Loving you was RED!

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2. E news!!

it's been a week since you and Justin broke up.
you saw channel E! they talked about Justin you didn't want to watch but then they said "is

Emma's POV

it's been a week since me and Justin broke up.
I saw channel E! they talked about Justini didn't want to watch but then they said "Justin Bieber braking down? Find out later on"
i had to see what was going on… they put Justin last so i had to wait 40 minutes to see what's going on.
The time arrived and finally they talked about Justin they talked about the past week…
First they showed a picture of him smoking weed, and then showing his butt, then late to a concert, passing out on stage and last attacking paparazzi.
and the same day everything was back all the people showed me, everyone blamed me for what was going on with Justin.
i still loved Justin, but it was hard. i knew how hard he worked to get to the top. i still cared about him and i know like everyone else how people wait till he will make the biggest mistake. i sent him a message saying that i wanted to meet him today at starbucks 3pm.

when i arrived at Starbucks Justin was already there.
Justin: hey..
me: I'm sure you know what's going on why I'm here I came to talk only about you not about us.. WHAT'S GOING ON WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO YOURSELF?!
Justin: it's you!  I need you, I want to feel you again, be there next to you.
Then he started to mumble stuff.
i understood he was drunk.
i whispered so nobody around will hear "really?! Drunk! Its 3pm now get into my car.

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