I just wanted you to notice.

Lillian, Macy, camryn, Emma, and Nicole were all besties. Have everything they need except a boyfriend will all that change when they get new neighbors or will they even be noticed?


2. How it started

Lillian's POV 

I wake up and hop in the shower locking my doors and macys door since we have a conjoined bathroom. I take a quick shower and wash my hair. I get out and put on this:

I go down stairs and see everybody ready. We are going to fly out to London tonight because I won a contest winning a meet and greet for 7 but I sold 2 because I didn't need them. I put everything in camryns tahoe and we drive to the airport. We pass security and bag drop offs and we get on and sit since it's two to a row it goes me and Macy, next camryn and Nicole then Emma and a guy with sunglasses and a hat on. I get my earbuds out and plug it into my phone. I feel something by my shoulder so I open my eyes and see a guy with a buzz cut and a boy with quiff. "Holy mother of GOD!!!! You are one direction!!" I think to myself as I stare at them. They take off their costumes and say "yes yes we are" "oh did I say that out loud" I ask. "Why yes gorgeous" liam says. I blush and start chatting with him as Macy does with Zayn, camryn does with  Harry, Nicole does with Niall , and Emma does with Louis. That lucky bitch she sits right next to him. We decide to change our seating charts so we can sit where we want. "Hi I'm Lillian but you can call me Lilly or Lillian whatever works" I say. "Hi you can call me lili or Liam whatever works" he replies mocking me. "Well lili why are you on here?" I ask. "Oh we have to do a meet and greet with some stupid 5 girls" he says. "We are stupid?" I ask sounding hurt. "Oh no i uhh no your not stupid I thought it would be some really clingy fans. " he says. "Oh so I'm not clingy I say grabbing his arm. "I... uhh... ummm..... no your not bothering me a-at alllll." He replies. I laugh at him and turn to see camryn and Harry snogging, Emma and Louis eating carrots, Macy and Zayn doing there hair, and Niall and Nicole eating. I pull out my computer and me and Liam start watching incidious 2. I curl up next to him and he does the ole yawn and stretch arm over trick. I grin and start watching the movie. Since it took 18 hours to get there I fall asleep on Liam and feel him talk since I am pressed to her chest. "Hey dude how's it going?" Asks Zayn. "Good I think I think I love her...." Aww he said he loved me. "Me too I asked Macy out and so did harry to Camryn." He replies. "Are they going to live with us well can they please Liam?" Niall and Louis ask. "Sure but I call Lilly." He sates. "I get Camryn!" Says harry. "I get Macy." Replies Zayn. "I get Emma" says Louis. "Losers I get the best Nicole!" Says Niall. Aww. He's so cute aww well I have my lili. I thought.

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