Little White Lies (16+)

(WARNING: This fan fiction WILL contain graphic sex scenes. If you do not like this type of content I would advise you to not read.)

Maisie is a smart, nice and beautiful girl. She had everything going for her.. College right around the corner, good job, great friends and an amazing boyfriend until she meets a hot, funny and flirtatious boy. Louis Tomlinson seems to haunt her every day.. From the moment they laid eyes on each other it was instant attraction.. With Maisie's self control and responsibility fading she begins to slip trying to keep her golden girl rep going. Keeping her attraction for Louis a secret..

She ends up giving in to Louis, The attraction and tension was too much. She juggled lives. Louis makes her feel free and alive.. Her boyfriend Ashton (Not Irwin) makes her feel safe and secure. Keeping her and Louis and her's "affair" a secret from everyone.. Louis wants Maisie to himself.. He would do anything to make that happen. He'd do anything for her.



**WARNING: There WILL be GRAPHIC sexual content in the following chapter.. Proceed with caution**

Maisie's POV

I woke up before Louis the next day, I quickly climbed into the shower. As I washed my body I thought about my situation.. My family packed up and left me.. No notice or anything they didn't even say "oh! Yeah by the way Maisie were leaving you aren't coming and we won't ever return.. Have a good life!" I mean this was my family.. Why would they leave me? What did I do?

I shut off the water getting out.. I wrapped a towel around myself and walked back into my room from my bathroom.

"Morning." I heard Louis groan. I walked over to him sitting on the bed.

"Wanna get some breakfast and then do something?"!I asked him

"I can't, today I start working." He said

"Wow.. Sucks to be you." I said with a smirk.

"Are you teasing me?" He asked

"No of course not." I giggled

"You suck." He grumbled and rolled over

I giggled and kissed his cheek I hugged him from behind.

"Want a handjob?" I asked he rolled over

"Are you bribing me?" He asked I shook my head innocently but started to giggle

"I accept your bribe. Go for it."


Maisie's POV

I walked up to Harry's door, pushing it open I walked into the house.

"Anyone home?!" I called out

"Kitchen!" I walked in and saw Harry, Kate and Liam.

"Hey guys." I said Liam must have just beat me over because he was taking his fall jacket off.

"Hey Maisie." Harry said I hugged him. I sat on the counter crossing my legs.

"Where's Louis? Aren't you guys like a duo now?" Liam asked

"We aren't dating." I said

"I know.. It's just you two are like magnets. Wherever you move, he moves." He says

"Oh.. Well Louis went to his first day at work." I said

"Louis got a job?" Liam asked

"Yeah. At The Bean." Harry said

"Does he know the game schedules?" Liam asked

"Dude, Soccer season is over." Harry said

"We have one more game. This Saturday." Liam says

"I'm sure he has the weekends off." Harry said

"Let's hope. This is the biggest match. Louis defiantly needs to be there." Liam says

"I'm sure he will be." I said my phone started to ring, I pulled it out of my sweater pocket and answered it.


"Hello is Maisie there?"

"Speaking, who is this?"

"Hello this is Dan Ducan, you know me I'm Ashton's father. I was wondering if you've been in contact with Ashton lately."

"No.. I haven't seen him." I said

"Well he is missing and I don't know who to call." He said

"Try Eleanor Calder." I said

"Oh, ok. Thank you." He said

"Bye." I said I hung up

"Who was that?" Harry asked

"Ashton's father." I said he tensed up

"What did he want?" He asked

"Ashton is "missing". He's probably just at Eleanor's hooking up." I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah." Liam and Harry chuckled


Louis' POV

Getting off from work I really just wanted to get home and see Maisie and the others. I took off my apron and stupid little hat and walked out of the coffee shop. I bumped shoulders with a man while texting Maisie.

"Oh sorry, I should have watched where I was going." I said

"Yeah." I looked at him an extra moment then turned away. Walking to my car I took the handle.

"Hey! Buddy!" I looked up seeing the guy I shouldered.

"What?" I said

"Keep your friends close mate." I brought my brows together... Alright then..

I got into my car and rushed home. I parked getting out, the door was unlocked I walked in.

"Anyone home?!" I called out it echoed off the empty walls I looked around the house

"Hello!" I yelled I walked out into the backyard, I checked the sun house and must have called out 3 times.

I walked back into the house I dialed Maisie's number. She didn't pick up. I remembered what that guy said.

"Don't be stupid the guy was just being a jerk off." I said to myself. I tried calling all of them but I wasn't getting an answer.

"What the hell is going on?" I muttered. I called Maisie once more she picked up on the third ring.

