i can treat you better ➳ [n.h love story]

Allie Bentley is a sophomore in college. Near the end of her freshman year of college, she met her boyfriend Jonah McCarthy. Jonah has a reputation for being a player. Allie started to fall for him, and next thing you know she moved in his house. Once she moved in he started to become controlling and abusive. Her best friend Rose, who has been her best friend her whole life, doesn't like Jonah at all and believes that he is bad for her. But, Allie tries her hardest to look past his flaws. He loves her & she loves him. Niall Horan is a tattooed outcast. He lives with his best friends Liam, Zayn, Harry and Louis. Niall has never been in love before because he hasn't found the perfect girl. But, when he first sets eyes on Allie everything changes. What happens when Niall sets his eyes on Allie? Will he be able to save her from Jonah? Read and find out :) Copyright © 2013 Kayla S.


36. Chapter 36.

Harry's POV :)

         *2 weeks later*

         Poor Niall.

         I've never seen him like this before.

         He hasn't smiled.


         It's like he's dead.

         Rose wraps her arm around my waist which causes me to look at her. I haven't told her yet...

         You know...about Allie.

         What am I supposed to tell her?

 Oh your best friend left and went to live with that douche bag Jonah again.

         I told her that Allie was with her parents and that she didn't want anyone to call her. Rose actually believed me and I felt both guilty and relieved at the same time. For the first couple of weeks she wanted to leave and go help her. But, then I convinced her to let her have some privacy. Surprisingly she agreed...

         "Rose, I have to tell you something." I walk over to my bed and sit down.

         Rose looks at me and looks kinda nervous. "Okayyyy?" she says slowly.

         I gulp and I feel myself to start sweating. I know this will go all wrong and I don't know what to do. But, it's my fault that I have kept this from her for so long.

         "Well...it's about Allie," I say.

         Rose's eyes are now locked with mine. Wow she is making this a whole lot harder than it already is.

         "Okay. What about her?"

         "She broke up with Niall."

         Rose's eyes grew big and she just stared at me. "What the fuck do you mean? She broke up with Niall?! For who?!?" she shouts.


         Rose's face turns red and she clenches her fists. "That son of a bitch," she says before standing up and pulling out her phone.

         "What are you doing Rose?" I ask her.

         "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm calling that little bitch," she says through her teeth. She puts the phone up to her ear and bites her lip.

         "You're only gonna make things wor-" I say before Rose cuts me off.

         "Shhh!" she says.

         I watch Rose's face as her face grows completely solid.

         "Hey dick," she says into the phone.


Allie's POV :)

         I'm sitting on the opposite end of the couch, as far away from Jonah as I can. I'm staring at the wall behind me. I have a bowl of cereal on my lap which I am forcing myself to eat. I no longer have an appetite for anything. I can't eat.

         Suddenly Jonah's phone rings and he picks it up.

         "Hello?" he says. I hear the person speak on the phone but I can't make out who it is. "Why hello there," Jonah says happily. "How are you?" Jonah now has a smirk on his face and is making eye contact with me. "Oh why yes. She's right here," Jonah says. Someone's on the phone for me? Jonah walks over to me and covers up the phone so the person won't be able to hear what he says next. "You better not say one fucking word about anything you got it?" he growls. I nod my head and Jonah hands me the phone.

         "Hello?" I say.

         "Allie. We need to talk."


         "Yes it's me babe," she says. "Why the fuck did you leave Niall?" she asks calmly.

         "Because I had to Rose," I reply.

         "And why would that be?" she asks me.

         I look at Jonah and he is watching me talk to Rose on the phone. "I'm afraid I can't tell you."


         "Well I cannot tell you this because I am trying to keep you safe."


         "Like I said Rose. I had to."

         "You know what Allie?" she says normally, no longer shouting. "You are fucking stupid! Fucking stupid! Why and the fuck would you go back to someone who treats you like their own personal punching bag?"

         A tear falls down my cheek. If only she knew why I did what I had to do.

         "I'm not stupid Rose!" I say defending myself.

         "Oh really?" she says. "Well poor fucking Niall would agree with me. The poor kid hasn't come out of his room in forever now. You fucking broke his heart!"

         More tears start falling now and the pain in my chest becomes more intense. "I know Rose!" I sob. "I didn't mean to."

         There is a moment of silence and I think Rose has hung up on me.

         "Hello?" I say.

         "I'm done Allie," she says. "I'm fucking done. I'M DONE. I thought you were done with Jonah. But, I guess fucking not. Good luck living in hell with that bastard," she says before hanging up the phone.

         I close the phone and Jonah walks over to me and places his hand on my shoulder. "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME!" I say before handing Jonah his phone and walking out of the room.

         I don't hear Jonah coming after me which is a good thing.

        I walk into the bathroom and lock the door. I lean up against the door and slide down to the floor sobbing. I reach into the drawer in the bathroom and pull out a razor.

         One cut for Niall.

         One cut for Rose.

