How We All Met

We all started out as strangers, acquaintances, friends, and then best friends. We all love One Direction, and our friendship brought us closer to them. What happens when they all get seperated?


18. Chapter 17

Lauren's POV: 

Niall and I were heading home, to Mullingar. We were visiting his parents, and the rest of the family before we go to our new place in London.

  “Love...we’re here,” Niall said, as I snapped out of my thoughts.

  I saw Theo run out the door, with Denise running after him. I opened my door, and picked up Theo. I poked his nose, and he giggled. Denise is pregnant again, and this time she’s expecting a girl.

  “Hey Denise!” I said.

  “Ello Lauren! How are you?” she responded.

  “I’m doing are you and the baby?”

  “I’m good, and so is the baby. Mia’s due in a few months now.”

  Then Maura ran out, and gave me a hug. Denise took Theo, and took him back inside. Bobby came out, and gave Niall a hug. No one know this yet, but I’m expecting in eight months. Niall and I found out last week. We don’t know what gender yet, and we want to wait till I’m four months.

  “Come in. Come in. Supper’s almost ready,” Booby said.

  Bobby and Maura are still divorced, but they are friends. Whenever Niall and I are over, both of them are there. It’s like having a family that’s not split. Maura made spaghetti and meatballs. Niall took two servings full, while I didn’t really eat much...even though I should.

  I helped Maura, and Denise clean up, then Niall and I decided to make the announcement.

  “We have something to tell you,” Niall said.

  “We’re pregnant!” We both said at the sametime.

  Denise and Maura came up and gave me a hug. Bobby and Greg gave Niall a guy hug, and they all congratulated us.

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