Euphoric Journey

This is about a girl who knows her life is miserable yet she manages to put on a smile and tries to save the world, but not herself.

The journey of the girl who believes in love even when it has failed her a couple of time. The girl who falls in love even when she knows no one's there to catch her. The girl who is always left behind. And the girl who believes there is something when there is absolutely nothing.

She is loved by her family and friends and she loves them as much, too.

The girl who tries to study, read books and watch movies and listen to music in her past time. Or day dream. Or overthink.

The girl who will never give up no matter what happens.


1. All about her

She has been staring at her phone for almost half an hour thinking and looking for the exact words to type in.

Her name is... Well, let's just call her Aina. A 17 year old average Filipina who has just moved from the Philippines to a small town in Taunton, Somerset in the United Kingdom. After living with her 2 little sisters and her grandmother's sister's (Yep.) family, she has finally came to Europe and live with her Mum and Stepfather.

You know what, let's just skip to part where she meets this guy who gives her butterflies and is a distraction (a good one, or so she says) and she she doesn't know what is going to happen... Yet.

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