Little White Lies (16+)

(WARNING: This fan fiction WILL contain graphic sex scenes. If you do not like this type of content I would advise you to not read.)

Maisie is a smart, nice and beautiful girl. She had everything going for her.. College right around the corner, good job, great friends and an amazing boyfriend until she meets a hot, funny and flirtatious boy. Louis Tomlinson seems to haunt her every day.. From the moment they laid eyes on each other it was instant attraction.. With Maisie's self control and responsibility fading she begins to slip trying to keep her golden girl rep going. Keeping her attraction for Louis a secret..

She ends up giving in to Louis, The attraction and tension was too much. She juggled lives. Louis makes her feel free and alive.. Her boyfriend Ashton (Not Irwin) makes her feel safe and secure. Keeping her and Louis and her's "affair" a secret from everyone.. Louis wants Maisie to himself.. He would do anything to make that happen. He'd do anything for her.



Maisie's POV

Louis took my hand as we walked into Harry's house. Walking into the living room Harry, Anne and Katy were sat on the couches talking and laughing. Anne sees Louis

and I first, Smiling at us. Harry looked our way and a big smile grew on his face. Louis set down his duffle.

"Look.. Guys, I'm sorry I left like that... I was just going through a lot of things. I recieved the invitation to Bill and my Mother's wedding.. Maisie and I were having

problems. Kate and everyone else leaving in a week. I pretty much thought my life had gone to shit... Sorry excuse my language Anne." Louis said Anne gave him a smile

nod. Kate and Harry looked at each other. I could tell the fact of Kate having to leave in a week was taking a toll on them. Kate looked emotionally drained, Harry as well.

"So.. I see Maisie caught up to you in time?" Anne said changing the subject seeing how upset her son had become.

"I actually couldn't get on the flight. I was in the boarding line. I held my ticket out but could not get on the plane. My feet felt like cinder blocks. I simply just shook my

head and walked away. I sat down in an empty waiting area until I saw some crazy girl running through the airport." Louis said I felt the heat coming to my cheeks so I

buried my face in Louis' arm.

"Then.. I found her.. Standing at the window.. Crying." Louis said

"Crying?" Harry asks

"I thought he was gone." I admitted

"Are you guys together finally?" Kate asked I looked up at Louis. He smiled down at me.

"Yeah, I guess so." Louis said I smiled

"Finally." They all said in union.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked

"It took you guys long enough! Everyone could tell you had feelings for each other, I've never seen you like this about a girl." Harry tells Louis.

"What can I say? She's amazing."

-6 days later.-

Maisie's POV

"So.. You guys leave tomorrow.. I really just want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you guys. Though I was busy most of the time just knowing you guys were here really

meant a lot to me. I just wanted to say Thank you to you guys." Louis says. The table outside was covered in food Anne had prepared and around was lit with candles.

I didn't have the chance to get to know each one of Louis' friends and cousins. well, except Kate. She was a very nice girl. I will miss her a lot.

Dinner was nearing it's end and everyone was getting tired. Iris and Zie finished their food. Saying goodnight to all of us they retreated in to the house, I wondered why

they were so anti-social.. I didn't entirely know. I wish they weren't. Zoey hugs Anne, Harry and Louis goodnight and Kate tells her she'll be up in a moment.

I looked over at Louis he lowered his head to mine nudging his forehead on mine, I smiled.

"So.. Um Kate.. About tomorrow." Harry said Louis and I look over.

"I don't want to think about tomorrow Harry, I don't want to think about having to leave you." She said

"Who says you're leaving?" Harry asked Anne smiled as she tried to cover it up sipping her drink.

"Um. My return ticket?" Kate said

"I mean.. You could go or you could take my offer." Harry said

"What offer?" Kate asked

"Well, we are both 18.. Soon to be 19.. Thinking about our future I thought it would be the only logical thing to do.." He said digging into his pocket.

