Our Friendship[s]

It's about two girls, Lauren, and Ashlynn. They're training for the Boston Marathon, but when they meet One Direction at the gym...Everything changes. I making this story because it's about another person, that I met on Instagram. She's really nice, and I hope you guys enjoy the story!


2. Chapter 2 - Lauren's POV

Lauren's POV: Liam, and Louis were running towards us. Ashlynn, and I just kind of stood there in shock. I mean wouldn’t you? If your favorite band members were running towards you? Ashlynn nudged me, and I got back to reality. Liam was shyly smiling at me, and Louis was doing the same, but only at Ashlynn.

    “Do you girls want to...maybe...workout with us?” Liam asked.

    I looked at Ashlynn. Her smile was wider than her face.

    “Sure!” I responded.

    The boys turned around, and we followed them to the rest of the boys. Harry was running, and Zayn was messing around with Niall.

“Lads! We have two people that are going to workout with us!” Louis yelled.

The boys stopped what they were doing, and look over at us. Considering Ashlynn, and I were just in sports bras, and exercising shorts, it got pretty awkward.

“Come on laddies!” Paul yelled. “Ladies, come join us.”

Liam grabbed a weight ball, and started swinging it between his legs. Louis started doing push up’s, or in Britain its called pres up’s. Harry started running again, and Zayn, and Niall just messed around.

“What are we going to do?” Ashlynn whispered.

“I don’t know,” I responded.

“Wanna do squats, then burpees with no push ups, the burpees with push ups, then jumping jacks, then jump squats, and to top it off crunches?”


We started doing our squats, and that lasted for five minutes, and then came the burpees. We felt the boys watching us, but we kept going on with our exercise. Once we got to our crunches, and I heard heaving breathing. I looked around the room, and notice that the boys weren’t their. They were on either side of Ashlynn, and me, doing our exercise with us.  Ashlynn stopped at one hundred crunches, while I kept going. I'm more into having a nice tone across my core.

I stopped about five minutes later, at two hundred crunches. I got up, and started stretching, and Ashlynn joined me. All of the boys were on the ground, panting.

"How.....how....how can you.....do that without...passing out?" Harry asked.

"Ashlynn, and I are training for the Boston Marathon, so we are prepared for it, by working out everyday," I responded.

The boys had trouble getting up from the floor, to stretch with us. Paul handed Liam boxing gloves, but Liam spurned them.

"Paul, not today. I don't want to box," Liam said.

"Well...it was nice to meet you guys, and workout together, but Lauren, and I have to go back home, and do homework," Ashlynn said.

"Bye!" We both said.

"Bye!" The boys replied.

We walked out of the gym, and walked all the way to our apartments.

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