Chuck Taylor Must Die

Everything started with a number. Amelia always loved Chuck her sister's best friend and most popular player in school. Having seven girlfriends at once. The girls know which one they are by a number on a piece of paper. But Amelia is number one and the only one. There's secrets only Amelia and her friends can find and finally discover the truth behind Lawrence's disappearance all those years ago. On top of everything that Chuck is dying and needs her help.

P.S- Any movellian who is under the age of thirteen should not read this story. It contains sexual content and I do not want this movella removed. It is very important to me as being that the subject of cancer is very near to my heart. I trust that everyone will be honest about this and respect my wishes and the websites.


2. 2

I thought of a question to ask him. A million passing through like a speeding train that was now my mind. How long came into my train of thought more than once.


"How long? How long have you had Lymphoma?"


"As long as I can remember. I wanted to live a normal life. Or as normal as it could get."


"Why so many girlfriends at a time?"


"Well usually at the time I want to go out with someone the doctors guess when I'll die next, so I'd get all the girls at once."


"That makes sense I guess. Then why am I the only one this time? When it's for certain, was I the only one on the list at the time?"


"Your the only one because you were always the only one that mattered. The note in Amanda's locker was to make you jealous not to make her mad. That's another thing, I need to make up with Amanda, she doesn't  know."



"She's your best friend or was, why didn't you at least tell hint to her?"


"I was afraid she would tell you and then you would never go out with me."


"You really think that low of me?"


"No of course not just a silly fear." 


"Are you afraid of dying?" I waited for his answer this one was a deeper one, one that would need a lot of thought. But he has had almost fifteen years to prepare for death.


"Well it depends on what you mean by afraid. If you mean afraid of losing my life and ending my suffering, then no, but if you mean I'm afraid of leaving this earth without saying goodbye or last I love you's then sure, not able to do what I wanted to do, yes. But what I'm most afraid of is leaving you. I love you." I love him. I do and I'm not going anywhere. I wasn't expecting  this answer. I feel so well helpless knowing I can't possibly save him. God has already claimed him.


"I wish I was in your place or someone that deserves to die."


"Who really deserves death?" Its almost as if he's reading my soul. I smile and take his hand. We walk in silence for awhile finally he pulls out his cell phone, I completely forgotten I had one. 


"What time is it?"


"Way past curfew I'd be surprised they didn't already call on a search party." 


"I don't think your parents would do that."


"No they knew I was going to tell you. Yours know."


"How do they know and not me well before me."


"I didn't tell them my parents told them when we were born they said we were destined for each other. Our parents grew up together." We walked home just looking at the stars thinking that soon Chuck will be one of them soon. When we reached my door I wiped my tears and offered him some hot chocolate which he accepted gladly. When we walked in my parents and his were on the couch talking about well us and Chuck's condition. Amanda was there to absolutely outraged having found out this way. She just sat there waiting for the explanation. I nudged him and he started to explain reluctantly.


"Amanda I didn't tell you,(he looks at me before going on)because I didn't want you to tell Melia before I could, it was stupid I'm sorry." she huffed listened and smiled.


"I can't stay mad at you Chuck. I'd kiss you but your taken." instead she hugged him. I huffed as if to say get off my man. She obliged and my father went to make hot chocolate thinking we all deserved one. The remaining six of us launched into discussion of the latest news at school and other places. After almost an hour dad came back with the his extra special triple chocolate double whipped cream hot chocolate in extra large mugs. I melted inside. I loved this recipe. Chuck scooted closer and took the mug from my dad, he almost dropped it. My Chuck who is usually so strong almost dropped  a mug of hot chocolate. The tears were coming back. I hurried to wipe them away but Chuck saw me.


"Bathroom," I said as I got up putting my forgotten mug on the coffee table. My father said something to Chuck and I heard footsteps coming towards me, it was Chuck.


"I knew you didn't go to the bathroom." he said stopping at the corner I was hiding in. 


"You caught me. I couldn't cry in front of them or you again. All this reminds me of a song, Blame it On September, by Allstar Weekend." 


"It does huh? Instead of summer not lasting forever, its our love,


"I'll always love you Chuck! Don't you dare say our love will die with you!" I burst out with tears. I wish today was a horrible bad ending fairytale dream and I would wake up soon. I pinched myself and nothing happened Chuck was still there, tears in his eyes. Only this time he was on his knee.


"Will you marry me Amelia Jean Murrey? Or at least say yes so I'll die happy I won't make you become a widow but at least I'd know that you would have if I survived."


"Yes, but not for the fact your slowly dying before my eyes but because I love you."

He let out a whoop, and spun me around. 


"Chuck time to go, you'll see Amelia tomorrow."


"Well goodbye my love." I smiled and kissed him goodbye. He left and I entered my bedroom and sank to the floor and cried.

I cried until I saw the sun rising from the top of the hills to the east and I still cried even when I heard the door being opened and closed noting the fact that dad was away at work now and mom would be leaving in a few minutes, good thing it was Saturday I thought to myself. Even when I heard Amanda walk to the bathroom and out again to the kitchen I didn't stop. 


I think I stopped when my door opened and Chuck came in. He knew I had been crying  but I didn't know how, oh my eyes. He ran to me and held me and I cried even more. I kissed him and he kissed me.


"So let's get started on that Bucket List." I said wiping my tears. 


"Well I was thinking, I'm still a virgin. and well I only love one girl. But if you don't want to I'm so down with that!" I didn't have an answer to that. Not one I always pictured myself married first.

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