Bad *A DIVERGENT Fanfiction*

Reese is Bad.
Not Amity.
Not Dauntless.
Not Abnegation or Erudite or Candor.
She's Bad.
Really, really Bad.
B. A. D.


9. Chapter Six


If I expected Mimi to say anything, it wasn't this. It could never be this. Even in amongst my greatest fears these words would never be spoken. Never.

But now they have.


"It...I'm not entirely sure how to say this to you Reese..."

She is, I know it. She's relishing my discomfort, my horrified fidgeting and she knows that she is the only one who can end that. I open my mouth to urge her on, but my voice has become dry and no sound passes through my lips.

"I say factions aren't real. But it's more than that. Your whole... Your whole world is a lie."

"How?" The person speaking doesn't sound like me, with a tinny hollow voice but I can't escape the fact that it is. It is me.

"It's been set up. A reality TV show for the rest of Euston to drool over with longing. An elaborate setting - a stage. And you... You're one of the characters inside it. You're one of the people who make it interesting." Her lip curls. "The world outside factions is bad Reese. Not bad like your stupid little organisation - discovering the world outside the fence. Actually bad. Famine? Heard of that? Pain, sorrow, loss? Whatever you thought was terrible is nothing compared to the real world."

RJ grins uncertainly. "Five years ago you were selected along with ninety nine others to join this new world. You were the children of criminals - criminals yourselves maybe. You were messed up by deaths and hunger and goodness knows what else.Except..."


"Only eighty four took part in this project once they found out what it entailed. Your.. Your new life wasn't optional. Before you were sent into the factions, your memories were erased and a new identity was assigned. New personalities were entered into your genetic code along with memories to replace the ones that would be taken from you. And some people didn't want to forget. Love makes a person who they are. So does grief and anger and sorrow. Why should they be forced to lose all those years in a quick two second injection?"

"What happened to them?"

Mimi drags her finger across her throat to a shocked look from Tegan. RJ clears his throat but although his mouth is opening and closing like my childhood goldfish, no sound penetrates the blood rushing through my head. I am not me. I never was me. Not really. Five years ago, I was someone else - the real person. And now everything I was has been replaced. With fakery. With lies. My name isn't even Reese.


I can feel myself shouting more words but then Herbie's hand is on my shoulder and he's speaking in his best impression of a soothing tone.

"You were... Well, you were in a bad way Reese. And in these dark times - America's at war with China you realise - not that you can remember them but anyway... We need entertainment. America needs entertainment Reese. It keeps up spirits! And everyone likes a reality show. That's what you were part of, that's what they called it. Look and see how America can transform even the worst of people! If good can be found in these wretches then the good can be found in any of us."

Tegan smiles hopefully at me. "You were made into a celebrity Reese. America made it compulsory to watch it every night."

"5 O'clock, channel 97," butted in Herbie.

Their mouths are opened wide, in huge beaming shows of sparkling teeth. These people think their lives are bad. They think they are worse off than me - me who got to start again. They think their lives are lowest of the low.

But at least they have a life.

Mine has been ripped from me not once but twice - Five years ago, and once again, now. They don't care that I don't even know my own name. These people care about 'Fame' and 'TV' and 'Popularity'. These 'Real' people don't care about who they really are, only what society thinks.

And I, the reality show star don't have a place in that life. I didn't fit in in Dauntless, or Amity and I don't fit in here where I've never heard of America or China and can't truly understand the poverty they describe. Yet that doesn't matter because I'm a 'celebrity'. I'm not a person at all, only made for entertainment. And entertainment of the people is the only thing that matters. The show must go on.

Well the show is over.

They scream my name, Herbie and RJ and Tegan and icy cold Mimi, who is more similar to me than she thinks. We're both lost and clawing for a way out, we both build up walls around ourselves and think we know exactly what it is to be 'Bad'.

I don't want to be bad anymore.

I want to be me, whoever that is, whatever it takes to find out.

They scream my name but I carry on running, away from Dauntless and Amity and the people I thought I knew. They chase after me, feeble fake tanned limbs flailing further and further in the distance. They haven't had the practice I've had.

I'm good at running.






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