Bad *A DIVERGENT Fanfiction*

Reese is Bad.
Not Amity.
Not Dauntless.
Not Abnegation or Erudite or Candor.
She's Bad.
Really, really Bad.
B. A. D.


1. Prologue

"What's your name?"

He looks at me with his clear green eyes, speaking to my heart, my soul. The edge of a smile plays on my lips and I realise how easy it would be to crush his hopes. Just say a word and send them plummeting into the ground. It's almost too tempting to send him back the way he came, hurt gnawing at his heart put there by me.

But the Amity don't think like this. 

The Amity are kind and considerate and would tell this boy their name without thinking twice. They've been trained to be this way - it's a part of them now, the garish yellow and red, even if it isn't truly the person inside. If I were Amity I would swish my long hair and giggle, come over more than a little embarrassed. I'd flutter my thick dark eyelashes and tell this meaningless boy my name, before rushing off to gush to my friends exactly how dreamy his eyes are.

Unfortunately, I am not Amity. 

It is the name of my faction, obviously. 

But it is not the faction which is imprinted in every gesture and movement, repeated again and again in my brain. That faction is one I hold dear to me, one that I value above all else.

It is not called Dauntless.

It isn't called Abnegation either.

I am not Erudite or even Candor, nor am I Factionless or one of the Divergent.


I am Bad. 

Bad bad bad, every single inch of me. 

It sings constantly in the back of my head, taunting me to forget the Amity ways and run to where I belong. Sometimes I will seriously consider this - the life beyond - but then I call myself silly, an idiot for believing an outlandish rumour. Eliza has been planning our escape for weeks, months even - but we all know it's not going to happen this century. Not yet.

Inside I am Bad.

But for now I am Amity.

I smile sweetly, then flick my hair over one shoulder. I giggle, then speak to green eyes. "Reese. My name is Reese."

Reese. Hi there. I'm Reese.



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