A slave for a pure blood vampire


4. chapter3

I laid back on the bed and moan cause it was so soft than I heard the bathroom door open

"Starting without me slave " said my master

And in a flash he was in front of me hovering over so close I could smell the mint on his breath

"What are you gonna do to me" I said

Whatever I want to do to you your my slave and you'll do whatever I want you to do understand.

"Yes master" I said ok rule number one don't listen to anybody but me

Number two don't walk out this room unless I say so

Number three I can do whatever I want to you and you'll let me ok

" yes master" I said while tears were threatening to fall out

" now come here and let me drink from you " my master said hungrily

" please don't be rough I said " softly

" ill do what I want " he yelled and tugged my hair away roughly revealing my neck

He started kissing my neck softly and nipped at it

Making me moan in pleasure as he then let his teeth sink into my neck

I screamed in pain for a few minutes then the pain turned into pleasure I moaned uncontrollable until he pulled out his teeth

He laid me down on the bed and said be up by 8:30 to make my breakfast

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