Nattaliah Black, a girl who has had a freakishly horrifying life, tries to escape from her memories and cover up the past. On her way she encounters some old friends and quiet a few old enemies. She makes a new friend named Katt who helps her find her way and accomplish her dreams. Yet after all of this, her life still uncovers itself here and there while she is becoming a huge star.

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3. You didn't mean to hurt me right?

I cracked my eyes open to receive a dreadful light shining into them. Morning. I’m not ready for this. Slowly but surely I threw my covers off of me and began to sit up. I turned and stood facing my closet with my eyes still mostly closed.

“Good morning beautiful,” a deep low voice said. I quickly opened my eyes ready for a fight. I saw him and my expression immediately depressed.

“You,” I said.

“Did you miss me?” he asked.

“Nope. Never have never will. You mean nothing to me. All I care about from you is the check my mom gets in the mail once a month. But lately we haven’t had that to depend on either.” My dad. He looked at me with his deep big brown eyes. They had a hopeful gleam in them every time I saw them. People say I have his eyes. People say to go easy on him. They say that it wasn’t his fault. They say it was an accident and that everything is okay because he already did his time. People say a lot of things that aren’t true.  “Why are you here anyway? Didn’t you get enough hatred the last time you were in this ‘run-down-small-town’ as you like to call it?”

“Aliah, please it was an accident.”

“Don’t call me that. It might have been an accident to you, but to me, you were just another person to add to the list of betrayals and heartbreakers. You didn’t mean to hurt me right? You never meant to hurt anybody. But you did. You hurt me, you hurt mom, you hurt Eighlye, Bricelyn, and all the other people in this town, and last but not least, you hurt Jeremiah. Do you know how it feels to walk around this town having everybody staring chills down your back and talking about you and how your dad killed your big brother one day just out of the blue? No. there is no possible way you could feel the way I do every day. Who let you in?”

“Your mom. You’re right. I don’t know how you feel. I will never know how you feel. You have a right to hate me, but I’m begging you to please at least reconsider forgiving me.”

“Forgive you? Hell no. I will never forgive you. You tore my heart to pieces. Then you left me here to pick up your pieces and take care of mom all by myself. Oh and the funeral that you didn’t even go to? Yeah that was a fun one. Of course everybody asked me where you were, why you weren’t there, what happened to you, and if you were getting what you deserved. I tried to keep a level head and I told ever body that it was just an accident and that you were in jail and you would come home soon. But what happened when they finally let you out of jail Joshua? You left us here again, and you filed for divorce. Now mom barely ever leaves the house, my best friends just got back from speaking all over the world on Jer’s behalf, and I can’t even go to my favorite tree anymore without crying because that’s where Jer and I used to play. How do you expect me to forgive you for that?” he stood up and went to my door.

“Whatever. At least I tried. I told your mom we shouldn’t have adopted you!” he opened it, ran down the stairs and out the front door. He got in his car and drove away.

Adopted? I’m adopted? I too ran down the stairs but I ran to my mother’s bedroom.

“Hey you! So I’m adopted huh?” I screamed at her. She gave me a horrified look. “Yeah. He told me!”

“You weren’t supposed to know until you were 18.”

“So it’s true then?” tears began rolling down my face. I didn’t even wait for her answer. I knew it was true. I had been adopted. I turned around and bolted out the door. Eighlye was mowing his lawn but I ran the other way. He saw me, and he turned off the lawn mower. I kept running even though he was running after me screaming my name at the top of his lungs. When I reached 17th avenue, I couldn’t run anymore. I slid down the front of Latoya’s Pizza Palace and put my head in my lap. I couldn’t stop crying.

About 20 seconds later, Eighlye kneeled down in front of me with a worried look on his gorgeous face. I looked up to him. He understood this as sit down. He sat down cross-legged and leaned closer to me.

“You gunna tell me about it?” he asked.

“I- I’m adopted.” My words were barely audible. I realized just then that if I told him, it could offend him. He was adopted too. He apparently heard me though because he then looked at me sympathetically. He stood up and put his hand out before me. I let him help me up and pull me into a hug.

“It will be okay I promise,” he whispered, and with that, he lifted my chin with his finger and leaned down to kiss me. “C’mon.”

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Home for a second and then off to NEVERLAND!!!!!!” he screamed. We burst out laughing as he dried my tears.

When we got to our street, he ran into his house, and grabbed his keys. He kissed his mom on the cheek, unlocked the car and said, “Get in.”

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