Chuck Taylor Must Die

Everything started with a number. Amelia always loved Chuck her sister's best friend and most popular player in school. Having seven girlfriends at once. The girls know which one they are by a number on a piece of paper. But Amelia is number one and the only one. There's secrets only Amelia and her friends can find and finally discover the truth behind Lawrence's disappearance all those years ago. On top of everything that Chuck is dying and needs her help.

P.S- Any movellian who is under the age of thirteen should not read this story. It contains sexual content and I do not want this movella removed. It is very important to me as being that the subject of cancer is very near to my heart. I trust that everyone will be honest about this and respect my wishes and the websites.


14. 14

I was face to face with a stranger I never met the woman in front of me. She could be my grandmother for all I know. She didn't seem dangerous, she looked like a grandma you would find in the kitchen constantly making cookies or cakes. Then I looked down at her hands...they were covered in blood. Who cried? Iva! Oh god no! I don't know what came over me but I grabbed the knife and plunged it into her shoulder so I could get to my family. I didn't think it would be so easy but I had to get to them. I ran into Iva's room and she was asleep not dead like I feared. I got closer and saw a body on the ground, a little boy...Kyle. He was alive he must've put himself between the knife and Iva. Oh what a sweetheart. I ran to his side and rolled him over. He looked into my eyes, his hazel eyes tearing with pain, and he whispered


"Did you get him? Did you get the one that looks like Chuck?"


"Lawrence did this to you?"


"They brainwashed him, he's an assassin that's why he knew when you'd be in the hospital that's how he knew Chuck died." he whispered weakly. I called 9-1-1  and Kyle looked into my eyes yet again and whispered "You remind me of my mom. I love you Amelia although we didn't get the chance to bond, thank you for taking me in, thank you for saving me." he slowly slipped away and finally he took his last breath and with a smile on his face...he died. I cried, I sobbed and finally Amanda came.


"OH my god! Who did this?"


"Your boyfriend, that was Kyle's last sentence. 'Did you get him? Did you get the one that looks like Chuck?' "


"Lawrence? No he would never!"


"Really? He's been gone for almost eleven years Amanda! He just shows up coincidentally  on the day Chuck dies and comes back? Face the facts Amanda! Lawrence was brainwashed."  she had tears coming down her cheeks and falling onto her hair. "I'm sorry but come on its the truth." 


"I know its the truth you never lie. Did you call 9-1-1?


"Yes but I didn't say anything but the dispatcher said they were on their way."


"We have to do something with Kyle until the police get here we can't just leave him there."


"I'm going to hold him til they get here Amanda, you go wait for them." she didn't argue and she went to get Chuck and wait for the police. A few seconds later Chuck comes running into the room. He picks up Iva and holds her close then he sees me on the floor, Kyle in my arms. He saw the blood seeping into the carpet onto my hands, my chest and my tears blending with it, there was so much blood. So much blood for such a little body. The blood already congealing on his wounds. His eyes still open in that blank loved filled stare not really looking. The light that usually filled them gone, they were dimming and becoming more grey. I couldn't let his body go, after all that trouble to save him, he was gone, a poor innocent soul caught in the crossfire of our families mistakes. I reached out and stroked his blood soaked hair and swept my fingers across his forehead and closed his eyes. Now he looked like he was asleep but he was never going to wake up, he wasn't Chuck. At least now he would be able to see his mom and dad. 


Finally after what seemed like hours the sirens sounded. The police were coming and the familiar sound of the siren of the ambulance. Too late I thought for the ambulance and E.M.T's he was dead unless they brought a coroner too, I couldn't think like that, like the police knew someone was probably dead. Maybe they were being precautionary. So much death and so much betrayal. How much could I handle? What kind of world did I bring my daughter into? What kind of world would Chuck soon be leaving? Would I, could I survive without his help? And Lawrence how could he? To an innocent child, and his target was my baby? My baby with those indigo eyes, with so much intelligence?


"Chuck. I know who did it. Those were his last words."


"Who was it Amelia?"


"Your brother." I looked down now at Kyle's wound. A hilt was poking out of it, the hilt had a symbol of some sort on it. I saw the same symbol tattooed on my kidnappers and I bet that if I checked Lawrence he would have one too. "Chuck this symbol was the tattoo on the kidnappers. Only witches use these kind of ceremonial knives."


"So they are telling the truth. Wait what? My brother did this? How the h*ll did he do this without anyone knowing?"


"He was trained and brainwashed and he was taken and raised by them for seven or something years."


"We were seven then and we're eighteen now, so eleven years Amelia." 


"My point exactly eleven years forced to forget his twin brother and twin best friends. Forced to live a lie. Brainwashed into hunting us down. Lawrence doesn't know us, you guys just look the same. In every way he's a stranger and we were too quick to let him into our lives. But I have a dead child to take care of right now and I need to convict the SOB who did this."


"Okay I'll lead them in." Before he could leave and get them Amanda came in with the police. When they saw Kyle's body and the amount of blood lost and his wound, and then the knife.


"I didn't touch it sir." I said tears clogging my throat. I kept looking at Kyle never at the officer. I thought that if I looked away he would disappear from my line of sight that he would be gone and be just a figment of my imagination.


"Amelia they know that but you have to get up now. They have to look over the body."


"No! I don't want to leave him."


"You have to."


"I already know who did this! He told me before he died!"


"I understand that sweetheart but they don't okay you have to tell them." Chuck looked deep into my eyes and I understood that I had to tell Kyle's story. If I didn't who would? I place his head carefully down on the carpet like I found him and got up and Chuck guided me out of the room. In the living room, I saw the monster who did this just sitting there casually talking to the police. I was outraged and Chuck saw him too and panicked, wait why was Chuck freaking out? I turned around and the birthmark on Chuck's cheek wasn't there the crescent moon was gone. This wasn't Chuck this was Lawrence.


"Get AWAY from me you monster! Chuck!"


"What honey?" The real Chuck came to me and then he saw Lawrence a sly, insidious smile creepy up his face."YOU! My own brother tried to kill my only daughter!" The police heard this outburst and came running. 


"Sir please back away." Chuck didn't back off he kept screaming at Lawrence and Amanda came into the hallway where the fight was taking place and took the monsters side.


"Amanda how can you defend this monster? He tried to kill you neice! My daughter and killed Kyle!"

"Maybe so but I love him and its irrational I know but I have to defend the one I love like you have to defend Chuck."

"I'm your sister and you used to love Chuck as well!" I screamed at her tears streaming down my pale white cheeks. I still had Kyle's blood on me, on my face, my hands, and my hair and definitely my nightdress. The police had heard enough and arrested my sister and Lawrence without another word. My parents never showed in the hall. I was worried now.


I crept into their room, the lights still off and they seemed to be asleep. I turned on the light and the sight before me made me puke. There was blood and skin and body parts everywhere. There was blood coming down like a waterfall off the bed and the chandelier. I let out a banshee like cry and fell to the ground and covered my face with my fingers. Chuck and a police officer came rushing in and they saw the carnage of the room. It looked like a butcher shop on steroids in my parents room. My mom and dad are dead! How much death can I take? And I'm losing Chuck too?



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