Nattaliah Black, a girl who has had a freakishly horrifying life, tries to escape from her memories and cover up the past. On her way she encounters some old friends and quiet a few old enemies. She makes a new friend named Katt who helps her find her way and accomplish her dreams. Yet after all of this, her life still uncovers itself here and there while she is becoming a huge star.

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I got in the car and he took off immediately.

“Where is Neverland Peter?” I said. He started laughing.

“I guess you’re just gunna have to have some trust in me Wendy!” he replied with a smirk.

“FAITH, TRUST, AND PIXIE DUST!!!!” we screamed simultaneously.

“The second star to the right ma’am.” Eighlye said matter of factly. I was finally letting go of my thoughts for a while. I glanced over and the clock said 8:17 pm. It was about to get dark. I couldn’t believe we had seriously been in the car for almost 12 hours. I looked down at myself. Red sweatpants, a black tank top, a flowy oversized one sleeved black shirt and my black sparkly Nikes. Yes. I had forgotten to get dressed this morning. I pulled down the mirror on the visor. Holy crap! There was black marks all over my face from the makeup I apparently forgot to wash off before  bed and my long strawberry orange and blond hair was ratted in my lucky hair tie. Lye noticed me flailing all over the car.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “I think you look preposterously gorgeous.”

“Thank you,” I said laughing, “How would you like it if I wiped some of my mess of gorgeousness all over your window?”

“Eww! No! I’m okay thank you!”

“I knew it!”

“You knew what?”

“That you weren’t ready to take on all of this!” I said moving my index finger around in circles in front of my face.

“What!?” he pulled over, “I am totally ready to take on all of that!” he said repeating my hand motion, “I can take on anything!”


“Ok? That’s it? Ok?”


“Ok.” He leaned over, kissed me on the cheek, and began to drive again. The sunset was beautiful in front of us. Orange and pink covered the horizon nearly engulfing the earth as we rode upon it.



“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Taking me away. Making me feel so much better. Holding me every time I cried. Reassuring me. Being here for me when I need you. Fo-“tears started streaming down my cheeks.

“Please stop. I hate it when you cry.”

“SEE!” I was sobbing now. Eighlye pulled into a parking lot and unbuckled me.

“Get out.”

“So demanding!” I said laughing through my tears. But I did it anyway. He opened the trunk and took out a suitcase. He locked the car and placed his hand in mine. I have no idea where we are or why we are here. We walked across the parking lot to a building that said T KE ME HOM HOTEL A D CA E. “I think some of the letters are burnt out.”

“Oh yeah. It’s supposed to be TAKE ME HOME HOTEL AND CAFÉ. Haha well I guess that’s kind of a downer huh.”

“I don’t care I was just saying.”

“Okay then let’s go in.”

“Sounds good.”

The hotel was extravagant beyond belief. There was a golden chandelier hanging in the middle of the lobby. Many gold and bronze chairs lined the walls and beautiful pastel orange couches were set neatly in front of wide flat screen televisions. The tables were glass with beautiful bronze legs. The carpet. The carpet was simply amazing. It was a deep cherry red fur carpet that reminded me of trees from The Lorax by Dr.Seuss. I just wanted to lie down and roll in it.

“Okay here are your keys, and we hope you have a nice stay!” the woman behind the counter said.

“You too,” Lye replied. He grabbed my hand and pulled me down the long hallway to the elevator.

After our luxurious elevator ride, we walked down the hallway to our room. I gave him a look and he said, “You go get cleaned up and I’ll go find food.”

“Thank you!” I hugged him and off he went.

I walked into the bathroom and it was literally bleach white. I took my mp3 player out of my bra and pushed play.

“Tell me with your mind, body, and spirit,” I sang along with Louis. Yeah. That’s right. ONE DIRECTION!!!!!

First, I needed to wash my hair. That shouldn’t be too hard. There’s only 15,000 different types of shampoo in here. I picked a purple and pink bottle that was watermelon scented. I quickly washed, conditioned, and dried my hair. Now for my face. I grabbed a washcloth and turned on the hot water. After I rung out the washcloth I quickly threw hot water on my face and then began to scrub. I really wish I had some eyeliner.

I swear Eighlye read my mind. When I walked out of the bathroom, he was standing there with a black eyeliner pencil and my mascara.

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