Chuck Taylor Must Die

Everything started with a number. Amelia always loved Chuck her sister's best friend and most popular player in school. Having seven girlfriends at once. The girls know which one they are by a number on a piece of paper. But Amelia is number one and the only one. There's secrets only Amelia and her friends can find and finally discover the truth behind Lawrence's disappearance all those years ago. On top of everything that Chuck is dying and needs her help.

P.S- Any movellian who is under the age of thirteen should not read this story. It contains sexual content and I do not want this movella removed. It is very important to me as being that the subject of cancer is very near to my heart. I trust that everyone will be honest about this and respect my wishes and the websites.


1. ONE





My name is Amelia, I'm seventeen years old and in love with my sister's best friend, but he's a player ; he dates seven girls at a time and their okay with sharing him. If I ever make it into the 'seven' or their nickname "Chucky's Angels" I want to be the ' one ' for him. My sister Amanda made the seven and she slapped him in the face, that was almost a month ago. So needless to say their no longer friends.


So I never see Chuck except at school. So this morning I was surprised to find a note in my locker with a big bold italic 1 on it. I know what it was, because my sister got a seven.
Under the number was a poem.


Your eyes sparkle
In the morning sun
This isn't just a number
You are the one for me.
I love Amelia Jean Murrey


I looked up expecting six other girls getting this note but with different names. But there was no one else. I was the ONLY girl Chuck wasn't lying. I felt a tap and turned, there was Chuck. With a cocky smile on his face. 


"I saved the best for last Amelia."


"Hey cocky. Your poem said you loved me, is it true or is that something you use on all your girlfriends?"


"Of course I never lie madamoisselle. I love only you."


"Alright bucko no funny business, take me to Biology."


He took my hand and as we made our way down the hallway everyone noticed that there was no other six girls following us. We passed my twin sister Amanda and she frowned with  worry. She looked at us wishing she was me. At the door Chuck kissed me goodbye and went to Music History 101. 

Everything was fine for a couple months, then I think he got bored. He wished he had the other six girls, but he made a promise and player or not Chuck Taylor never broke a promise...ever.

One night we were at the movies, he told me something.


"Amelia, I need your help."


"What is it love?" He looked deep into my eyes as if searching for my soul. Finally saying


"I need you to do something before I die,"


"What the HELL are you talking about Chuck? We're seventeen."


"Sweetheart I only have about a year left not even. I have a serious case of Lymphoma."

So he wasn't getting bored he was dying. I felt the tears before they spilled over. I understood now why he chose the Marley and Me movie and not the Hangover Part 2.  He knew I was going to cry.


"What do you want me to do?"


"I want you to make my last months memorable, filled with love and your beautiful face. I want you to find someone new when I go."


"I'll do what I can." I forced a smile.- "Do you have a bucket list?"


"I- A what?"


"You know a bucket list, a list of things you want to do before you die."


"No, I'm doing everything as I go along." he smirked at me glancing back at the movie and quickly back at me.


"Well is finishing this movie on that kind of made list?" he laughed so loud the audience shushed him I noticed it was a sad moment.


"Oops, sorry!" I giggled.

"No," he laughed. We got up and left.
We went to the park. Hand in hand talking about the past six or seven love filled months, that would end in his unfortunate death. 


"Do you remember when Becky Williams pulled the fire alarm so we could go make out on Make Out Ridge?"


"Yes she's such a good friend."


"Or when John bugged you about being the only one and you punched him the nose?"



"Yes." I laughed at the memory.


"Are the doctors sure about your expiration date then?" our eyes met and he smiled.


"They've been guessing my death since I was two but yes this time its for certain, I can feel myself weakening. The only reason I'm holding on is you."

I was silient. what he asked of me was so easy... for a friend maybe. But for a girlfriend who is deeply in love with him, its what keeps girlfriends up at night, noting my sudden silience  he broke it,


"Amelia my dear, I realize this must come a shock if you have any questions, feel free to ask away." I was quiet and thought about a question.





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