Far from the world of you and I

This story is a fanfiction about Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire).

Gabrielle, has just started uni, but when she bumps in to a boy in a bookshop, thats all she can think about. Will she see the boy again?


3. Finally

We stared at each other. After what felt like forever we were broke out our staring match by the sound of the doors closing.
"What floor do you need?" He asked, a little curiosity seeping into his voice.
 "Uh umm" I stuttered, I was lost in those chocolate eyes of his "ground, I I guess" I was so concious of how I looked right now. Here I was standing in front of the most gorgeous guy in the world, with my moomin pj's on and my hair like a curly waterfall, falling messily round my shoulders.
As I stared off out of the lift, the boy got his phone out. I let my self look up for a few seconds. In those seconds I managed to catch a glimpse of him smiling down at his phone. My heart faltered a little bit, had he received a text from his girlfriend or something?
I picked at my nails, the journey down to the ground floor had never felt so long before.
I took in the boys outfit. He was wear slim fitting jeans and a t-shirt with the joker on. His dark hair was slightly curly, very much unlike how straight it had been at the book shop. It suited him, he looked adorable.
"Um" This small noise he made snapped me out of eye raping him causing me to look at his face. My face turned scarlet. Oh god! He had caught me looking at him.
"We are at the ground floor" The guy told me. Ah I must have looked like an idiot, to busy staring at him to notice on which floor we were on.
"Oh right thanks" I said giving him a small smile and walking out into the lobby of the apartment block.
The boy headed straight for the door and out of it. Away in to the darkness of the night. I stood there staring at where he had just been. A little dumbstruck from coming face to face with the boy who had been in my mind all afternoon.
Where on earth was he going at this time of night? An even better question, where was I going? Now I had arrived at the destination of which the lift was taking me, I had no inspiration of where to go.
I pushed out the door, the wind hit me with an immediate force. I pulled my hoodie tighter round me, to try and keep some of the wind out, but I failed miserably.
Where I lived in London was quite up market and as I roamed the streets there was certainly a lot of posh restaurants about. A couple of high end clubs were still open and a river of drunken laughter trickled out of their door ways.
I passed a couple of groups of scantily dressed ladies on hen nights. They ignored me, a few bumped into me. Then the heavens opened.
It started to pour it down. My hoodie was stuck to my skin and my hair was quickly drenched. At this point I had broke into a run. I was used to running through streets at speed, as my friends and I  had used to races through the village I had lived in, in Yorkshire. I dived past the people who were holding umbrella's and weaved in out of the people hailing taxi's.
Running out of breath, I stopped at an all night cafe that was open. The bell above the door rung as I entered the warm and homely smelling cafe. The only over people in here with me was a quiet Asian couple, who were bent over their phones. An old lady gave me a small smile, as I sat down at a table in the corner. Looking the menu up and down, I decided a simple coffee was enough for me as I wasn't really hungry.
I took out my phone and check the time. 1:30 it read. I had been gone an hour and a half, it seemed a lot longer. I would have to head home at some point. On the arrival of my coffee, I gulped it all down in a matter of mouthfuls. Scalding my throat, I felt the caffeine kick in and any approaching tiredness was banished to the back of my mind.
I decided to take a carefully paced jog back to the apartment. Just as I was looking at a particularly bright advertisement for the new Sony Eriksson, I hit a hard chest.
I landed flat on bum, and swore as pain shot up my spinal cord.
"Oh Gosh, are you ok?" It was him. God guy. Book shop boy. In the flesh. I nodded, as I pulled my self up and brushed off my hoodie.
"We seem to keep bumping into each other" He said with a warm smile. It dropped off his face when he saw how damp I was. "Here! Take my coat" he insisted, draping around a  blazer type thing that smelt of chocolate and warmth.
"Thanks" I mumbled pulling it on and sighing as my body slowly got warmer "I'm really sorry for bumping into you!" I said apologising profusely. He told me not to worry.
"I think we live in the same apartment block?" I asked casually.
 He nodded his head "Yeah me and my friend Phil live a couple floors above you I think."
 We were now slowly making our way back together to the apartment block.
For the whole time we were with each other, neither of us asked why we were out so late or why I had been running.
The walk was rather nice and although we didn't talk an awful lot it wasn't awkward. As again we reached the elevators we bid each other a good night.
Just as I was getting out the lift though he stopped me. "I never got your name?" He said curiously.
"Gabrielle" I answered shyly. He smiled at me "Dan" he replied.
And with that the doors slid closed.
Walking into my apartment, I slid down the wall. He was the cutest most adorable person I had ever met. And I now finally knew his name.


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