Nattaliah Black, a girl who has had a freakishly horrifying life, tries to escape from her memories and cover up the past. On her way she encounters some old friends and quiet a few old enemies. She makes a new friend named Katt who helps her find her way and accomplish her dreams. Yet after all of this, her life still uncovers itself here and there while she is becoming a huge star.

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7. The song of the car, Paige, and I love you?

I climbed in the passenger seat of Eighlye’s car. Well, his mom’s car. Wait. Who’s car is this? Oh well.

Eighlye came out of the hotel with a big ass grin on his face. I have no idea why, but this pleased me. I grinned back like the little idiot I am. He got inside the car. He looked mighty fine today! He was wearing dark jeans and a black button down shirt. He had my hoodie in his hand.

“You forgot your hoodie,” he said.

“Evidently,” I replied.

“Someone’s sassy today!”

“Shut up.” I crossed my arms over my chest pretending to look hurt.


He handed me my hoodie and started the car. He pulled out of the hotel parking lot and drove smoothly onto the highway. For once we didn’t listen to music or talk or anything. It was just quiet. Until I opened my mouth.

“Where are we going Lye?”

“You will see,” he replied.

“So you know where you are going?”

“Yes. I’ve been where we are going many times.”

“Okay. I will shut up then and let you take us to our destination.”

“You sound like a fricken GPS.”

“I do not!”

“Do to!”

“Don’t argue with me!” I again crossed my arms over my chest pretending to be hurt.

“Don’t argue with me!”

“Well bleh!” I screamed.

“Bleh? That’s the best you could come up with? You are hilarious. You have no idea,” he said chuckling.


He turned the radio on and ‘Wanted’ by Hunter Hayes was on. Lye started singing and he knew every word. I felt like he was singing to me. And of course he had to turn on the radio at the beginning of the song. He matched all of the harmonies with Hunter. I love it when Eighlye sings to me. It makes my heart melt. Every single damn time man!

You know I’d fall apart without you

I don’t know how you do what you do

‘Cause everything that don’t make sense about me

Makes sense when I’m with you

Like everything that’s green girl I need you
But it’s more than one and one makes two

Put aside the math and the logic of it

You gotta know you’re wanted too


“Cause I wanna wrap you up

Wanna kiss your lips, I

I wanna make you feel wanted

And I wanna call you mine

Wanna hold your hand forever

And never let you forget it baby I

I wanna make you feel wanted


Anyone can tell you you’re pretty

And you get that all the time

I know you do

But your beauty is deeper than the makeup

And I wanna show you

What I see tonight


When the song was almost over, he looked at me, “’Cause you’ll always be wanted.” That made my heart jump 30,000 feet into the air. Maybe not only was he singing to me, but he was singing the words to me? Like actually meaning them to me! My heart beat faster and faster. Why am I feeling feelings for Lye anyway? He is my best friend. That’s all we are and all we will ever be. Best friends for life.

“Yo!Natt! Earth to Nattaliah! Are you alive over there?”he began to wave his hand in front of my face.

“Yes I’m alive,” I started laughing while trying to remove his arm, which was now stuck to my face.

“You zoned out there short stuff!”

“Really? You haven’t called me short stuff since I was 14!”

“Better late than never I always say!”

“Shut up.”

About five minutes later, we pulled up to a little diner. “Eighlye? Where are we?”

“A little ways out of town. I used to come eat here with Eliza.”


He pulled into a parking spot and climbed out of the car. Before I could unbuckle he was already around to my side of the car holding the door for me. “What a gentleman!” I said. He took my hand with a smile leading me out of my seat.

“Ha! Good one!”

He slid his fingers between mine as we walked to the door of the diner. A shot of excitement rushed up my arm and down my spine. What the hell was that? You guys are just friends Natt! Stop trying to fool yourself!He looked down at me with a smile as he pulled open the door. I walked in in front of him. The waitress greeted us at the door.

“Hey Sweetie! How are you?” she looked down at Eighlye.

“Good and you?”

“Awesome! Who’s the lady friend?”

“My very bestest friend in the whole wide world!”

“Well alright then! Follow me to your table,” she said with a giggle. We followed her and she took us to a booth in a far corner. “So what is your name dear?”

“Nattaliah, but everybory calls me Natt,” I said smiling at her.

“That is such a lovely name! My name is Paige.”

“That’s a cool name,” I said.

“So what can I get you guys?”

“Two of my usual,” Eighlye said. Of course he could order for me. He knows exactly what I’m craving. Every single day. It’s quite creepy actually. Paige nodded, scribbled the order down, and walked away.

“You have a usual?” I asked Eighlye. He nodded.

“You’re gunna love it. I think you have even been craving it.” Of course you do Lye! You’re a flipping ninja! I swear you read my thoughts. We sat there quietly and just played with our hands. It was really awkward. Finally, Paige came around the corner with our food. I know exactly what is on that tray. I can smell it. Lye was right. I have been craving that for days! “Cinnamon French Toast, with a sunny side up egg, and perfectly brown hash browns. I know you too well. Thanks Paige.”

“You’re welcome. You know the drill lil bro. Come find me when you’re done.”Paige walked away with a grin.

“Lil bro?” I asked.

“Known each other a long time,” he shrugged.

“Oh.”  Lye shoveled his food down like no one I had ever seen. It was amusing to me how this boy could eat so much so quickly and not gain a pound. At all. I took a bite of my toast and instantly knew why he was shoveling away. It was delicious. Every bite left me thirsty for more. I love food and everything, but other food had nothing on my breakfast this morning. “I’m so making you bring me back here!”

“Well, if you insist!”

“Shut up and eat.”

“Dude. Seriously. Are you on Pedro?”

“Totally because there is a guy beneath me right now you idiot.”

“No. I mean like shark week?”

“Oh! Maybe.”

“You are.”

“I am what?”

“Want me to tell the entire restaurant?”



I immediately slapped a hand over his mouth. Something slimey and wet slid across the palm of my hand. I removed it form his mouth.

“EEEEEW! Did you just lick me?”


“I hate you.”

“I love you too Natt.”

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