out walking past my view. Ashton walked out last closing the door.

"Smooth move Mais." Ashton said

"Shut up!" I snapped at him

"Meow.. Kitty got claws"

"Seriously man.. Just shut up." Louis said

"What happened to bros before hoes?" Ashton said

"Well it just so happens this girl isn't a hoe. So how about you just shut up." Louis said

"And you would know you've known her for what like 1 month?" Ashton says

"Actually since I was 9 years old." Louis said

"Oh I see.. A little bit of sandbox love?" Ashton taunted

"It is NOT love." I cut in before Louis could speak.

"Then what would you describe it as Maisie? Since you have EVERYTHING figured out." Ashton said

"God you're such a dick." I said I started to walk

"Where are you going?" Ashton says

"As far from you as I can be." I said when the door opened

"Maisie..? We're you in the process of leaving?" Ms.W says I didn't say anything I just walked the few steps back.

"What is going on today?" She asked

"Ask Ashton." I said she looked at him.

"I didn't do anything Ms.Weston." Ashton said playing the victim role.

"You're pathetic." Louis said under his breath

"Maisie must have said something that provoked Louis into saying those things." Ashton said

"I didn't say anything!" I said

"You were throwing pieces of paper at her after she didn't answer your nasty note." Louis said of course he'd looked over at the note.

"You have no proof." Ashton said Louis chuckled

"Actually.." He said before I could stop him he reached over into my hoodie pocket just the slightest touch from him sent a surge through my skin..

Louis held the piece of paper in between his index and thumb.

"There's your proof." Louis said putting it in Ms.W's hand.

Ms.W looked down at it..

"Ashton.. You do know this is a form of bullying.. I will not stand for it. I would appreciate it if you took you and your hateful and rude words down to the principal." She said

Ashton just chuckled

"Whatever Ms.Wes.. Picking favorites I see." He said

As Ashton walked away he made a V with his index and middle finger and wiggled his tongue in it towards me. Ms.Weston didn't see it but Louis did.. Giving him a cold glare his eyes following him.

"Take a few minutes to compose yourselves then feel free to join us." Ms.Weston says and walks in the door and shuts it. No words were shared by me and Louis he clenched his fist then pushed off the wall he was leaning on walking away quickly. I could tell Ashton had made Louis incredibly angry. I quickened my pace catching up to him.

"Stop." I said he turned around looking at me

"He can't just do that to you. He needs to know its not right." Louis said

"Will you just stop?!" I said angrily

"Stop what?!" He asked angry now too

"Protecting me! I don't want you to keep trying to be my knight in shining armor.. I don't need you." I said

"It looks like you do. You never stick up for yourself. You let everyone walk all over you like a doormat." Louis said

"Oh wow. That's very sweet of you to say.. I guess you're one of those people. You.. Asshole." I said

"Is it really that bad that I want to punch a guy in the face that did something wildly inappropriate to you?" Louis said

"Oh my hero.. You can't just smash every guys face if he winks at me I mean Jesus Louis." I said

"Maisie you don't understand the point." Louis said

"I do.. Perfectly well. You want to scare off every guy so you're the last one standing.. It's not working I'd rather die alone with the company of cats than die by your side you twisted bastard." I said he shook his head

I turned around walking back to the class.

"Maisie!" Louis called after me I tried my best not to look back.. If I did that would mean I was weak. I needed to get over him.

I stopped at the end of the hall and looked over my shoulder. Louis turned around he started to walk and punched the locker. The sound echoed down the hall and made me jump.

I watched his back retreat down the hall until it was gone.

I looked down at the ground. I quickly walked towards the English room.


Louis' POV

"Meet me. -L" I texted Harry I stopped at his locker I reached for the strap of my backpack, Shit! I had left all my stuff in the English room.

"Where? What's wrong? -H"

"I'm at your locker. Just get here. I need your help with something." I sent it and Harry was there in minutes out of breath.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked

"Did you just get back from the baseball?" I asked he nodded I nudged my head for him to follow. I easily found the read ford.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked as I slipped the aluminum bat out of his gym back

"Louis what are you doing?" Harry asked I walked up to the car and raised the bat up. I brought it down onto the windshield. It cracked in a large line..

"Louis what the hell!" Harry said I continuously hit different places of the car knocking off one of the side view mirrors. I did a quick shot to the front lights and handed the bat back to Harry.

"What.the.fuck?!" Harry said pausing between each word

"Thanks for your help." I said walking back towards the school.

"Who's car was that?" Harry asked catching up to me.

"Ashton Duncan's." I said

"Are you shitting me? You smash up Maisie's Ex's car just cause she's pissed at you? Is this how you get her attention?" Harry asked

"No. He did a sexual sign to her.. Right after calling her a hoe." I said

"So you smash his fucking mustang into a pulp? Why not just hit him?" Harry asked

"Go big or go home." I said

"In this case you really should have just gone home." Harry said

"Your my alibi.. What'd you say when you left?" I asked

"Family emergency." He said

"Good, just tell them I live with you and I was your drive." I said

"Jesus Louis..if you get caught.. We're both fucked guilty with association.. This will get us kicked of the team! You might have just kissed your Football scholarship maybe even career goodbye!" He said

"It was worth it." I said he shook his head

"If Maisie finds out this was you.. What do you think she'll think?" Harry asked

"Wow. I wish I was there." I said he sighed

"God.. What have you gotten us into?" He said pinching the bridge of his nose.


Maisie's POV

The bell rang.. I packed up my stuff and looked down at Louis' stuff. I sighed and scooped all of his stuff into the black jansport back and zipped it up and carried it out.

I rushed through the halls I opened my locker and hung it on my hook.

I took one last look at it.

