How We All Met

We all started out as strangers, acquaintances, friends, and then best friends. We all love One Direction, and our friendship brought us closer to them. What happens when they all get seperated?


13. Chapter 12 - Andrea & Lauren's POV

Andera's POV: I can’t believe that Harry Styles kissed me. The Harry Edward Styles kissed my cheek. I was so happy, that I ran up the stairs and into my bedroom. I completely ignored what my mom said, and started jumping up and down in my room. I was so happy, that I really didn’t know what to do. I scrolled through my contacts, and found Lauren’s. I clicked call, and brought the phone up to my ear. It rang three times. She picked up on the third ring.

  “Hello?” Lauren answered.

  “Hey! You guys wanna hang out some more? I just really need to talk!” I responded.

  “Ummm...hold on, let me ask Hailey.”

  I heard a lot of muffled talking, and then Lauren came back.

  “Hailey says that’s fine. Do you want to meet us at the park?”

  “Yeah.  See you there in like five.”

  I hung up, and put my shoes back on. I told my mom where I was going, and i walked out the front door.

Lauren’s POV: I started walking down the street, and I suddenly ran into someone. He helped me up, and I looked into his emerald green eyes.


After Andrea called, Lauren and I headed to the park. We waited for Andrea to show up, but she never did. Lauren tried calling her, and she never picked up. Hailey, and I decided to go on a walk to look for her. We went to her house, and she wasn’t there. This wasn’t like Andrea, unless she got kidnapped.

  “Lauren?” I said, after a long time of walking.

  “Yeah?” She responded.

  “Do you think Andra got kidnapped?”

  “Why would you think that?”

  “You start to notice when people get kidnapped, when they don’t answer their phones, and they aren’t home, and when there own mother only knows that they were going to meet friends.”

  “You have a point there Hailey. I’ll call Niall to see if she’s there…”

  Lauren walked off, with her phone to her ear. My phone started to buzz, and I saw that it was Louis that was calling. His name brought a smile to my face.

  “Hello,” I said.

  “Hey love. Have you seen Harry anywhere?” He asked.

  “No. Have you seen Andrea? She was suppose to meet us at our local neighborhood park, but she never showed.”

  “Where are you? Niall and I will come and get you guys.”

  “How do you know I’m with Lauren?”

  “Cuz I’m sitting right next to Niall.”

  “Oh. Yeah then you can tell.”

  “What street are you guys on?”

  I looked at the sign at the end of the street.

  “We are on Ashton Ave.”

  “Okay. Niall and I will be there in ten. Bye!”


  Lauren walked back over to me, and we sat on the curb.

Lauren’s POV: I couldn’t believe that Andrea would just disappear like that. Louis pulled up, and Hailey ran to the passenger’s side.

  “Niall’s coming in another car. He’ll be here shortly,” Louis said before he drove off.

  I continued to sit on the curb, and waited for Niall. I checked Twitter, and notice something was being spread. I read one comment, and it was from Liam. He had a picture of him, Andrea, Hailey, and I. His comment was, Everyone! Our dear friend Andrea @andreplez has gone missing, and so has Harry. We don’t know where they went, and we need help finding them. #helpfindandreaandharry

It brought a smile to my face. I retweeted it, and I heard a car horn go off. I looked up, and saw Niall looking at me. I got up, and ran to the passenger side. He drive off, and we searched for Andrea, and or Harry.

  We drove down multiple streets. I saw a man and women walking together. The man was wearing a purple sweatshirt, that says Jack Willis.

  "Niall stop the car!" I yell.

  He stopped, and saw the couple too. He flipped to car around, and we drove back to the couple.

  "Harold!" Niall yelled out his window.

  Harry and Andrea stopped in there tracks. Andrea looked at me with sorrow. I got out of the car, and walked to them. Andrea smiled a little. Harry just glared at me.

  "Andrea...why didn't you answer my calls?" I asked.

  "Ummmm...Harry wanted to take me somewhere before I met you guys at the park. I didn't feel my phone in my pocket. Sorry," she responded.

  "Well...Hailey and I were worried sick. Hailey and Louis are out looking for you still."

  I turned around, and saw Niall on the phone. He smiled at me, and I faced Andrea again.

  "You could've called me," Harry said, coldly.

  "Well, I don't have your number."

  "You want it then?"

  "Sure. In case you want to inform us where you are taking my friend first."


  "It's true! Harry gave Hailey and I basically a heart attack when you didn't show. Your own mother only knew that you were going to the park. We thought you had gotten kidnapped!"

  "Well I'm sorry that I wanted to be with the one I love!" Andrea yelled.

  "You know! Only a true friend would tell her other friends where she's going before she goes with her boyfriend!"

  "Well! I think this is the end of our friendship."

  A few car doors slammed shut, and I felt a arm, or two arms wrapped around me. I looked and saw Niall and Hailey on either side if me.

  "I think we all know who's at fault here Andrea," Hailey said.

  We all turned and walked away, leaving Andrea, and Harry behind us. In our past.

  I bolted awake from the dream, and realised I was back at Hailey's. I totally forgot that the boys dropped us off yesterday.

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