She's mine.

A 17 year old girl named Cara moves from California due to her mom and dad dieing in a car accident the week before. she came to live with her grandparents which lived in London, everything was OK until she slowly ran in to each one of the band members of one direction they all fall in love with her but don't realize they are all in love with the same girl.


5. On To The Next One

It was so wider how with the three boys i felt something i get tingles when Liam touches me but when i see Niall i just get lost in his eyes and with Harry im just so happy all the time! 

Im not sure what to do while i got lost in my thoughts Liam says "hey, did you feel that?" "feel what?" i said. "the spark." "oh, that..ya" i replied awkwardly.."would you like to go out for dinner or something?" he asked. that's when we left sneaking past the boys who were still talking about something which was probably me. 


I was still asking Niall questions when i looked over Naill's shoulder and saw no sign of Cara anywhere, then i glanced back at the boys and guess what! NO Liam! By this time i was freaking out inside, i decided to call Liam and he said he had to pick something up from his flat. That made me curious so i decided to call Cara to and she said that she had to go home for dinner and didn't want to bother Niall and i while we were talking. For some odd reason i don't believe them so i went to Liam's twitter and sure enough there was a big picture of a sign from a restaurant called Olive Garden i decided to rush over there and find out what was going on when i walked in there were lines of girls there i just didnt understand how Liam  could be so stupid enough to say exactly were he was! the girls made it easy to find his table and when vi found them there faces were so blank. I pulled Cara in the back cause i needed to talk to her.


My phone vibrated and i got up to answer it, it was Harry.... great. As i answered it he asked me in his low English voice and asked me were i was. Of course i had to lie to him and say that i had to go home for dinner. and when he walked in it was VERY shocking. he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the bathroom (a family one of course) and asked me why i lied to him i stuttered to answer that question but i managed to answer. slowly but surely i said that i didnt want him and Niall to get mad at- thats when he kissed me..i just stood there for a minute then i started kissing him back roughly yet passionately grabbing his curls which made him moan. we both pulled away when Liam walked in on us while trying to find me. we jumped back literally like 2 whole feet away. i felt my stomach drop the minute he saw us. "CARA!!!!???" "what are u doing!!!!????" he said very angry. "Liam its ok its no her fault it was me i leaned in first!" oh my god.....i thought to myself.



sorry it might be short! bye ill probably make the next chapter longer<3 byeeee

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