Forever can be broken

Gracie is happy with Harry and Aubrie with Niall the boys are their best friends. Nothing could go wrong
"Forever?" "Forever." Those were the last words Harry and Gracie said. Then the accident happened.


2. tears

Niall's pov

I woke up and saw Aubrie by the window. I walked over and put my arms around her waist and rested my head on her shoulder. "What are you thinking about?" I asked She shrugged. She turned around her eyes filled up with tears. Her lips tremble. And then a tear falls I've never seen her cry well once and someone close to her had died so this must be important. She looked down at our hands. Mine in hers. "Its about us isn't it?"'I ask.softly a.little worried she nodded. I lead her over to the bed and.have her sit on the edge I kneel in front of her. "What's wrong? Are you not happy?" I ask tears welling up at the thought that she isn't happy with me anymore. She shakes her head. "Not in love?" I ask my voice shaking. She shakes her head and presses her lip against mine to show me that she still loves me. She pulled away and pointed to her self "You." I day she.nods. then makes a scared face "are scared." I say she nods again she points to me kisses me then shakes her head I put it together in my head "Your afraid that I won't love you cause you are mute?" I ask she looks away a tear runs down my face "Don't ever think that again!" I say pulling her close to me. There's a knock at the door I get up and open it Louis is standing in the door way "MOVE!" He yells thank tackles Aubrie in a hug. "Louis I wanna give her a hug." Eleanor says "She's mine." He says "No she's mine!" El says "Nope she's mine!" Perrie says running in and taking Aubrie away from Lou. Zayn and Pual come in. "Hey kiddo!" Paul says giving Aubrie a hug. He then swings her over his shoulder and runs off yelling "She's mine now!" 

Paul's pov 

Once I got Aubrie away I set her down "So how are you honestly?" I ask. She shrugs. "Well Dani need me to get you so she can take you to the doctor." I say she points Dani comes in and thanks me. 

Aubrie's pov 

Dani comes and takes me to the doctor. I go into a room with the doctors they make me have an MIR. When I was done we went back to the hotel I went into Gracie's room and saw her and some dude kissing my jaw dropped. Harry came behind me I turned around and saw tears falling down his face. I pulled him to My and Niall's room. We sat down and I let him cry I wrapped my arms around him drawing circles on his back. Niall walked in and saw his smile faded. "Mate what's the matter?" He asked "G-Gracie d-doesn't remember me and w-was kissing some guy!" He says sobbing. "What's going on?" We looked at the doorway and saw Gracie 

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