i can treat you better ➳ [n.h love story]

Allie Bentley is a sophomore in college. Near the end of her freshman year of college, she met her boyfriend Jonah McCarthy. Jonah has a reputation for being a player. Allie started to fall for him, and next thing you know she moved in his house. Once she moved in he started to become controlling and abusive. Her best friend Rose, who has been her best friend her whole life, doesn't like Jonah at all and believes that he is bad for her. But, Allie tries her hardest to look past his flaws. He loves her & she loves him. Niall Horan is a tattooed outcast. He lives with his best friends Liam, Zayn, Harry and Louis. Niall has never been in love before because he hasn't found the perfect girl. But, when he first sets eyes on Allie everything changes. What happens when Niall sets his eyes on Allie? Will he be able to save her from Jonah? Read and find out :) Copyright © 2013 Kayla S.


1. Chapter 1.

Allie's POV :)

        "Hey get up."

        I open my eyes and I see Jonah standing over me.

        I look over at the clock on the side of the bed.


        "You freaking overslept Allie," he growled. "Hurry the fuck up before I leave you."

        I get up and pick out an outfit of my closet- a pair of skinny jeans and an oversized sweater.

        I run into the bathroom.

        "You have 10 minutes," he yelled. "Exactly 10 minutes. Don't go over. Unless you want to make me angry. I know you don't want to do that Al."

        I take the quickest shower I can. 

        I probably only have 5 minutes left.

        I hurry up and put my clothes on.

         I put my hair into a sleek ponytail. The ends are curly, just the way I like them.

        "3 minutes," he says impatiently.

        I put on some red lipstick and some mascara.
        I have a purple bruise on my cheek.

        I almost forgot about it.

        How could I?

        He punched me.

        I put some foundation over it and cover it up.

        "60 seconds," he growls.

        I run out of the bathroom and quickly put on my toms and grab my purse.

        I walk out into the living room and I see Jonah waiting for me.

        "About time," he mumbles. "Kiss me," he demands.

        He pulls me close to him and kisses me. I feel nothing. I remember a time that I did. But, nothings there anymore.

        "Kiss me back," he says gripping my arm tightly.

        "Stop Jonah," I plead. "A bruise is going to form." A tear runs down my cheek. It hurts so bad.

        "I don't give a shit," he growls in my face. "Fucking kiss me back."

        I give in and kiss him back, even though I feel absolutely nothing. No chemistry or connection with him.

        "Now that's better Al," he says while patting me on the head. "Let's go."

        He walks towards the door and follow him. 

        He doesn't even bother to grab my hand, or even acknowledge that I am behind him.

        Well, that's my boyfriend for ya.

Niall's POV :)

        "Get up."


        "Just fucking get up Niall and stop being a baby."

        I open my eyes and sit up in my bed.

        I wake up to the smell of cigarette smoke and beer.

        I look around my room. It looks terrible. Like a fucking train wreck. Red plastic cups everywhere.

        I look towards the doorway and see Harry standing in the door frame. He's smirking at me.

        "Fuck you," I tell him sarcastically.

        "I've been told that plenty of times Niall," he replies. "I'm used to it now."

        "Yeah, I bet you are," I mumbled under my breath.

        Harry mumbles something and walks out of my room.

        I'm left alone in peace and quiet.

        Thank God.

        We threw a huge party last night.

        It was dope.

        All the boys got wasted. But I didn't.

        I had a couple beers. I'm not necessarily a "drinker."

        Today's the day.

        First day of sophomore year...of college of course.

        Today's probably gonna be shit.

        But, oh well.

        After I take a shower, I throw on a white beater and some skinny jeans. I grab my blue Yankees snapback and put it on my head. I don't feel like doing anything with my hair. I'm lazy. I look at my tattoos on my arms. I like to show off my tattoos, I'm proud of them.

        I walk out of my bedroom and head towards the kitchen.

        I see Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn sitting on the couch.

        "You had to get all pretty didn't you Nialler?" Zayn laughed.

        I flicked him off.

        "Let's roll out," Liam says. "We are meeting Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie in the school parking lot."


Author's note :)

        Allie is played by Ariana Grande.
        Jonah is played by Michael Trevino (Tyler from the Vampire Diaries)
        Niall also has tattoos in this story too :) Hope ya don't mind :)
        I hope ya liked this chapter :)
        Leave a comment below :)

p.s. There is going to be a lot of chapters in Allie's POV :) But, Niall will be involved as well. Keep on reading :)


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