Our Friendship[s]

It's about two girls, Lauren, and Ashlynn. They're training for the Boston Marathon, but when they meet One Direction at the gym...Everything changes. I making this story because it's about another person, that I met on Instagram. She's really nice, and I hope you guys enjoy the story!


7. Chapter 7 - Ashlynn's POV

Ashlynn's POV: 

The crowd was supportive, but some part of it wasn't. Louis came and gave me a hug, while the boys yelled at the crowd. I noticed that Liam was kissing Lauren's forehead. They're about the same height. Liam's 5'10, and Lauren's 5'9 in a half (A/N I'm not really 5'9 in a half, I just wanted it to fit with the story a little. I'm actually like 5'7). I fit perfectly in Louis's 5'9 figure. The fans keep booing, and they sent us backstage. Lauren and I started crying, and the boys just ended the show. They couldn’t go on in Bostons, thanks to all of those selfish fans. Louis came back, and hugged me. He didn’t let me go, all he did was stand there with his arms wrapped around me. I took in his scent, and I felt safe in his arms. Zayn came up and told us that Paul wanted to leave. Louis quickly changed his shirt, and we ran to the bus. I continued to cry because I don’t like hearing bad things said towards me. Louis continued to comfort me, and he kissed my cheek, every once in a while.

  “Louis...why’d you cancel the show?” I asked.

  “Liam and I couldn’t handle hearing the hate from the fans towards you and Lauren. We both care about you deeply, and so do the rest of the boys,” Louis responded.

  “Awww! I love you Lou!”

  “I love you too!”

  Louis lead me to the bunk bed area, and he showed me which one I would stay in. It was one of the third row of bunks. It was around ten o’clock, and I was drifting off to sleep. Louis helped me up to the bunk, and I fell asleep instantly.

  I was woken up by the boys. They held a huge camera that a camera guy would use for a movie. There was a light on it, and it was being shined in my face. I held up my hand, and swung my legs over the side, and made sure I didn’t hit my head on the ceiling of the bunk. Louis put his hands on my waist, and lifted me up. We walked to the kitchen area, and got something to eat. I munched on my cereal, and watched the boys fool around. Lauren came, and sat next to me. She was going through Twitter. It was mainly about how One Direction cancelled their show after the fans started hating on us. I grabbed my phone, and deleted my twitter. I had lost like all of my followers. I just didn’t want to see any hate on my page. I deleted my instagram account, and made a new private one. Only the lads, and Lauren’s new account is following me. Many One Direction fan’s wanted to follow me. I checked all of their accounts, and only let about five directioners follow me because they weren’t hating on me. I put in my bio, that I don’t allow people who are hating on me and Lauren, will not be able to follow me, and I will not follow back. I didn’t want to fill my life with hate, like I did last night. I couldn’t live in a life like that.

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