"Maisie I love you!" The words bounced around my head as I imaged him being pulled away from me..

No. It's not true. Don't let him con you. I ripped the bag off the hook and slammed the locker door. I decided to go to the library. Skipping Art I walked into the quiet zone. I picked up a copy of "Twilight" and sat down. On a comfy couch. I looked down at Louis' roughed up backpack.. It was nice to have a piece of Louis with me.. Wait what am I saying? No. I was strictly carrying it around in case I saw him in the hall so I could throw it at his stupid face.. Well thats what I was telling myself I would do. I opened the weathered book and began to read.


Louis' POV

I returned to the English class after the bell.

"I'm so sorry I didn't return Ms.Weston Harry had a family emergency and I had to drive him to his house." I said

"Oh, that's ok.. Is everything alright?" She asked I nodded I turned to get my stuff when I noticed it wasn't there. No one could have scooped it because this was Ms.Weston's prep.

"Umm where's my stuff?" I asked

"Oh, I saw Maisie leaving with it." She said I felt the corners of my mouth tilt up..

"She has it?" I asked

"More than likely.. If I knew you were returning I would have told her to leave it but she did it so quickly and was gone." She said

"No it's fine. Thank you for telling me.." I said I walked out of the class I couldn't go to my next class without my stuff which happened to be in my bag so I wandered. Until I decided to look into the wall of windows exposing the library.. There I saw my little book worm on the couch.. Surely my backpack sat on the ground next to her. I smiled and pulled the library door open. I walked through the different shelves and was attempting to sneaky up on her.

The book sitting in her dainty hands was of course twilight. A chick book.

I snuck up behind her the thought of covering her eyes and telling her to "Guess who" crossed my mind, that would most likely end on the rather.. Violent and hurtful note. Instead I crawled up behind her where she was laying.. I folded my arms together and rested them on the arm of the couch setting my chin on them.

"How's it goin?" I said she jumped and turned around. I lifted my head up looking at her. Our faces probably closer than she would have liked.

"What are you doing here?" She whisper-yelled at me

"What are you talking about? I love the library. Especially this couch.. The fine leather is simply intriguing." I whispered

"How'd you know I was here?" She whispered

"Well it's a funny story really.. I got back to the English class.. All my stuff was gone so I asked Ms.W who took and she said you so, I was wondering the halls because I can't go to class without my stuff so I walked down the hall up there and saw you.. Sitting here reading." I finished my story in a whisper voice. Considering the fact that she hadn't moved from our position of our noses almost touching it gave me hope that maybe I could get her to giggle or smile or something.

"No way. Who tipped you off?" She whispered

"No one. I really was that lucky.. I see my trusty backpack is still lucky after all." I whispered she looked me over.

"I don't believe you. You've microchipped it." She said I brought the corners if my mouth up.

"Wanna check it?" He asked she squinted her eyes at me then sat up and reached down grabbing the backpack.

I plunked down next to her and she opened the bag.

She dug through everything. Normal people wouldn't let other people dig through their bag but for me this was great. Maisie wasn't yelling at me or saying hurtful things. She even cracked a joke.. I think.

She looked at me then zipped the bag up.

"I guess it is lucky.." She said

"Wanna know why?" I asked

"Sure why not." She said turning and facing me on the couch.

"Well this one time Niall was going to Ireland for a few weeks to see family. I let him borrow it.. So I think it brought back some luck of the Irish.." I said Maisie's facial expression didn't change. It was like she was stuck like that. I put my head back

"Mais..?" I whispered she looked over

"I love you." I whispered lower she looked into my eyes

"You don't love me, you're just in love with the idea of loving me." She whispered I shook my head

"It's real.. Genuine." I said

"It's a lie.. Fabricated." She said I shook my head

"Why is it do hard to believe that it was possible for me to love you.. I mean look at all the shit we've been through.. You stuck by me.. Thick and thin.. I was there for you.. You were there for me." I said

"We weren't supposed to end up like this.. We were supposed to be a secret.. What went wrong?" She whispered

"I fell in love with you.. I haven't realized it till now but I've been treating you like my girlfriend for a while.. I mean cuddling? Dreaming about you, crying over you.. top of the Ferris Wheel Candy Floss kisses? Friends with benefits don't do those things." I whispered she thought it over.

"Why wouldn't you have told me sooner? If you really loved me you'd want me to know." She whispered

"Mais, I've wanted you to know for the longest time.. I just never told you in fear that it would end. I didn't want it to end." I said

"Shhhh!" I girl behind bubble glasses hissed at us from a near by shelf

"Eat my ass." I said

"It's a library not a talking room" she said

"We're whispering" I said

"It's not making a difference motor mouth." She said I just held my middle finger up.

"Louis I just... I don't know what to think." She whispered

"I just want to know.. Do you love me back?" I whispered she looked down

I reached over and took her hand she looked back at me...

"I...I.. I need to go." She stuttered. She got up and put the book on a random shelf and picked up her backpack. Rushing out as the lunch bell rang. I slouched on the couch. My phone started to ring I pulled it out of my pocket looking at the caller ID.

"Seriously? Be quiet" Bubbles hisses at me again I got up answering the call putting a strap of my bag over my shoulder

"Oh blow it out your ass Bubbles." I said walking out

"What did you just say?" Harry said

"Nothing just talking to some chuck I the library I said pushing the door open.

"What were you doing in the library?"

"Long story Haz. I'll meet you at your locker."

Authors Note:

Do I sound like a Carrot if I put "Haz" in there? Oops.

So how did you guys like it? :) QOTD: What POV do you guys like the most Louis or Maisie? :) ALSO who's side are you on? Maisie's or Louis'? :D

Thank you so much for reading, favoriting, and liking it means a lot!! I love you!

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