"Hey Lou, how was work?"

"Mais? Where are you?" I asked sitting on the stairs on one of the stair cases in the foyer.

"Ashton's dad called.. Ashton's missing. Harry got the others to come out and look for him."

"Oh. Ok."

"Lou? Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Why do you ask?" I said

"Nothing. We'll be out late. Don't wait up for them." She said

"I'll come help where are you guys?"

"I don't think you showing up would be a good idea." She said


"Looking for my ex with my new interest? It's a bit awkward."

"I want to help." I said

"I'm sorry, I'm going to have to count you out for this one." She said I sighed

"Ok.. See you whenever then." I said and hung up. I sat back on the steps. My phone started to ring I quickly answered it,


"Louis, darling." I sighed

"Mum." I said

"Would you like to come over tonight? Your sisters miss you." She said

"Nice to know you miss me too. Anyways.. I'm busy." I lied.

"Doing what?" She asked

"Stuff. I don't feel the need to tell you." I said I hung up and sighed. Ever since Bill moved in she's been playing the "house-wife" role. Pathetic.

"I am so done with you." I said aloud looking at her contact image.

I heard a knock on the door and got up. I sighed and pulled open the door, I immediately rolled my eyes.

"What do you want?" I said

"Wow. Someone isn't happy to see me." Eleanor says

"Saying I'm not happy to see you is an understatement." I said

"Oooh, harsh." She said as she walked in pushing past me.

"Y'know I miss you." She said

"Well I'm not sorry to tell you it's not mutual." I said

"Hmm.. You being mean to me is somehow turning me on.." She said biting her lip.

"Eleanor. Stop." I warned

"C'mon Louis.. You know you're still attracted to me." She said stepping towards me I backed up.

"I'm not. I'm over you." I said she ran her hand down my arm and looked up at me

"Stop." I said

"C'mon.. Just one last time.. You and me.. Let's go out with a bang.. Literally." She giggled I squinted my eyes at her.

"You make me sick." I said

"And you make me so.. Horny." She moaned.

"Stop." I caught her hands that were traveling all over my torso.

"Fine.. Just let me pleasure you. I've heard about you and Maisie having sex..." She trailed off

"Who told you that? It's not true." I hated having to lie about having sex with Maisie.

"Oh babe, you know it's true.. I doubt she's giving you any treats.." She said her voice lowering into an almost whisper.

"Like I'd tell you." I hissed

"Stop Louis.. You're only making me want you more." She said

"I don't like who you've become." I said

"Baby I've always been like this.. It's just you've been hanging out with innocent Maisie. You've forgotten all of our wildtimes... I can still remember the time in the bathroom at your grandparents house." She said

"Eleanor, I'm not even joking.. Shut up." I said

"Just let me taste you one last time." She whispered against my ear. I backed up.

"Get out." I said she looked at me giving me a pouty face.

"Go." I said pointing to the door.

She slipped her shirt over her head and bit her lip.

"Eleanor." I said

"Louis." She returned I sighed and put my hands through my hair

"Stop. Seriously I'm not joking." I said

"I'm not either. I need you Louis.. Now." She said walking towards me.. I backed into the black door.

Eleanor stood in front of me flicking the lock across.

"Just one last time baby." She said she slipped her hands up the hem of my shirt. Her hands felt ice cold on my body. I slipped away.

"This isn't right. Us... It doesn't feel right." I said

"Because we aren't naked." She whispered

"Eleanor.. You're making this too hard.. I'm trying to be cilvil about this. I don't want to be with you.. Like ever. Please get out." I said

"After you kiss me." She said

"I'm not kissing you. You're leaving right now." I said I walked forwards from the door and unlocked it opening it. Eleanor slammed it pulling on my shirt. Our lips met. The desperation to get away from her was pulling on every inch of my being. She backed me into the door once more. I pushed her off.

"No. You have to kiss me." She said impatiently

"I don't WANT to. Just go." I said

"You'll want to. I'll make you." She attacked me once more, kissing me roughly. She grabbed my crotch I gasped against her lips and swatted her hand away.

"Just.. Enjoy it." She whispered

"No." I said


"I said no!" I yelled and pushed her back she stumbled but didn't fall.

"I don't just want a pointless hookup anymore. I don't want you. I'm over you. I'm living my life FINE without you." I said she picked up her shirt putting it on.

"Whatever. This isn't over." She said I opened the door.

"It is over. It has been for a while. Bye." I said I slammed the door and put my back against it. Sliding down it I put my head in my hands. Falling for Maisie seems like the stupidest thing I've ever done.


