Little White Lies (16+)

(WARNING: This fan fiction WILL contain graphic sex scenes. If you do not like this type of content I would advise you to not read.)

Maisie is a smart, nice and beautiful girl. She had everything going for her.. College right around the corner, good job, great friends and an amazing boyfriend until she meets a hot, funny and flirtatious boy. Louis Tomlinson seems to haunt her every day.. From the moment they laid eyes on each other it was instant attraction.. With Maisie's self control and responsibility fading she begins to slip trying to keep her golden girl rep going. Keeping her attraction for Louis a secret..

She ends up giving in to Louis, The attraction and tension was too much. She juggled lives. Louis makes her feel free and alive.. Her boyfriend Ashton (Not Irwin) makes her feel safe and secure. Keeping her and Louis and her's "affair" a secret from everyone.. Louis wants Maisie to himself.. He would do anything to make that happen. He'd do anything for her.



Maisie's POV

When we pulled into Louis' driveway and walked into to the house Louis plunked down on the couch. 

"I'll get that tea made.." I said walking into the kitchen. I let the kettle boil and made the tea. I sighed stirring it. I brought it into Louis.

"Sit up" I instructed he did as I said. We sat in silence for a few minutes 

"So who's Jannett?" I asked 

"My mom's friend.." Louis said I felt awkward as we were both sitting at opposite ends of the couch. 

"Why don't you like her?" I asked 

"She's my Mom's bestfriend but she is also the mother of my ex girlfriend." Louis says 

"I'm guessing it wasn't a smooth break up..?" I asked 

"Aren't all break ups?" He asked I looked over at him he glanced over at me and down at his tea. 

"I think it would be best if you um.. didn't come to the soccer game tomorrow." He said my heart sank. 

"Why not?" I asked 

"I just don't want Eleanor to think you're there for me.. I can't have you there for me." he said 

"What if I'm not there for you. I'll be there for Niall he wants me to come." I said Louis looked at me. 

"Mais.." He trailed off 

"Oh.. I get it.. you don't want me to go.." I said Louis didn't say anything I stood up. 

"I think I'm just going to go home." I said 

"Maisie." Louis said 

"What?" I asked holding back the tears. Not just because I was sad but I was also humiliated... 

"Just.. Don't go." he said 

"Why not? I've completely humiliated myself." I said 

"How?" He asked 

"By thinking we could make this work." I said he gave me a confused look then sat down putting his face in his hands. 

"We shouldn't have started this.." I said 

"We kidded ourselves into thinking it could work.. I mean you're a great guy Louis and Eleanor is lucky to have you.. I am lucky to have Ashton. I'd like to keep it that way, but for some reason a piece of me wants to stay with you and keep trying.. I don't know what to think." I said he looked up at me. 

"Make up your mind by tomorrow.. If you come to my game.. it means you're willing to try again.. If you don't come.. Well I'll get the point that you want to stay strictly with just Ashton." He said 

"I'll leave you alone." He said 

I thought it over. 

"Sounds reasonable. So.. are we going to work on this science or..?" I asked 

"Let's do it."

Author's note: 

Wow. Talk about shitty short chapter... Sorry guys.. I'm writing more right now.


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