She's mine.

A 17 year old girl named Cara moves from California due to her mom and dad dieing in a car accident the week before. she came to live with her grandparents which lived in London, everything was OK until she slowly ran in to each one of the band members of one direction they all fall in love with her but don't realize they are all in love with the same girl.


4. What Am I Doing????


(Sorry its been so long ill try to add lots in this chapter enjoy!!)



"what is Niall doing with Cara? i know i shouldn't mind Niall would never do anything like that...would he? I have to many questions right now! i decided to pull him aside to find out whats going on with him. "Niall..what are you doing with Cara?" i asked. "Im not really sure the minute she walked on all eyes were on her." "ok well..i hope you have nothing going on with her!" "don't worry Harry nothings going on." he said in return. 


Harry pulled me to the side and asked if i had anything going on with Cara but i lied when i told him no to worry and that i have nothing going on with her. To be honest i think im already in love. but im gonna tell Harry its with another girl, the last thing i need on my back is one of my best band mate hating me just cause of some girl.


I saw Harry pull Niall aside and something in my gut made me think it was about Harry was making it pretty obvious he kept looking back at me almost as if he was watching to make sure no one was gonna come and start making out with me or something since he was glancing at me then the rest of the boys. I had a weird feeling that ive never had when i look a Niall but then when i look at Harry it just makes me so happy...what am i getting myself into! 

All of the sudden someone came up and started tickling the heck out of me. "what the heck!" i said giggling i grabbed there hands and they turned me around the minute i grabbed there hands it was like electric shock. i turned around shocked to see a short brown haired guy with dark brown eyes. "oh god." i whispered to myself making sure Niall and Harry weren't looking at us. At this point i was so confused i knew i had a weird look on my face cause when i turned around Liam (he told me that was his name) had a confused look on his face but when i smiled he gave me a bit of a smirk not just any smirk almost like a sexy, i want you smirk.


She was just standing there alone yet beautifully, so i decided to jump out and tickle her. (mostly to get her attention) When she grabbed my hands it felt like magic and i think she felt it to cause when she turned around she had a wierd look on her face so i shot her back a confused look. When she smiled i decided to give her a sexy smirk and deep deep inside i knew i wanted her....



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