Bad *A DIVERGENT Fanfiction*

Reese is Bad.
Not Amity.
Not Dauntless.
Not Abnegation or Erudite or Candor.
She's Bad.
Really, really Bad.
B. A. D.


3. Before

Reams of chattering girls swarm around me and I wonder how I ever thought I could be free here. Back in Dauntless, the friendly buzzing noises would be whoops and yelps, but really the two seem just the same. I rub self consciously at my dark inked tattoo, a tangled web of names on my shoulder. Here in Amity they have no marks to symbolise who they are. 

Not at all. Here they are just one great huge community.

I can't believe I thought I'd like it.

I have kept to myself for about a week since the choosing, stuck in a Faction that I don't really want to be in. Every initiate passed into the faction by the second day, all becoming firm friends as if they'd known each other their entire lives.


A girl taps me on the shoulder. She is pretty, with warm brown eyes framed by chocolate coloured hair. She smiles, a wide grin showcasing pearly white teeth.

"I'm Eliza. Who're you?" 

I raise my eyebrows, taken aback by her direct approach. She's a newly initiated Candor, definitely.  I stare back monotonously. "Belinda," I say, giving an Erudite name. Maybe she'll stay clear of me. The Erudite are not to be crossed.

"You're lying. What're you really called?"


She folds her arms and sighs. I really need to get better at lying.

I slump, defeated. "Fine. The name's Reese."

Eliza's blinding beam reappears. "Great!" she says chirpily, "Now follow me!" Suddenly, she begins walking and manouvers her lean body through the crowd, twisting and turning until she reaches the entrance to a corridor. She looks back at me, and I get to my feet resignedly.

I have nothing better to do than follow a random Amity I've just met down a corridor.


Once I reach the corridor, I realise that this is the entrance to the Amity dorms and stop short, wary. But Eliza does not turn through any of the open doors. I steel myself, then stride after her. 

At the end of the hallway there is nowhere to go but a dead end, the entrance to the last of the dorms on both the left and the right walls. High up on the wall straight ahead of me, is a vent. 

I look towards it and realise that Eliza is doing the exact same thing.

I groanand turn to walk away before coming to an abrupt halt.

Then my feet turn themselves around and I move to give the stranger a leg up.


Inside the small shaft it reeks in a very bad way. The only available air is musty and lacks the coolness I long to feel lap over my skin. Eliza is surprisingly nimble for both a Candor and an Amity and at times I struggle to keep up with the smaller girl. 

Ahead of me, a shard of light cuts through my line of sight, temporarily blinding me. Reaching up my hand to shield myself I almost bump into Eliza who has stopped. Her upper body spins round, face ablaze with rage and if I didn't know better I would be scared.

More than that.

If I didn't know better I would be terrified.

The light is right in front of her face, but hidden by iron bars I cannot see what it reveals. My new friend is fiddling with something in her pocket, bringing it up to the grate and then back to her pocket until a red light flashes and the grate swings away from the wall.

I nod my head approvingly.

Some gadget.

One foot and then the other she swings out of the vent, landing nimbly on the ground. On my turn I aim for the same agility, praying that my years jumping out of trains will count for something now.

I land in a crumpled heap on the floor, my humiliation only worsened when I register the hoards of faces peering at me. A boy in Erudite blue gets off his seat and makes to help me but Eliza stops him by holding out her hand.

She clears her throat and then stamps her foot, something which in the future I will see quite a lot of.

"My dear Reese," she says, "Welcome to Bad."


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