Loving you was RED!

justin bieber,love,controversy,party


4. the party!!

It was 1am already,i had to go to sleep but Justin kept calling me..after few calls i answered me: Justin I need to sleep!
Justin: just come outside for a moment.

me: WHAT?! What are you doing here? Wait I'm coming down!* i went outside*.
me: are you serious why are you here at this hour?!
Justin: I needed to see you again I miss you.
me: you know our relationship wasn't good and we just need to forget each other. It will be better for me and you.
*i turned around and went back to inside*
*the next day* Lucy called me asking if i was going to her party tonight?
me: it's your birthday of course I'll come!!!
*at night*
me and my best friend went to the party. the second i entered i saw him! Justin was there.
i told my friend to stay with me so that i and Justin would not have to have another conversion cause it was becoming awkward.
but after an hour me and my friend were horribly drunk.
*the next morning*
i woke up, i didn't remember anything from last night,
the only thing i knew was that i was in bed next to Justin!

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