Far from the world of you and I

This story is a fanfiction about Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire).

Gabrielle, has just started uni, but when she bumps in to a boy in a bookshop, thats all she can think about. Will she see the boy again?


2. Do you even know his name?

Running a hair brush through my curly blonde hair, I sighed as none of it stayed in place. I gave up and pulled on my demin jacket. Entering the kitchen, I notice and array of letters laying out on the island.
"What are these?" I asked Justin who was sitting crunching his way through a slice of toast.
"I don't know, I think they must have got the wrong house or something?" He said whilst putting his plate in the sink.  "Dan Howell" I read out the name on the front "never heard of him, but he must live in our apartment block." I said stealing a slice of toast whilst collecting up all the things I needed for uni. When Jess finally appeared from her room we all headed off into town as we needed to do some well earned shopping.
I don't really like shopping but you can't tell Jess that as she thinks I love being dragged round the shops after her commenting on clothes that are extortionate prices and are just ridiculously ugly as well. I preferred simply going to book and CD shops. As Jess went into the changing room, trying on some dress, I noticed the boy from yesterday disappear up the stairs. And being the curious person I am, I tailed him to the boys section.
Ducking behind a pillar I watched as he looked through the clothes on the rack. After ten minutes or so I saw him pick out a black t-shirt with a white ring in the middle. At that exact moment Jess came up the stairs.
"What are you doing in the mens section Gabs?" Said Jess, laughing at me. I shot a look over at the boy before giving a short brief answer, which may or may not of made sense. With a bemused look on her face, Jess pulled me out of there and off to another clothes shop. All the while I hoped for another glimpse of the cute boy. After being dragged round several more stupid shops, we returned home. Jess had armfuls of bags, that she had also laden on to me sadly.
"So Gabbie" Jess said swallowing down a mouthful of lasagne "Why were you in Topman? Instead of waiting for me outside the changing room". The twins both looked at me with expectant faces, I could the feel the heat rising into my cheeks.
"Uh umm, I thought I saw a boy who is my law class at Uni" I mumbled staring into the empty plate below me. I knew that they knew I was lying.
"Was it the guy you thought was cute?" Justin questioned me. "Yes" I said vaguely "Anyone want any ice cream?" I asked trying to get them drop the subject. They did anything but. "So do you fancy this boy?" Justin queried standing in front of me, blocking my way. Did I? I had no idea to be honest. We had never spoken never had eye contact, but never the less I felt the connection there.
"I don't know" I sighed collapsing back in to my chair instead of trying to move Justin, of whom was all muscle. My best friends looked at each other with the same evil smirk. They looked scarily similar, their twin genes kicking in.
"So who is he?" Jess asked sitting down next to me "Do you even know his name? Or do you literally only know him, as you stalk him?" She said looking genuinely serious.
I knew the answer was that I only knew him as I like stalked him but I wouldn't call it stalking... I mean yeah I followed him into a shop but who doesn't follow cute guys into shops now and then?
Sighing, I mumbled something about not knowing his name didn't mean I simply stalked him.
"Well I say go for it... As long as he isn't an idiot and he did look kinda cute" Jess said, sounding as if she actually did think it was a good idea "And I mean you haven't had a boyfriend since Tom, so it would be good to get yourself out there again" I cringed at Tom's mention and double cringed at Jess using the phrase 'getting your self out there' it sounded like what a mother were say to a sad, lonely, social lifeless teenager who spent all day sitting inside.
"Wow... That wasn't patronising at all" I muttered quietly looking out the window at the clear sky, lit up by sky scrapers and street lamps. Jess simply raised a plucked eye brow at me, but ignored the snappy comment.
Justin obviously decided the conversation was over as he had brought out the tub of Ben and Jerries. We ate in silence, all too submerged in our own thoughts to be able to bother to talk.
With the nod of the head signalling I was heading to bed, I just went and sat down in my room.
Thoughts swirled round my head. Did I fancy this boy? Could I fancy this boy? I hardly knew him so I couldn't fancy him! It all seemed a rather preposterous idea that I did indeed fancy this boy.
I spent all night finishing an essay for history of which was in for the next morning, looking at the clock I saw it was 12. Now I was normally the kind of person who could barely keep there eye lids open at ten, but here I was at 12 feeling like I may as well have drank 12 energy drinks for all the tiredness I was feeling.
Sighing restlessly, I opened my door and peeped round the corner. All the lights were out meaning Jess and Justin were soundly asleep. I pulled on my hoodie and blue converse and decided it was time for a midnight walk.
Leaving a little note saying where I had gone, in case the others woke and wandered where I was, I set off out the apartment. Normally I would have taken the stairs but they were far too creepy at this time of night and I simply dinged the button for the lift.
I waited for a few minutes before the ding of the lift signalled the doors were opening. Stepping in whilst staring intently at the mad pattern on the hall way carpet, I looked up to meet the intense brown eyes of the boy I had been stalking, it was the cute book shop boy. And he was standing right in front of me.

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