Alex and the secret of Darkness

this is about a great explorer called Alex and has a friend who was a ex-war colonel and also has a pet snow leopard called lola. he has found out that he processes a good and a bad secret and also has to decided to fight his inner-evil


4. Asgardian teachings

Odin said “teach him the ways of an Asgardian and also the ways of mjölnir and also take him to see the elves to create a new mjölnir like yours.”

“Adam you must now decide either to go back to Earth and live your normal life or become an Asgardian and learn the ways of mjölnir.

A portal opened and out came the archer and deadpool. The archer then disappeared again and then turned up with Loki. Loki told them where Thor was training Adam. Thor told Adam “that he had trained hard and now the real work was about to begin.” The archer took Adam and took him to the hero realm this is where the archer had an army of evil superheroes waiting for him. While the evil superheroes where attacking the hero realm. 





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