Through The Dark.

I've always been alone. I've always shielded myself from the world. I've always pushed those closest to me, far, far away. The fear of being hurt, if I ever let myself be vulnerable, held me back from ever loving life.
And whenever I look in the mirror, all I see is a worthless girl staring back at me.
But all of that is irrelevant when I'm with him.
He, without even knowing it, was helping me through the dark.


3. ~Chapter Three~

My fingertips grazed the sensitive skin of my lips, the memory of Bash’s lips on mine, replaying over and over. A small smile snuck its way onto my face; my cheeks blushing as I closed my eyes and let the feeling of happiness take over.

Currently, I was in black sweats and a black tank top, sitting on a bench in Central Park. My purple sheep wool sweater was next to me, my wrists concealed under it. Band wristbands covered the area on my wrists, but ever since yesterday, ever since I made that promise, I felt less of a need to hide my pain.

I let my head rock side to side as Do It Now Remember It Later, by Sleeping Sirens, flowed through my ears and into my mind, soothing the psychological pain that would never leave me.

Since no one was around, I got off the bench and began to dance…well tried to. It’s most definitely a good thing that no one was around to witness the horrendous “dancing” that I was initiating.

My feet smashes and jumped off the ground as upbeat chorus blasted in my ear canals and I moved my body, unaware of my surroundings, just wanting to soak in the freedom I was being given.

Unfortunately, I was also unaware of the audience that had just stumbled upon me in the park. I let my body freeze the minute I turned around and I saw a young guy watching me, with an amused look on his face.

I slowly and embarrassingly removed my ear buds and hooked them around my neck. The cold but tight cord rested on the nape of my neck and fell forward when I reached down to grab my things from the bench.

I was currently thinking of just sprinting right out of there. But as I was trying to advise a devious scheme to elude and leave this stranger in front of me, speechless, my eyes rested on an object that was hanging off the belt of the stranger.


My initial thought was that this guy was some major pervert and then I slowly noticed the gun next to the handcuffs. Well…I could get arrested for dancing…it is pretty terrible; I just never assumed it was arrest-worthy-terrible.

As I was more or less caught up in how terrible my dancing was, I hadn’t yet noticed that the stranger cop was sprinting directly at me, until his body collided with mine and my shoulder blades smashed into the concrete underneath us.

All of a sudden a shot rang out and more bodies of police men flew past us. I kept myself within my daze of being tackled to the ground and invented the theory that I was all of a sudden in the middle of scene of some sort of action-cop-movie that hadn’t been discussed with public and those that would be in be Central Park today.

“Hey! You okay?” The stranger started yelling at me, trying to get my attention.

I couldn’t even nod but spoke irritably.

“Get off of me,” I huffed. “Last time I checked, cops aren’t supposed to sexually harass citizens.”

His eyes widened and he just stared at me for a couple of seconds, making it feel as though time was frozen. Then he spoke, his voice calm and deep.

“I was just saving your life, so if I must be accused of sexual harassment, so be it,” he said with sincerity. “It’s better that, then the death of a young girl on my mind.”

“Death?” I said incredulously. “What are you talking about? I was just…trying to dance.”

He laughed and I quickly glared at him and he shut up.

“If you hadn’t been so caught up in being embarrassed, you would’ve been able to hear the guy cock the gun, pointed directly at your head,” he said, with that matter-of-factly tone.

“Someone tried to kill me?” I squeaked.

Cop Guy shook his head. “No, he was trying to distract me. He’s a narcotics drug dealer the prescient has been trailing for days and today, here, we were going to bust him.”

It looked like he was going to say more but he abruptly stopped speaking coincidentally the second his eyes landed on something. I followed his gaze and my heart beat skipped as I realized he was staring at my scars, that were openly exposed, all my wristbands caught up on my forearm.

Without another word conversed, I got a tight grip on my belongings and just sprinted out of there, tears brimming the corners of my eyes.

I was wrong. I wasn’t feeling less of a need to hide my pain…I had just been caught up in being happy that someone hadn’t looked at me with pity. But Cop Guy had and here I go again, crawling back into my hole.

As I ran, another cop called out to someone behind me, just as I passed them.

“Hey, Crow!” The cop yelled with satisfaction. “We captured the drug dealer!”

I turned to look behind me and a little surprised to see Cop Guy in my sight. Our eyes met briefly but I looked away quickly. I needed to get home. I needed Sebastian.

He was the only who could save me from myself.

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