Girl Talk

Bullied? Dealing with insecurity? Looking for answers? Or just looking for ways to improve your life? My name is Mariah, and I'm a teenage girl just like you. The reason I've been put on this Earth was to make others happy. Don't be afraid to leave a comment if you need advice or tips. I hope this helps you out! :)


16. Dealing With Depression

          Dealing With Depression
    Being depressed is not fun. I've recently found out a cure for my depression, so I have a few helpful tips for the cure. 

    First of all, it really depends on what kind of person is depressed. Do they enjoy sports? Do they enjoy music? When are they most happy?

Tip #1
    Find out when your/your friend's happiest times are, and always set your mind on that particular thing. For example, if you enjoy music, keep your iPod or MP3 player and a set of earbuds on you all the time to tune out the sadness, and set up a playlist that makes you feel good.

Tip #2
    Think positive! Be more optimistic that pessimistic! 

    Tip #3
    Find someone who you can relate to and get to know them.

    I hope this helps with your friend's depression LouisSuspenders!

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