Maisie's POV

"Are you sure you don't mind me heading back to your place?" I asked Harry

"No, we'll just be out for dinner and maybe see a movie. You're sure you don't wanna come with us?" Harry says

"I'm quite tired.. Sorry for wasting you guy's days. Thank you for coming out." I said

"It's fine, sorry we didn't find him." Harry said I looked at the group. Even Louis' friends and cousins came. They were good people.

"So I'm just going to swing by your house and check up on Louis.. See of he's eaten then I'm going to head home." I said

"Ok, goodnight Maisie." Harry said I kissed his cheek goodbye and headed to my car.


Pulling up to Harry's house. I used the key under the pot and walked in.

"Louis?!" I called out

"Mais." He said standing at the top if the stairs I smiled up at him hanging my jacket up. He quickly came down the stairs and walked towards me

"I was just coming to check if you've eaten.." I trailed off he reached me putting his hands on my neck and pulled me in our lips immediately tangled.

I put my hands on his waist.

He kissed me till he was out of breath.

"Um... Louis?" I said

"I need you.. Like right now." He said his blue eyes burning into me. I opened my mouth to say something.

"Come on." He said he pulled me by my hand up one of the stair cases. He opened the door to his room.


He kissed me once more. I liked this a lot... I don't know why..

He reached down the front of my legs and I gasped as I felt the presence of his hand between my legs. He took off his shirt and ripped my button up plaid shirt open the buttons hit the hard wood.

"Louis.. Why are you being so.. Mysterious?" I asked

"Pants" he ordered I pulled them down.. He walked towards the bed and kicked off his rigged vans he sat down on the mattress, on his knees,

"Come here." He commanded, I waggled over I went on my knees in front of him we sat across from each other leveled. I took off my flannel. He scanned my body.

I felt confident and reached around my back unclasping my bra.. I slipped it off my shoulders and dropped it on the floor Louis scanned me once more.

"Over here." He said I crawled over to him. He laid my torso across his lap, his jeans still on. I looked up at him. He was looking down at my panties. He quickly removed those.. He leaned down kissing me I arched my knees up laying them to the side putting my hands on his cheeks he didn't stop kissing me as he slid his hand down between my breasts and down the middle of my stomach. He slid his have up to my mid thigh and pushed my legs apart. He as soon as his finger came in contact to that sensitive skin I gasped against his lips. He massaged a pattern as I tensed up.

I moaned against his lips curling my toes. As soon as 2 of his fingers entered me I gasped out loud. He kissed my cheek bones and then moved to my neck, I moaned un controllably and loud. I was being loud tonight that's for sure. I reached down finding Louis' button on his pants I got it undone when he removed my hands taking my wrists in his free hand.

"Why..?" I panted

"Later." He whispered against my neck.

"I want you now." I said firmly feeling the butterflies in my stomach.

"Later, I didn't eat anything today.. I'm hungry." He said I got excited the last time Louis did that it was one of the best things in the world.

"Are you ready?" He asked I shook my head.. I was still over the edge about Louis fingering me.

"Good." He said

He left me and kissed down between my breasts.. Down my stomach and opened my legs wider.

His hair tickled my thighs. I knew I didn't have to hold back and be quiet so I was moaning Louis' name and moaning.. Cursing." I reached my climax, Louis looked up at me and licked his lips and sucked on his finger.

"Jesus, you taste even better than I remembered." He said I sat up

"Let me do something to you." I said our faces close

"Like what?" He asked I looked into his eyes

"A.. Blow job?" I asked

"Have you ever given one before?" He asked I blushed

"You have?" I shyly nodded

"Not so innocent eh?" He said I giggled I pushed him down to his back.

"Not as innocent as you think." I said and pulled his pants down along with his boxers.

"Are you sure you want to? I don't wanna pressure."

"Shush. It's me time now." I said I took his boxers off and kissed all over his stomach. I took hold of him in my hands. I lightly started to pump, he moaned

I circled his tip with my finger.

"Maisie." He moaned lowly

I licked his tip and put him in my mouth he moaned loudly.

I pumped my lips around him as he moaned and moaned. The sexiest thing was Louis moaning. I stopped before he could hit his climax, he didn't do this to me but it was my turn to have fun. I looked up at him and giggled

"How the fuck did you learn how to do that?" He said out of breath.

"Believe it or not that's my second time." I said

"C'mere." He said sitting up, I crawled over, he reached over.

"Still want more?" He asked

I gave him a look.

"Do you even have to ask?" He chuckled and grabbed the packet.

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