Field of Red - Remembrance Poem

A nice little remembrance poem, to remember all of the people who fought in the wars and lost their lives. This was originally made back before remembrance day, but I decided to type this up onto here later.


1. Field of Red

Rolling hills of a bright, cheery green,

disguise what was once a horror to be seen.

Endless cattle with wheat growing wild,

the history of this site was not quite so mild.


What would normally be dismissed as a regular field,

harvested by now with its similar yield.

Today gives the landscape a sorrowful meaning,

the emblem of this day are poppies blooming.


The faith, the bloodshed, the hope, the tears,

the soldiers overcame much more than just fear,

The relief, the peace, the silent surroundings,

the final end of hearts pounding.


A field of red, both blood and flower,

is the end of it all, showing our power.

For the number of soldiers who came back less,

they were the ones who made our success.

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