Our Friendship[s]

It's about two girls, Lauren, and Ashlynn. They're training for the Boston Marathon, but when they meet One Direction at the gym...Everything changes. I making this story because it's about another person, that I met on Instagram. She's really nice, and I hope you guys enjoy the story!


8. Chapter 8 - Lauren's POV

I couldn’t believe the night that we had last night. From the fans, to the crying, to cuddling with Liam. I had just deleted my twitter, and made a brand new instagram account. So many fans had already started hating on Ashlynn and I. Some people were saying some pretty bad stuff. I was laying in the bunk that Liam told me I could stay in last night. I was going through my old instagram account, and on almost all of my photos had a ton of hate on them. It was basically all of the selfies I had taken. They were calling me ugly, and fat. I was trying to lose a little weight, but I was mainly muscle. I just broke down crying, and I heard someone’s footsteps coming down the hall quickly. Liam’s face popped up. He helped me down, and he embraced me into a hug. I cried into his shoulder for about five minutes. The bus pulled to a stop, and I wiped my eyes. We were at a park, and there were fans everywhere. They had a bunch of signs, and they had pieces of paper, and pens. Liam guided me out the door, and all of their bodyguards were outside containing the fans. I gripped onto Liam’s arm, and he led me to the park swings. He held my hand the entire time, and the fans were yelling some rude things to me, but mainly all of them were the fans that ship us. That would have to be the best day of my life.

  “Liam...why do the fans hate me and Ashlynn?” I asked while we were swinging.

  “All of the fans that are hating on you and Ashlynn are just jealous that Louis and I are dating you two, and not one of them,” Liam responded.


  I started getting the shivers, and Liam wrapped his arm around me. I felt his warmth, slowly move onto my body. Even though it’s early april, it still get’s cold at night. I checked my phone, and it read 5:25 pm. Wow time goes by fast when you’re hanging out with your boyfriend at a park. The boys came and got us about five minutes later. Ashlynn wasn’t with them, and neither was Louis.

  “Guys...where’s Ashlynn and Louis?” I asked.

  “Ummm….I don’t. I haven’t seen either of them, since we got off of the tour bus,” Zayn responded.

  Then my phone started ringing, and Loui’s name I hit accept, and brought my phone to my ear.

  “Hello,” I said.

  “Lauren! Hurry with the lads! Something happened to Ashlynn! Come to hospital!” He said.





  I hung up, and told the lads everything that Louis told me. We rushed to the hospital, adn I saw Ashlynn laying there...lifeless…

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