She's mine.

A 17 year old girl named Cara moves from California due to her mom and dad dieing in a car accident the week before. she came to live with her grandparents which lived in London, everything was OK until she slowly ran in to each one of the band members of one direction they all fall in love with her but don't realize they are all in love with the same girl.


3. Brown To Blonde?


"yes, love"

"Why was your number in my coat pocket?"

"oh..well when you were getting something out of your purse i decided to slip it in. but listen love, i need to go to the studio with the boys ill talk to you later?"

"yes. that's fine by.."

the we hung up. A couple hours later i checked my phone and i had a text from harry. it said that i could come to the studio and hang out with him and the rest of the boys. So i agreed and asked if 5:00 was ok with them. "yes, that's good with us" he told, and i was off. As i walked in the door i heard something, i peaked around the corner and heard....

"your hand fits in mine like is made just for me i bear this in mind it was meant to be"

and that's when i walked in. The minute i walked in the first person i met eyes with was a blonde haired boy with gorgeous blue eyes that instantly met with my brown ones.

he then jumped up out of his chair, set his guitar down and came to shake my hand. Harry had a jealous look on his face i was starting to wonder if he liked me more than just a friend. I was also starting to question maybe if i liked him to but it was so different with this blue eyed dream, he caught my eyes first. "hi, im Nial" he said. "hi!" i told. harry gave Niall a bit of a wide eyed glance, you could definitely tell he was a bit jealous. "my name is Cara!" "that's a beautiful name" said Niall "thank you pretty eyes" i said. he blushed which made me blush also.



I saw Harry on the phone with someone in the corner of the room his face suddenly lit up when he came over to us and told us his friend Cara was coming to the studio. We started singing little things when i saw someone peek around the corner all i saw were beautiful brown eyes and brown curly hair. She was so gorgeous. Right then and there i jumped out of my seat and went to greet her "hi, im Niall" i told she said hi back and told me her name was Cara, and i said "that's a beautiful name" and she said "thank you pretty eyes" I knew harry was getting quite jealous since he threw a little bit of a warning glare but i was to focused on her to notice or care. we blushed and that's when Harry pulled me to the side.

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