How We All Met

We all started out as strangers, acquaintances, friends, and then best friends. We all love One Direction, and our friendship brought us closer to them. What happens when they all get seperated?


11. Chapter 10 - All of the girls POV's

Andera'sPOV:  I cant believe the boys made us sing with them! I could totally tell that Hailey, and Lauren were as nervous as I was! The boys invited us back to there hotel, but all three of us didn't have any spare clothes. I went to call my mom.

"Hello," my mom said.

"Hey mom. One Direction was wondering if we could spend the night at the hotel that they are staying at," I responded.

"Yeah that's fine! Just be home tomorrow before dinner!"

"Okay mom! I've got to go!"

"Bye sweetie!"


I walked back in, and everyone was laughing, I sat down next to Harry, and he wrapped his arm around me. Then Paul walked in, and told us that we were heading back to the hotel. We squeezed into the car. I sat on Harry, Hailey sat on Louis, and Lauren sat on Niall. Zayn, and Liam didn't really notice since they were texting there girlfriends.

When we arrived at the hotel, the boys ran us inside. There were a ton of fans waiting outside. We ran up the stairs, all the way to the eleventh floor. It was very tiring, but I was on Harry's back. So I was very tried.

Basically all of the girls were on the guys backs. It was really funny watching Harry, Louis, and Niall panting on the ground. They got over there panting about a few minutes later. They led us to there separate rooms. Harry had switch on the TV, and he motioned me to sit on the bed next to him. Then we both passed out, and I was in Harry's arms.

Hailey's POV: Louis set down his suitcase, and started a cup of hot cocoa. He made two cups, and handed one to me. I was about to drink, when he made me stop. He added marshmallows, and whipped cream.

"Thanks," I said.

He nodded. I took a sip, and Louis started chuckling.


"You," he responded.

He reached over, and removed the whipped cream. I smiled, and blushed. I couldn't help my blushing. It's very hard for my blushing to stop or not happen, because whenever a guy compliments me or does something sweet...I blush.

"Your adorable when you blush."

I felt my cheeks start to burn.

"Come on, don't be shy!"

He walked out to the couch, that Louis had in his room. He patted the spot next to him. We started watching The Voice, and I fell asleep first.

Lauren's POV: Niall and I were laying on his bed, just talking with each other. He had made popcorn, and we were watching a movie on his laptop. It was The Notebook. I started crying because it was so sad. Niall comforted me, until the movie was over. By the time the movie ended, it was like one o'clock in the morning.

"Niall...we have to go to sleep," I said.

"Okay...okay...I guess that we can go to sleep," he responded.

I felt Niall put a blanket over me, and then we wrapped his arms around me. I smiled, and fell asleep.

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