"Harry..? What did you do...?" She asked hesitantly

"Nothing big really.. Just bought us an Apartment." Harry said retrieving the key. Kate covered her mouth in disbelief her eyes growing very large.

"Oh my god!" She said against her hand I smiled, Kate wasn't leaving!

"What about my parents?" Kate asked

"I've called them. They expect check-in calls every night. Oh and visits of course." Anne giggled.

"Oh my god! I can't believe they actually said yes!" Kate says excitedly she looks over at Harry and hugs him and laughs but they turn into happy cries. I take Louis' hand

under the table and saw him turn his head towards me in the corner of my eye. I looked down at my food and took a spoonful of the potatoes.

-Next day.-

Maisie's POV

Louis helped everyone get their luggage out of the cars. He slowly moved. Taking my hand we walked through the airport.

"Second time this week." He said looking down at me I smiled and pecked his cheek.

Harry and Kate walked hand in hand. I was glad Kate was staying.

We arrived at their terminal.

"Bye guys." Louis said and took his hand out of mine as he spread his arms for hugs. Zie walked up wrapping her arms around him and kissed his cheek.

"See you soon" she said

Zoey walked up next hugging him tightly

"I'll miss you." She said

"I'll miss you too Zo" he said Iris hugged him next he patted her back. Something about Iris being near Louis brought back all of those bad memories. As she leaned away from the hug she pecked the corner of Louis' mouth I immediately looked away and gritted my teeth.

As they walked away Louis turned to me again. I put my hands on his cheeks and pulled him into a kiss. Leaning away he smirked at me knowing very well what that was for.

As we walked back to the cars Harry and Kate bit their lips trying not to laugh at me and Louis.

Louis and I were defiantly a very different couple. I mean we constantly gave each other attitude and picked on one another. We weren't built on a series of dates or cute walks in the park. We were built with a strictly just sex relationship. It ended up failing when we both accidentally fell in love.

Louis and I got into his car and followed Harry and Kate out. We arrived back at Harry's place. Just a short couple of minutes while Harry grabbed the keys to their apartment. Louis and I tagged along. Sitting in the backseat of his black BMW, this car was beautiful.

"I bought it with the furnishing so we won't have to worry about any of that stuff." Harry informs Kate. She nods excitedly.

I look over at Louis he puckered his lips I smiled. He patted the spot next to him. I shook my head. He shrugged and then stretched across laying his head on my lap.

"This is kind of illegal." I said

"Oh bite me." Louis said I lifted up his hand and bit his finger.

"Ow!" He whined

"Oh suck it up." I said he smiled up at me. I rested one hand on his chest and played with his hair with the other.


When we pulled up to the building Louis was asleep. I snapped my fingers a few times in front of his face, his eyes opened and he sat up looking at me with tired eyes.

"Do you know where you are?" I joked as he looked very out of it. Harry locked the car behind us. We parked in the underground parking lot so we had to take the elevator right up to the apartment well more of a condo.

We went up to the 12th floor and the doors opened, walking out Louis took my hand waving it back and forth like a little boy I giggled.

Harry stopped at the door letting Kate unlock the door.

Walking into the condo it looked like a posh hotel room. It was all open concept making it look even bigger.

Louis pulled me into the kitchen. He opened the fridge and saw a pack of beer. He took it out.

Pouring it into 4 glasses he whistled bringing Kate and Harry's attention.

"Celebration drink." He said Harry towed Kate over, Louis handed them each a drink handing me mine.

"Harold.. I have to say this place is wicked.. And if you didn't have that lovely girl it would make a sick bachelor pad." Louis said

"Louis." Kate warned

"Relax Cuz, I'm just joking." He said

"Cheers to your new Flat!" Louis said we clinked our glasses I took a sip and put it down. As Kate and Harry scoped their new pad Louis and I laid down on the couch playing "would you rather".

