Loving you was RED!

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1. leaving u

  Emma's POV

I can't handle this anymore you are with lil twist more then you are with me how do you want this relationship to work?! All day you are with lil twist and most of the night you are at clubs! This relationship can never work like this WE ARE OVER! i yelled at Justin.
Justin: so you just want to give up on everything we been through for almost 3 years just like that?!
me: I'm not the one who gave up, you did for not trying.. You gave up on our relationship for your friendship with lil twist, because it's more important right?!
Before i  left the house Justin held my hand, told me "I don't want this to be over, I promise I'll change"
me: *whipped the tear from my cheek* you don't need to change for me or for anyone but even if you did then what? You have a tour to do, record another album?
*Justin let go off my arm*



note: hey guys, im new.. pls tell me if u like it..

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