I just wanted you to notice.

Lillian, Macy, camryn, Emma, and Nicole were all besties. Have everything they need except a boyfriend will all that change when they get new neighbors or will they even be noticed?


3. Landing

Lillian's POV.

i wake up and yawn. I adjust myself and sit up and look at Liam silently snoring. I grab my yellow iPhone5s and go on Instagram uhh five new followers @liam_payne @malikZayn @niallhoran_ @harryestyles and @boobearlouis. I follow them back then watch Wipe out. I laugh at some then turn it off. I get up to use the restroom til Liam grabs my arse. "Oh uhh sorry I was uhh stretching uhh where you going?" "Restroom" I whisper as he turns to see everyone. "I go to the restroom and do my business. I get out and get shoved to the wall. "Ohh sorry cutie so how about we go and so our business?" He asks. He falls to the ground as Liam yells don't touch my girlfriend ever again!" He yells as he grabs my arm. "Thanks" I say. We sit down and he says "sorry I got mad" he says looking down as years come down his face. "Uhh I'll just go if you hate me." He says standing up. I grab his jeans and pull him back down and kiss him. "I don't hate you" I say. "Really?!" He says excited. I nod. "Will you be my girlfrien?" "Yes and what about the d in friend?" "You'll get that later." He says smirking as I giggle. "Attention passengers thank you for flying British airways we will be landing in 20 minutes this is Faith Sandifer and we will be landing in 20 minutes. Thank you. " she says hanging up. I buckle my seat belt and wake everyone else up so that can too. Liam puts his hand on my knee and I enter twine our fingers. I pack my phone, beats, candy, iPad, and my credit cards and make up in my sparsely book bag. I pull the drawstring and place it in my lap. We land and get off going to the luggage pick up. I get my polka dot, Liam gets a navy blue, Harry gets a red,  Nicole gets a taco suitcase Niall gets a chicken suitcase, camryn gets a black and white chevron, Macy gets a purple, Louis gets a orange, Zayn gets a grey, and. Emma gets a light pink. We get everything and get in a white, black, and grey range rover, me Liam, Macy and Zayn in the white. Louis emma, Harry and camryn in the black and Niall and Nicole in the grey. We head to the boys flat and get 2 more range rovers and 5 bugattis for the girls I get a light blue, Nicole gets a dark blue, Emma gets red, camryn get yellow and Macy gets black. We get to the flats which our neighbors so it goes Louis and Emma next is me and Liam then Niall and Nicole fourth is Zayn and Macy then last is Harry and Camryn. We unload everything then decide to stay at zayns flat for the night. 

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