A slave for a pure blood vampire


3. chapter 2

I was shoved off the stage and into masons ants as he help me up

Listen slave and listen well you will follow all my rules and if you don't you'll be punished and nobody will be there too help you because your mines got it mason had said

"Yes master"I said as I look at my feet

Now let's go said my master and he pulled me out the door but not before a guy put a medal band with prince masons name around my arm. A limo pulled up and my master thrust me in and got in after. We drove for what seem like forever and when we finally got too our destination we pulled up too a big iron gate. We got to the entrance of the building and mason pushed me off onto the ground. The house was beautiful it was around Christmas so it was decorated nice.

When we got into the house he pulled me up the stairs and into a room when he turned on the light the room was big and nice it had a flat screen tv a big bed that had a red and black comforter.

Prince mason had took his jacket off and told me to sit on the bed and wait for him to give me my rules

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