Alex and the secret of Darkness

this is about a great explorer called Alex and has a friend who was a ex-war colonel and also has a pet snow leopard called lola. he has found out that he processes a good and a bad secret and also has to decided to fight his inner-evil


2. Finds a portal

At the other side were Adam’s trusted snow leopard and his friend captain James who was an ex-war colonel. After a while because Captain James was cold and also trying to keep fit, he rushed ahead. Captain James suddenly hit a door and inside the house there was a portal that took them to different realms. AND THAT WAS WHERE THE REAL FUN AND GREAT ADVENTURES WHERE ABOUT TO BEGIN!

Adam hit the switch and powered the machine up they wanted to go every realm but it just sent them to one where it was just super heroes fighting know as the Hero Realm. As Adam got back in to the portal and eventfully got home to find out that his dad had died of an arrow by an archer that had been possessed by the evil sprit of the darkness it made him kill people in a black book.










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