Alex and the secret of Darkness

this is about a great explorer called Alex and has a friend who was a ex-war colonel and also has a pet snow leopard called lola. he has found out that he processes a good and a bad secret and also has to decided to fight his inner-evil


1. Icy encounter

Adam a great adventurer was hiding in a deep, dark and dusky cave filled with skeleton heads while he was curled up he heard wolves howling, thinking he was their next victim he came face to face with one of the hungry wolves. Suddenly he saw an exit in the glimpse of his eye being face to face with the wolves and started to run. After a few minutes of running he saw a frozen lake....

Adam was confused. If he stayed he would then be ripped apart from the bare sharp white killer fangs but if he went onto the ice it might crack into tiny shards of frozen white crystals and he will drown but then Adam had an idea “huh I know I’ll tip-toe onto the crystal ice because the wolves are afraid of water”. He tip-toped nervously over the crystal ice and stepped on a tiny bit that was not completely frozen up. The whole lake cracked into a thousand pieces and Adam started to run.




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