Far from the world of you and I

This story is a fanfiction about Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire).

Gabrielle, has just started uni, but when she bumps in to a boy in a bookshop, thats all she can think about. Will she see the boy again?


5. Saturday night takeaway

Buzz. The sound echoed round my ears, shocking me to the core. Was it Dan and Phil? I ran to my mirror checking out my hair. It was a mess. My inner voice screamed at me to sort it out, so I desperately ran a hair brush through it.
After this didn't work, I tied it back into a high pony tail. Checking again in the mirror, I didn't look that bad, I headed out the room.
I heard voices coming from the front room and headed in their direction.
"Jess was right" Justin said appearing from the kitchen with drinks in his hands "he seems nice". I gave him a small smile before heading into the front room.
My eyes immediately went to Dan. He was wearing the top that I had seen him buy the day I had caught him in top man. It suited him perfectly. Hearing Jess cough, I realised I must have been staring. Breaking out of my trance, I shot both Dan and Phil a polite smile, before looking round the room for a spare seat. There wasn't one. Apart from of course the one next to Dan on the love seat.
I gave a sceptical look at Jess; she shot me an evil smile. Sighing in defeat, I sat next to Dan, on the edge of my seat.
"So Gabby, how do you and Dan know each other? He never mentioned." Phil asked, looking at me quizzically.
"Uh well, um" I stuttered like a gold fish, I didn't really know how we had met.
"Gabby, here, seems to love bumping into me" Dan saved me, well not really, but it stopped me from needing to say anything. Jess laughed quietly, and Justin had his blonde eyebrows raised slightly at me. "Hey, you bumped into me just as much as I did to you" I grumbled. Dan just gave me a cheeky smile, not bothering to answer.
"It was obviously fate!" Jess is now officially the most obvious person in the world. Luckily, Dan just gave a slight chuckle, and Phil just smiled at me.
"So what do you guys do?" As much as I would like to think Justin was being a nice friend by steering the conversation away from me, but it was obviously just so he could show off. The silence that followed this question was awkward. Phil gave a questioning stare at Dan, their eyes lead a dance, and a conversation flowed between the ice blue and chocolate brown.  Jess looked over at me, her eyebrows raised slightly.
"We do odd Jobs" Phil answered, sounding unsure.
"I was in Uni" Dan skated over the details, but Justin obviously accepted the sparse answer and went on to talk about how he had all these amazing jobs, and had just got another one this morning. Dan and Phil smiled at him, and had a look of genuine interest.
Jess was next to answer the question, saying about how much she loved her job at topshop and that it was best job ever. When the question came round to me I mumbled something about doing history and English lit as a double, at London Uni. Phil grinned at me and said how I might have seen Dan around if I was there before he quit.
Our doorbell sounded very loudly and we all ran to the hall, Justin beat us all and opened the door to the pizza guy. The question arose of who was going to pay. Pizza guy stood there looking bored, as we rallied back and forth of reasons for us to pay. Finally Dan and Phil won, saying how it could be them repaying us for inviting them over.
"Hawaiian" Justin said handing out the pizza's, Phil took it from his hands, his eyes filled with a hunger that almost made me laugh "and last but not least margarita" Dan's and I arms clashed when we both reached over to get it. Pushing it to the other person, we both modestly said the other could have it. We decided we may as well share it, and entered the front room to find Jess putting in Scream. "Eugh" I grumbled, just as Dan celebrated.
"Not a fan of horror?" Phil asked pouring out popcorn into a bowl. I simply shook my head, and dug into a slice of pizza. As the suspense in the film built up, I pulled my blanket around me, as if that would protect me from mass murderers. Wincing, I reached to grab the last slice of pizza, just to be met by the sight of Dan munching through it. I heaved a sigh as I moved myself off the sofa and towards the kitchen.
"You've got yourself a good guy there Nerd" I jumped at the sound of Jess's voice.
"I haven't got anyone" I said rolling my eyes. Dan could do better than me any day.
"Well he certainly does like looking at you" Jess giggled, and wondered out with a bag of crisps in her hand. Does he? This must be Jess just messing around with me. But even with the thought that it was a joke, I sorted out my hair. Sighing, I put it into a fish tail braid down the side of my face.
I went into the room, to find Justin asleep and Jess chatting to Phil. Just as I was looking round to find Dan I heard a voice behind me "you're kind of blocking the door" Dan's voice shocked me and I spun to find him standing a couple of centimetres away from me. Smiling apologetically, I moved in to the room sitting down to join Jess and Phil's conversation.
"But the ring is amazing! A classic!" Phil argued. Yay. They were talking about horror films.
"It’s not even scary!" Jess pointed out.
 "I found it scary" I mumbled.
"You find everything scary nerd" Jess stuck her tongue out at me.
"I would have to agree with Gabrielle on that one, the ring really is scary" Dan sticking up for me my cheeks heat up, and I smiled him a thank you. Jess simply tutted and wondered off, probably to get another horror film.
"So Gabby, how do you like Uni?" Dan asked sitting on the floor next to me.
"Oh um it’s alright, history is a bit boring though" I stuttered, looking into his eyes. They were captivating. I sounded like a stalker, but they really were. “I did law for a bit, but then had a kind of err melt down" he awkwardly smiled at me. I asked no questions and our conversation came to an end.
"Dan" Phil pulled Dan out into the corridor. Whatever conversation they were having it was obviously private. As much as I wanted to hear what they were saying I withheld the urge to snoop, as I did also want them to think I was sane and nice. I decided as I was alone, I got the choice of next film. Disney time! I clapped like a pleased 7 year old as the opening scene of The Jungle book.
"You're a Disney girl?" Dan laughed as he entered.
"To the core" I nodded eagerly, after that brief answer, I shushed him as bulloo was just being introduced. By the time it got to ' I wanna be like you' we were all dancing around and singing. We collapsed into a laughing pile of nutters.
"Guys, stop being monkeys" Justin moaned as he awoke from his slumber. It didn't work, just made us simply laugh harder. Throwing a pillow across the room at me, I squealed as it hit me with a thud.
"Pillow fight!" Jess yelled, and the room turned into a blizzard of feathers and pillows. I ended up having to hide behind the sofa, as the fight got so violent. Soon the only ones left really fighting were boys, as me and Jess took refuge in my room.
"So?" I asked, looking at up at Jess from my bed.
"Dan and Phil are awesome" she said grinning at me "I am definitely getting you and Dan together!!" I sighed; Jess was going to have to get it into her head that that was never going to happen. She smirked at; she is never going to give up on this I thought in my head. Pulling on my jumper, the October chill was finally getting to me. Just then Justin stuck his head round the door and into my room.
“Dan and Phil are leaving now!” Looking up at the clock I saw it was already half 12, but it was Saturday, what job would need them to be going into to work on a Sunday? Jumping over my bed, I dragged Jess with me to go and say goodbye. Dan and Phil were just outside in the hall way so we found them quickly. Jess jumped forward to give them hugs goodbye and I followed shyly after her. My hug with Dan slightly lingered, but I don’t think anyone noticed though. With one last smile, the boys headed out of the doors. When I heard the swish of the lift doors closing I spun round to find my friends standing behind me. They were both giving me identical looks of surprise. 
“Um, anyone want some ice cream?” I asked pushing past them, you might have noticed by now that I like having ice cream I the middle of the night. They just shook their heads at me, the bemused looks still plastered on their faces “suit your selves” I mumbled and wandered off to the kitchen to find a bowl.


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