i can treat you better ➳ [n.h love story]

Allie Bentley is a sophomore in college. Near the end of her freshman year of college, she met her boyfriend Jonah McCarthy. Jonah has a reputation for being a player. Allie started to fall for him, and next thing you know she moved in his house. Once she moved in he started to become controlling and abusive. Her best friend Rose, who has been her best friend her whole life, doesn't like Jonah at all and believes that he is bad for her. But, Allie tries her hardest to look past his flaws. He loves her & she loves him. Niall Horan is a tattooed outcast. He lives with his best friends Liam, Zayn, Harry and Louis. Niall has never been in love before because he hasn't found the perfect girl. But, when he first sets eyes on Allie everything changes. What happens when Niall sets his eyes on Allie? Will he be able to save her from Jonah? Read and find out :) Copyright © 2013 Kayla S.


30. Chapter 30.

Allie's POV :)

 *a week or so later*

         I haven't seen Jonah since that one night. Maybe he's learned his lesson since Niall talked to him? But, anyway we've been going on with our normal lives and everything. Rose and Harry finally made their relationship official! I'm screaming! They are so adorable. Rose is basically over everyday now and I like that. They really like each other.
         I have been thinking about Niall for a while now. Sometimes I just stare at the ceiling and think about how much I care for him. I mean he just makes me happy. I absolutely adore him. I haven't felt this way since I met...Jonah...and it feels great. I'm glad that I have Niall in my life now instead of Jonah. He knows how to treat me and I respect that. Jonah is now a thing in the past. But, I have been thinking. Do I love Niall? I'm happy to say that I do and I think he knows that. I just haven't told him yet. A part of me is hesitant to tell him because I don't want him to leave me. But, I know that he would never do such a thing. It's just that sometimes you have to look at things different ways. You can't always be optimistic. Trust me, I was at one point and I ended up getting hurt.

         I'm laying across Niall's lap as he is flipping through the channels on the TV. He is twirling my hair with his fingers. One of the channels catches my eyes. "THE VAMPIRE DIARIES!" I scream. Niall keeps on flipping through the channels. "GO BACK!" I yell at him. He rolls his eyes at me and then smiles as he turns is attention back to the TV. I lightly hit him in the stomach with my fist. "TURN IT BACK!" I shout.

         "No," he says. "I don't wanna watch that stuff," he laughs.

         "Please Niall!" I plead. I poke my bottom lip out at him and bat my eyelashes. "Please?"

         Niall looks at me and smiles "Nice try Al," he laughs. "But, no."    

        I sit up on his lap and straddle him. Time for option 2. "How bout now?" I whisper in his ear.

         Niall nods his head. "Still a no I believe," he whispers.

         I lean forward and kiss his lips-slowly, passionately. "Now?" I ask against his lips.

         "Fine," he says before handing me the remote.

         "Ha," I say. "I've got you wrapped around my finger Horan!"

         "And I've got you wrapped around my finger Allie," he laughs.

         "Oh really?" I say raising my eyebrows at him.

         "Yup," he says popping the p.

         "Prove it," I say daringly.

         Niall smirks at me and then traps me underneath him. Oh god. I look up at Niall and he is biting his lip. He is incredibly sexy. Niall puts his hand underneath my shirt and sets it down on my stomach. His touch sends tingles down my body. He starts to trace a circle around my belly button with his finger. I bite my lip.

         "Just kiss me already," I say desperately. Niall laughs at me and then leans down and kisses me. "You are such a fucking tease," I say against his lips.

         "I mean you asked for it Al," he laughs against my lips. "But you love me anyway," he says before kissing me on the cheek and turning on his side.

         "You're right," I say. "I absolutely do... love... you," I whisper, part of me hoping that Niall didn't hear the last two words. I look away from Niall and hide my face from him. See he didn't even hear it.

         "I heard it," he says. Shit. Did I say that out loud? "And yes you did say that out loud," he laughs. I'm probably as red as a tomato now. Niall pulls my hands away from my face and makes me look him in the eyes. I am trapped by his blue eyes because I cannot move anymore. "Guess what?" he says. "I love you."

         I love you.

         I've been waiting the longest to hear him say that.

        "Really?" I manage to croak out.

        "Yes really," he laughs. "I love you Allie Bentley."

        Now I have the courage to say the words louder.

        "And I love you too Niall Horan."

        Our lips meet and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Author's Note :)

        Hey :) So thanks for reading this chapter! I hope ya liked it :) Tell me what you think <3 also, there is more drama coming up. it's gonna start in the next chapter I believe. So be ready for it :) hehe. follow me on twitter @amor_narry if you haven't already :) I follow back! again thanks for reading !

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