She's mine.

A 17 year old girl named Cara moves from California due to her mom and dad dieing in a car accident the week before. she came to live with her grandparents which lived in London, everything was OK until she slowly ran in to each one of the band members of one direction they all fall in love with her but don't realize they are all in love with the same girl.


2. Brown Hair Blue Eyes

"im so sorry, i didn't mean to hurt you are you ok?"

"yee-" i struggled to speak looking at him.

"well, would you like to go and pick up some coffee?"

"yes! that would be great!"

As we walked down the busy streets of London on our way to the coffee shop just around the corner from my grandma's he asked me about my life, i could tell he was trying not to sound creepy. when we got to the shop i ordered a caramel mocha latte with two shots of espresso since ive been up since like 3 in the morning for my run. he ordered the same minus the espresso. talking to him made me feel happy...for some odd reason i never really had that feeling since my parents dieing in that car accident. He was telling me about how he is in a band with 4 other members and how i should come ad meet them sometime when his phone rang and he told me to excuse him. I sat there and waited as he sat back down. as we both stood up he said "I had a really nice time with you" "me too" i replied he then leaned in but i pulled back not wanting to move fast. he obviously seemed hurt but i didn't want to kiss him on the first..well...not even date yet." i should get going now..bye." "bye beautiful."



we sat there and i told her about how i was in a band with 4 of my best mates when my phone was Niall. Shoot. i answered and told me that they were going out and asked me if i wanted to come and i said sure it was getting to be later in the afternoon anyways. we then said we had a nice time an di leaned in o kiss her but she pulled back i had a confused look on my face and she looked a little annoyed that i did that. *come on harry why'd u go and do that she probably hates you now* we then said our goodbyes but before we left went to get something out of her purse and that's when i slipped my number into her coat hoping she wouldn't realize until she left cause that would just be weird.



As i walked in the house i needed to grab my lipstick but couldn't find it so i looked in my my coat pocket and to my surprise i found a number in it. so i called it it rang about twice until i heard a low British voice saying "hello love"

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