         One cut for being fucking retarded.

         One cut for the pain to go away.

Harry's POV :)

         Rose throws the phone beside me and lets out of scream of anger. "She is so stupid!" she shouts.

         I walk over to her and place my hand on her shoulder. "It's okay Rose."

         "No it's fucking not!" she shouts. "Niall fucking loves her. HE FUCKING LOVES HER! She cannot just go off and leave him like that. He needs to go after her."

         "Maybe he doesn't want to Rose," I whisper.

         "Well he fucking needs to!" Rose walks away from me and storms out the front door. I sigh and sit on the bed.

         I don't know what to say...

Niall's POV :)

         I'm woken up from my nap all of the yelling next doors. What the fuck? I growl and place my pillow over my face. God I want them to shut up. Suddenly I hear a door slam and there's no more yelling.

         Thank god it's finally over.

         I sigh and take the pillow off of my face.

         Suddenly my door opens and Rose walks in. "Get up," she demands.

         "Ummm why are you here?" I mumble.

         "Cause we need to have a little talk Horan," she says.

         "Well I'm sorry I don't feel like talking right now. Especially not to you," I snap.

         Rose looks at me and smirks. "Well sorry to break it to you Niall, but I'm not taking no for an answer." Rose walks over to me and grabs my arm and tries to pull me off the bed.

         "Ha your too weak to pull me off of this be-" I cannot even finish my sentence before I am on the floor.

         Rose stands over me and looks down. "What were you about to say?" she says before letting out a small laugh and smirking at me.

         I stand up and mess with my hair. "What do you want?" I mumble.

         "C'mon we are going out," she says before walking to my closet and pulling out a t-shirt and some jeans.

         "Where?" I ask.

         "A bar. I could use a drink," she says before sighing.

         "Well then why not take Harry?" I mumble.

         She throws the clothes at me and looks me in the eyes. "Because I know you need a drink too."

         She's right.

         I do need a drink...

         I've been needing a drink every single day for what seems like forever now.


         Rose and I walk into the bar together. I've been wanting to drink a beer all day. Now I can...

         We sit at the bar and wait for the bartender to come over to us. I see a girl sitting near the end of the bar with black hair. She looks familiar. The girl looks towards my direction and she smiles.

         "Niall?" she says. It's Vanessa, the same girl who was at the bar that other night when I was in a fight with...uh...Allie.

         "Hey Vanessa."

         Vanessa gets up and walks towards me and Rose.

         "Slut alert! Slut alert!" Rose says as Vanessa is walking towards her.

         "Shut up," I whisper before Vanessa is standing in front of me. She sits down and smiles at me. Before she can even speak, Rose says something.

         "He's taken," she growls at her. I look at Rose and mouth "shut up" to her. She looks at me and smiles. "I mean I'm just letting her know what's up," she says before laughing.

         I turn back around and look at Vanessa. "Just ignore her," I mumble.

         "Oh no it's fine," Vanessa says flashing a smile at me. "She's just looking out for her boyfriend. Who could blame her?" she says before laughing. "I mean look at you," she says and scans my body with her eyes.

         "Oh she's not my girlfriend," I mumble.

         "Oh so you are with that other bitch still huh?" she says.

         I was halfway expecting for Rose to say something. But, surprisingly she didn't. "No. She's not my girlfriend either. I'm single now," I say before giving her a small smile.

         Her eyes light up. I guess I told her what she wanted to hear. "Oh really?" she says trying to not sound as excited as she truly was. "I'm sorry."

         "No it's fine," I say before taking a sip of the beer the bartender gave me seconds ago. "It was just time to end things." I'm not about to fully explain the whole story to the girl. I barely know her.

         "Oh," she says. She places her hand over mine and I instantly want to take my hand off the counter. But, I don't. Something inside of me tells me not to do it. "Well everything will be okay. You'll move on," she says before winking at me.

         "Can you stop flirting with him?" Rose hisses before looking at Vanessa.

         "Aww someone's a little jealous?" Vanessa replies before smirking at Rose.

         "I already have a fucking boyfriend unlike yourself," Rose snaps.

         "Well then mind your own damn business then," Vanessa growls at Rose.

         Rose tries to stand up and walk over to Vanessa but I grab her before she can even get the chance to. "I think it's time for us to go," I say to Vanessa. "I'm sorry."

         "No problem," she says. "Sometimes people are just bitches," she giggles and then looks at Rose in the eyes.

         "Bitch," Rose says.

         "My pleasure," Vanessa replies before grinning. I get Rose to stand up and walk behind her so she won't be able to go back and attack Vanessa.

         "Wait Niall!" I hear Vanessa yell behind me. She hands me a napkin. "Here's my number," she says. "Call me sometime."

         I give Vanessa a small grin and then walk out of the bar.

         I might actually give her a call sometime. It'd be cool to talk to someone who doesn't know anything about me and doesn't annoy the shit out of me.


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-Kayla xx

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