How We All Met

We all started out as strangers, acquaintances, friends, and then best friends. We all love One Direction, and our friendship brought us closer to them. What happens when they all get seperated?


2. Chapter 2 - Hailey's POV

I woke up on a hard surface. That's when I remembered that I was laying on Andrea's floor. I looked around, and saw that no one else was awake. Andreas laptop was blinking, and I woke it up. Harry's face popped up again.

"Ello love. I didn't think I'd see your guy's face again. Are you the only one awake?" He said

I nodded.

"It's okay. You don't need to be shy."

Harry turned to the side, and smiled.

"Hey! Lou! Come here!"

Louis Tomlinson came onto the screen, and he smiled at me.

"Ello love. How are you?" Louis said.

"Umm...g-g-g-g-good..." I responded.

"Hailey...who the heck are you talking to!?!?" Lauren said as she woke up.

"Come see for your self, sleepy head!" I responded.

Lauren peered at the computer screen. Then she rummaged around the floor, to find her glasses. She grabbed them, and out them on.


"Keep it down over their!" Andrea mumbled.

Then Andrea came and looked at the screen.

"Now those are the faces I saw earlier!" Harry said.

" saw us?? We were just watching your twitcam," Andrea responded.

"You girls are beautiful. Who's your favourite?"

"You Lou," I said.  

"You Harry," Andrea said.

"Niall," Lauren said.

"Eh! Niall! Get in here!" Louis and Harry shouted.

Lauren started blushing, and Niall came into view. Lauren sorta fainted, and she hit the door.

"Is she okay?" Niall asked, as his Irish accent rolled out of his mouth.

"Yeah...she's just...a huge fan...of you...Niall..." Andrea said.

"Oh...well...are you girls doing anything this evening?"

"Well...we're coming to your meet and greet!" I told them.

"Sweet! We get to meet you guys in person!" Harry said.

"Are you guys coming to the concert?" Louis asked.

Lauren then opened her eyes, and rubbed her head.

"We don't have tickets..." Andrea said.

"We have three extra tickets, and backstage passes leftover. You guys want them?"

"YES!!" We all exclaimed.

"Okay. We'll tell Paul to give them you guys at the Meet and Greet. What are your lovely names, love's?" Louis said.

"Andrea," Andrea said.

"Lauren," Lauren said.

"Hailey," I said.

"Thanks lovies!" Harry said.

"We've gotta go rehearse! We'll see you later!" Niall said.

"Bye!" We all said.

We ended the twitcam with them, and Andrea got up. She walked out of the room, and came back with her hair curler, straightener, and make up. Andrea set them on her bed, and plugged in her straightener and hair curler. Her makeup bag was open, and all of her brushes layer out next to it. She grabbed the hair curler and started on my hair. She finished my hair about an half an hour later. I grabbed the make up bag, and went to her bathroom, and started on my makeup.

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