How We All Met

We all started out as strangers, acquaintances, friends, and then best friends. We all love One Direction, and our friendship brought us closer to them. What happens when they all get seperated?


15. Chapter 14 - AGPOV

Andera's POV: Lauren and Niall went to bed a little while ago. I was in the kitchen with Harry, and we were making some food. Harry wanted to make something quick, and then we walked back to the living room, and everyone else was passed out. My mom came in, and Harry helped her with the groceries. I walked into the kitchen, yet again, and helped put the groceries away.

  “Andrea…” Hailey’s mom said.

  “Yes?” I responded.

  She dragged me to our office. We closed the door, before her mom said anything.

  “Where is Lauren?”

  “She’s sleeping in her room.”

  “Niall’s in her room too?”

  “Yeah...they kind of fell asleep in her room.”

  “Anything between you and Harry?”

  “Mom! I just met him! I don’t want to be one of those girls, who just meets the guy, and then go out with them?”

  “I was just wondering. After your father left when you were twelve, I’ve never seen you happier which a guy.”

  “Well that guy is waiting for us to come out of this office.”

  “Okay. Okay. Go talk with him then.”


  I walked out of the office, and noticed that Harry wasn’t in the kitchen anymore. In fact he was in the sunroom area. I sat down next to him, on the couch. He wrapped his arm around me, and I smiled. My head was rested on Harry’s shoulder, and he kissed my hair.

  “Harry,” I said.

  “Hm?” He responded.

  “I was wondering…”

  “If I wanted to ask you out?”

  I nodded.

  “That would be a yes. Andrea would you like to go out with me?”


  Harry kissed me, and it was an unexpected kiss too. I still went with it, and we kissed for probably two minutes. Like Hailey’s mom said, I’ve never been happier in my entire life after my dad left.  

Hailey’s POV: I heard my mom and Andrea talking in the office. No one else was awake next to me. I started shifting to make it look like I was still asleep, but I slapped Louis in the face. He woke up, and rubbed his cheek. I brought my index finger to my mouth. Louis nodded. We heard the office door open, and we pretend to be asleep. Once we heard two pairs of footsteps go into the kitchen, I grabbed Louis hand. I dragged him up the stairs, and into my bedroom. My room leads to a small balcony. I opened my french doors, and I stood there, just looking at the stars. Two muscular arms wrapped around me. I saw Louis, and I kissed his cheek. Apparently Louis just didn’t want a ordinary kiss on the cheek. He spun me around, and our lips went in sync.

  After we parted, I started feeling dizzy. I grabbed the railing, and brought my hand to my forehead. I felt Louis lift me up, and set me down on my soft bed. Then I passed out, and Louis wrapped his arm around me.

Lauren’s POV: I woke up around six am. Niall was still fast asleep, and I couldn’t really fall back asleep. I just laid there in Niall’s arms. I grabbed my phone, and started going through Twitter, and Instagram. So far I haven’t seen any pictures of the girls, and the guys. One picture caught my eye though. It was a picture of Hailey, and Louis on Hailey’s balcony. I don’t even know who took that picture, considering her room’s in the back. I felt Niall shift, and I froze. I set my phone down on the bed.

  “Good morning love,” Niall said in his morning voice.

  “Morning,” I responded.

  I shifted my head, and I pecked his lips. He looked at me, and then his lips met mine again. Someone knocked on the door, and I got up. I told Niall to pretend to be asleep. I opened the door, and Hailey stood there. I invited her in, and we sat on my bed.

  “I need to talk you…” Hailey saida.

  “About…?” I responded.

  ”About Louis….we kind of kissed last night...and I liked it...I’m just afraid that Louis’s girlfriend is going to find out…”

  “Eleanor? Eleanor Calder?”

  Hailey nodded.

  “They’ve been broken up for weeks now.”

  “Oh. Okay.”

  She hugged me and walked out of the room with a smile on her face. Niall sat back up, and we just laid on my bed together, until we had to go downstairs to eat breakfast.

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