Bad *A DIVERGENT Fanfiction*

Reese is Bad.
Not Amity.
Not Dauntless.
Not Abnegation or Erudite or Candor.
She's Bad.
Really, really Bad.
B. A. D.


2. Chapter One

Let me introduce myself properly. You know my name of course, but you don't know anything about me. Not how I look, not how I act, not even who I am.

All you really know is my name:


Hi there.

I'm Reese.

I have dull mousy brown hair which both annoys me and seems to comfort me. My skin can only be described as pasty, and Amity's vibrant yellows do not compliment it.

As for personality, I have no idea what my friends would describe me as. Maybe that's because my personality is too large to be put into words, but it's more likely that I just don't have any friends to describe me anyway. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not alone. I have allies, companions and acquaintances who pry into my business like true Amity. I just don't have friends.

I wouldn't trust them.

Don't need them.

Even this second, I am sitting hunched over on a hard wooden bench, squished up against said companions. You might mistake us for the Factionless - colours which shouldn't mix are sitting right next to each other and opposite each other and in Jacob and Yvonne's case on top of each other - but no one is doing anything about it. 

And why should we?

The only way to get what we want is to ally, to mash the original factions together until they become something else.

Next to me, Eliza stands clearing her throat. Every head in the room including mine whips to face her, suddenly at attention. Sometimes it still surprises to see the curious eyes of the Erudite bow before a mere Amity's will. 

I laugh out loud and furious glares hone in on me.

I smother my laugh but a smile still remains. The Erudite follow the Amity here because here, the Amity are not just Amity.

Here, the Amity are Bad.

B. A. D.


I laugh again, slightly louder and now I do not try to contain myself. It bubbles from the inside, up up and out - so different from a contained Amity giggle. In my head bells are peeling, and in the pit of my stomach I feel a song starting, a dance beginning. A dance of new life, the song of Beyond.

It's not that we resent the factions - oh no, far from it. It's just, there has to be something beyond our city walls, something which we know nothing about. Something which we want to find out about. We don't fit in with the factions, any of us - we're different and that's wrong, that's terrible, that's bad - but it's also amazing and miraculous and the chance to start afresh.

Eliza stamps her booted foot impatiently and my laughing ceases. She gives me an annoyed pointed look before beginning the speech she has no doubt prepared as always. 


Someone nudges me and I turn to see Matthew rolling his eyes. 


I smile and nudge him back.

"Today is the day it is going to happen. We've been planning a long, long time as you know but today... Today we are really going to go there." Her voice drops to a hushed whisper. "Beyond..."






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