"Would you rather eat a spoon full of cow crap or a spoon full of mashed lion eyeballs?" Louis asked

"Ew! You're sick how'd you come up with that?" I asked

"I've played this game a lot." He chuckled

"Ugh.. Do I have to pick?" I asked

"Unless you want to get a big bad love bite from yours truly for grad day I'd answer." He said

"Oh.. That's right grad is right around the corner.." I said

"Yep." He said

"Fine.. Umm.. Ew the lion eyeballs" I answered quickly

"You'd eat lion eyeballs?" Louis asked

"It's better than shit." I said he chuckled



Harry and Kate dropped us off, walking into the house Anne was watching A League of Their own.

"We're just going to go up to bed, goodnight Anne."

"Goodnight. Behave you two." She said but laughed.

Louis shook his head and dragged me up the stairs. When we got into the room I walked into Louis' closet, he walked in behind me he put his hand on my waist.

"My approval before you take anything." He said I rolled my eyes

"I want this one." I said taking it off the hanger

"Wait which one was it?" He asked I stuck it between my knees taking off my shirt

"Does it really matter?" I asked he eyed my torso

"Why don't you just not wear a shirt?" He suggested

I threw my shirt at him. He chuckled

"But seriously babe.. Don't get dressed so fast." He said I gave him a look he walked over to me and slid a hand around my waist lightly pulling me into him.

Our noses touched when I moved away. Taking off my bra and slipping Louis' shirt over my head I took off my pants leaving my panties on I walked out leaving Louis in there. I laid down under the covers on his bed and checked my phone.

I had a text from Molly asking if I was okay I texted her back telling her I was spending the night at my friends house.

If I told her it was my boyfriends house she'd insist on meeting him. ASAP.

Louis flicked the light of the closet off and yawned. I giggled at his Spider-man boxers.

He climbed onto the bed and decided I would be his pillow tonight putting his head on my chest and pulling me close to him. He pulled the covers over himself and nuzzling into me more I smiled putting my phone on the side table and playing with his hair.

"Maisie?" He whispered

"Yes?" I said

"Wanna move in together?"

"Like an apartment?" I asked

"Yeah.. I mean I have a job now.. If you get a job we can do it." He said

"But.. We just started dating.. Wouldn't that be rushing things?" I asked

"We just became boyfriend and girlfriend but we've loved each other longer than 2 months." He pointed out.

"How much do you make a week?" I asked

"I don't make a lot.. But I figured I could go to college a bit.. Get my football scholarship filled out.. After a year I'll be able to join a team and make more money.. I'll work at The Bean and be on the team, double jobs double the money, You can work at the library or something your English scholarship and majors will get you a job right away." He said

"If we move in together and you go to college I'll be living alone." I said

"I won't live on campus, I'll come home everyday after school." He said

"If you work double jobs like you said we won't be able to see each other either." I said

"We'll have to find a better way to pay the bills." I added

"How about we start by saving our money. If we save till I'm done in college I can probably borrow money off my dad for down payment.." He said

"I could sell the house." I said

"What house?"

"The house I'm living in right now.. Molly is only staying there to look after me. My mom practically signed it over to me. Once I graduate I can get Molly's help to sell it. That will give us plenty." I said

"No, babe don't sell your family home." Louis said

"Louis, as far as I'm concerned.. You're my only family now, My home is wherever you are." I said he sat up looking down at me.

"Are we going to do this?" He asked

I looked up at him connecting eyes with him.

"How about we get jobs.. Every time we get payed we put a little bit in to a big jar. Like a savings jar. When it's full we count it out." I said he nodded

"How much do you have in your bank?" I asked

"3,000.. It's in my college account." He said

"I have 1,500." I said

"So take some of that out then? I'll take 1,000 you can take 500 out." He says I nodded

"Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked

"We'll see how everything works out." I said he smiled

"This is going to be awesome." I giggled he leaned up and pecked my lips. He returned his head to its spot on my chest cuddling up to me.

"I love you." He said tiredly after yawning

"I love you too." I said closing my eyes

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